2010 Kaohsiung earthquake

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2010 Kaohsiung earthquakes
2010 Kaohsiung earthquake intensity USGS.jpg
2010 Kaohsiung earthquake is located in Taiwan
2010 Kaohsiung earthquake
UTC time ??
ISC event
Date * March 4, 2010 (2010-03-04)
Local date
Local time
Magnitude 6.3 Mw[1]
Depth 5 kilometres (3 mi)[2]
Epicenter 22°55′N 120°48′E / 22.92°N 120.8°E / 22.92; 120.8Coordinates: 22°55′N 120°48′E / 22.92°N 120.8°E / 22.92; 120.8[1]
Areas affected Southern Taiwan
Max. intensity VI (Strong)[1]
Casualties 96 injuries[1]
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The 2010 Kaohsiung earthquake, measuring 6.3 Mw, occurred on March 4 at 8:20 a.m. local time. The epicenter was located in the mountainous area of Kaohsiung County (now part of Kaohsiung City) of the southwestern Taiwan.[3] It was the most powerful earthquake in Kaohsiung since 1900.[4] The earthquake did not cause any deaths, but 96 people were injured.



The earthquake caused the tripping of several power stations in Taiwan, leading to a loss of 1,860 MW of electricity. Some transformers and substations on the electrical grid caused power outage to 545,066 houses on the island. Electricity was fully restored before 11:30 a.m.[5][6]


A bridge which connects Kaohsiung and Pingtung was blocked when it sank after the earthquake.[5] Some THSR trains were disrupted,[7] and one was de-railed while emergency braking.[8]


340 buildings and several schools were damaged by the quake. A religious building and some old structures collapsed.[9]


A fire, which cost about 100 million TWD, occurred at a factory of the Everest Textile Co., Ltd (宏遠興業) in Tainan County (now part of Tainan City),[10] The quake also caused around 1 billion NTD in losses to several manufacturers in a high-tech industrial park.[11]


The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks; the largest had a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter scale on April 25.[12]

Government response[edit]

While the government continues to monitor the situation, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense dispatched troops to Jiaxian.

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