2010 Guamanian general election

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Guamanian general election, 2010

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  Governor Eddie Calvo.jpg Madeleine Bordallo and Carl T.C. Gutierrez (cropped).jpg
Nominee Eddie Calvo Carl T.C. Gutierrez
Party Republican Democratic
Running mate Ray Tenorio Frank Aguon, Jr.
Popular vote 20,066 19,579
Percentage 50.61% 49.39

Governor before election

Felix Perez Camacho

Elected Governor

Eddie Calvo

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General elections were held in Guam on November 2, 2010. Voters in Guam chose their Governor, their non-voting delegate to the United States House of Representatives, Attorney General, as well as all fifteen members of the territorial legislature. The election coincided with the 2010 United States elections.

Governor of Guam[edit]

Two term incumbent Republican Governor Felix Perez Camacho was term limited and could seek re-election. Former Democratic Governor Carl Gutierrez and his running mate, Frank Aguon, is seeking election against the Republican gubernatorial ticket of Senator Eddie Calvo and his running mate, Ray Tenorio.[1]

United States House of Representatives[edit]

Incumbent Delegate Madeleine Bordallo (D) was running unopposed for re-election for Guam's lone At-large congressional seat. She was re-elected unopposed.

Attorney General[edit]

Three candidates are seeking election as Attorney General, Gary Gumataotao, Leonardo Rapadas, and William C. Bischoff.

Primary election results[edit]

Attorney General (non-partisan)
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Leonardo Rapadas 15,121
Independent Gary Gumataotao 8,913
Independent William C. Bischoff 3,124
Total votes

General election results[edit]

Attorney General (non-partisan)
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Leonardo Rapadas 17,838
Independent Gary Gumataotao 13,825
Total votes

Legislature of Guam[edit]

All fifteen seats in the Legislature of Guam are up for election. Democrats, under Speaker Judith T.P. Won Pat, controlled ten seats in the Legislature before the 2010 election, while Republicans held five seats.

Vice Mayor of Agat[edit]



  • Former Guam Youth Congress Derick Baza Hills, is a resident of Agat and previously served as Speaker from 2008 to 2010.


  • Vice Mayor Agustin Quintanilla is running for re-election.
  • Joseph Nededog Salas is a current resident of Agat and running for Vice Mayor.

Primary Election Results[edit]

Democratic primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Derick Baza Hills 297
Total votes
Republican primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Agustin G. Quintanilla 599
Republican Joseph N. Salas 329
Total votes

General Election Results[edit]

Vice Mayor of Agat results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Agustin G. Quintanilla 984
Democratic Derick Baza Hills 788
Total votes

Consolidated Commission on Utilities[edit]


Three candidates are seeking election as CCU, will have three seats.

  • Eloy Perez Hara, current CCU Vice-chair
  • Benigno Manibusan Palomo, current CCU Vice-chair
  • Simon A. Sanchez II, current CCU Chairman and son of the late former University of Guam President Dr. Pedro C. Sanchez, and the grandson of the late School superintendent Simon A. Sanchez.


Consolidated Commission on Utilities
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent Simon A. Sanchez II 20,496
Independent Benigno M. Palomo 17,025
Independent Eloy P. Hara 14,881
Total votes


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