2010 EU65

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2010 EU65
Discovered by David L. Rabinowitz, S. Tourtellotte
Discovery date March 13, 2010
MPC designation 2010 EU65
Orbital characteristics
Epoch November 4, 2013 (JD 2456600.5)
Aphelion 20.46 AU
Perihelion 18.14 AU
19.30 AU
Eccentricity 0.060
84.79 yr
Inclination 14.79°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 28-90 km
Albedo 0.5-0.05 (assumed)

2010 EU65, also written as 2010 EU65, is a minor body classified as centaur by the Minor Planet Center upon discovery. [1] The object is also a promising Uranus horseshoe librator candidate.[2]


2010 EU65 was discovered on March 13, 2010 by David L. Rabinowitz and S. Tourtellotte, observing from La Silla, Chile.[1]


2010 EU65 follows a low eccentricity orbit (0.060) with a semi-major axis of 19.30 AU.[1] This object also has moderate orbital inclination (14.8º).[1] Unfortunately, its orbit is not well determined as it is currently (September 2015) based on 26 observations with a data-arc span of 85 days.[3]

Physical properties[edit]

2010 EU65 is a medium size minor body with an absolute magnitude of 9.1 which gives a characteristic diameter of 28–90 km for an assumed albedo in the range 0.5-0.05.[3]

Uranus horseshoe candidate[edit]

Based on its current heliocentric orbit, 2010 EU65 follows a horseshoe orbit around Uranus' L3 point. Giving the fact that its orbit is, at present, poorly determined, the object is a promising Uranus horseshoe orbiter candidate.[2]


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