2010 European Athletics Championships – Men's marathon

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The men's marathon at the 2010 European Athletics Championships was held on the streets of Barcelona on 1 August.


A total of 70 runners were declared for the race.[1] Of those, 20 were identified as contenders for medal positions, with Switzerland's Viktor Röthlin and Spain's José Ríos among the favourites. Also a contender was defending champion Italian Stefano Baldini, with the race billed as his return to racing after two years, since finishing 12th in the Olympic marathon. José Manuel Martínez, another Spaniard, was the leading European in the previous year's World Championships marathon where he finished eighth.[2] Four of the Spanish runners warned before the race that heat and humidity would be the main handicaps to the competitors and force a slow and tactical race.[3] The race would be run over four relatively flat laps of 10 km around the city of Barcelona.[4]

Race details[edit]

The race started at 10:05 CEST with a field of 64 taking to the start line.[5] It was run in hot conditions[6] with the temperature at the start of the race 25 °C (77 °F) and the humidity rated at 74 per cent.[5] The early pace was set by Russian Yuriy Abramov, winner of the 2010 Moscow Marathon. However, when he fell back, Röthlin was among the leading pack. The Swiss runner set a pace that the rest of the field could not compete with and he ran the final quarter of the race by himself to win by two minutes 19 seconds[2] on Swiss National Day.[6] Second place was home runner Martínez, who said he could not compete with Röthlin's pace so instead decided to hold a steady rhythm and not get involved in any counter-attacks. Bronze medal winner was Russian Dmitriy Safronov.[2] Röthlin's victory was only the fourth gold for Switzerland at the European championships and their first since shot putter Werner Günthör won in the 1986 championships. Baldini's attempt to defend his title ended when he pulled out half-way through the race.[6] Only 45 of the athletes finished the race.[5]

The race also counted for the European Cup team result, with the teams decided on the fastest sum time of their first three athletes. Hosts Spain won the gold, ahead of Russia and Italy.[5]


Röthlin said after the race: "It's fantastic to do this on Swiss National Day. After everything that's happened over the past two years, this is incredible. I wouldn't have come had I not been in with a medal chance." He also made light of the warm weather, saying it was cool compared to the 2007 World Championships marathon in Osaka, Japan.[6] Silver medalist Martínez said: "I just tried ... not [to] get involved with any counter-attacks as I've tried in the past and I'm very satisfied with my silver."[2]


Gold Switzerland Viktor Röthlin
Switzerland (SUI)
Silver Spain José Manuel Martínez
Spain (ESP)
Bronze Russia Dmitriy Safronov
Russia (RUS)


Standing records prior to the 2010 European Athletics Championships
World record  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) 2:03:59 Berlin, Germany 28 September 2008
European record  Benoît Zwierzchiewski (FRA) 2:06.36 Paris, France 6 April 2003
Championship record  Martín Fiz (ESP) 2:10:31 Helsinki, Finland 14 August 1994
World Leading  Patrick Makau Musyoki (KEN) 2:04:48 Rotterdam, Netherlands 11 April 2010
European Leading  Iaroslav Musinschi (MDA) 2:08:32 Düsseldorf, Germany 2 May 2010


Date Time Round
1 August 2010 10:05 Final



Rank Athlete Nationality Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Viktor Röthlin  Switzerland (SUI) 2:15:31
2nd, silver medalist(s) José Manuel Martínez  Spain (ESP) 2:17:50
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Dmitriy Safronov  Russia (RUS) 2:18:16
4 Ruggero Pertile  Italy (ITA) 2:19:33
5 Pablo Villalobos  Spain (ESP) 2:19:56
6 Rafael Iglesias  Spain (ESP) 2:20:14
7 Migidio Bourifa  Italy (ITA) 2:20:35
8 Lee Merrien  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 2:20:42
9 Aleksey Sokolov  Russia (RUS) 2:20:49
10 Luís Feiteira  Portugal (POR) 2:21:28
11 Ottaviano Andriani  Italy (ITA) 2:21:32
12 Mariusz Giżyński  Poland (POL) 2:21:54
13 Rens Dekkers  Netherlands (NED) 2:22:03
14 Hugo van den Broek  Netherlands (NED) 2:22:06
15 Oleg Kulkov  Russia (RUS) 2:22:24
16 Dave Webb  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 2:23:04
17 Koen Raymaekers  Netherlands (NED) 2:23:24
18 Günther Weidlinger  Austria (AUT) 2:23:37
19 Dan Robinson  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 2:24:06
20 Alberto Chaíça  Portugal (POR) 2:24:14
21 Erik Petersson  Sweden (SWE) 2:24:29
22 Wodage Zwadya  Israel (ISR) 2:24:39
23 Ayele Setegne  Israel (ISR) 2:26:26
24 Ben Moreau  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 2:27:08
25 Oleksiy Rybalchenko  Ukraine (UKR) 2:27:34
26 Patrick Stitzinger  Netherlands (NED) 2:28:02
27 Vasyl Matviychuk  Ukraine (UKR) 2:28:26
28 Martin Williams  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 2:28:30
29 Jesper Faurschou  Denmark (DEN) 2:28:34
30 Dastaho Svnech  Israel (ISR) 2:28:36
31 Daniele Caimmi  Italy (ITA) 2:29:18
32 Anton Kosmac  Slovenia (SLO) 2:29:56
33 Toni Bernadó  Andorra (AND) 2:30:52
34 Brihun Weve  Israel (ISR) 2:31:47
35 Primoz Kobe  Slovenia (SLO) 2:31:47
36 Kristoffer Österlund  Sweden (SWE) 2:32:16
37 Ronald Schröer  Netherlands (NED) 2:33:18
38 Zohar Zemiro  Israel (ISR) 2:36:58
39 Marcel Tschopp  Liechtenstein (LIE) 2:37:14
40 Robert Kotnik  Slovenia (SLO) 2:40:57
41 Javier Díaz  Spain (ESP) 2:42:41
42 José Moreira  Portugal (POR) 2:43:56
43 Ivan Ramirez  Andorra (AND) 2:51:42
44 Christian Pflügl  Austria (AUT) 2:53:15
45 Alan Manchado  Andorra (AND) 3:12:40
Tobias Sauter  Germany (GER) DNF
Adam Draczyński  Poland (POL) DNF
Denis Curzi  Italy (ITA) DNF
Ignacio Cáceres  Spain (ESP) DNF
Fernando Silva  Portugal (POR) DNF
Yuriy Abramov  Russia (RUS) DNF
Oleksandr Sitkobskyy  Ukraine (UKR) DNF
Henryk Szost  Poland (POL) DNF
Tilahun Aliyev  Azerbaijan (AZE) DNF
José Ríos  Spain (ESP) DNF
Adil Bouafif  Sweden (SWE) DNF
Martin Beckmann  Germany (GER) DNF
Øystein Sylta  Norway (NOR) DNF
Andi Jones  Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) DNF
Hermano Ferreira  Portugal (POR) DNF
James Theuri  France (FRA) DNF
Stefano Baldini  Italy (ITA) DNF
Florian Prüller  Austria (AUT) DNF
Jordi Royo Lozano  Andorra (AND) DNF

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