2010 Little League World Series

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2010 Little League World Series
Dates August 20–
August 29
Teams participating 16
Champion Edogawa Minami Little League
Japan Tokyo, Japan
Runner-up Waipio Little League
United StatesHawaii Waipahu, Hawaii

The 2010 Little League World Series was held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It began on August 20 and ended on August 29. Eight teams from the United States and eight from throughout the world competed in the 64th edition of this tournament. In the championship game, the international champions from Tokyo, Japan defeated the United States champions out of Waipahu, Hawaii. It was the seventh LLWS championship for Japan overall, and the first since 2003.

Activision created a video game for the event. It is for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Tournament changes[edit]

On April 14, 2010, Little League announced[1] that starting in 2010, round robin play would be replaced by a double-elimination bracket in each pool. The winners of each pool will advance to single elimination US and International Championship games and the winners of those games will advance to the World Championship game. Every team will play a minimum of three games: the four teams that lose their first two games will cross over and play special US vs. International games.

On August 2, 2010, it was announced that instant replay would be expanded. The system, which was first used in 2008, now includes force outs, tags along the base paths, missed bases, and hit batters as plays that are subject to review. Previously, only plays in which a dead ball would have resulted were able to be reviewed. Additionally, team managers are now allowed to challenge plays if the umpires have not already called for a replay. Before losing the right to challenge, managers are allowed only one unsuccessful challenge in the first six innings of a game, as well as one unsuccessful challenge in extra innings. Challenges must be made after the play in question and before the next pitch. A "replay team" located in an office at Howard J. Lamade Stadium will judge all plays under review.[2][3][4] The first challenge in LLWS history that resulted in an original ruling being overturned occurred on August 21, the second day of the tournament.[5] Prior to the championship game, instant replay had been used 16 times with 8 calls being overturned while the other 8 were upheld. The average amount of time needed for all reviews was 52 seconds.[6]


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Ohio Hamilton, Ohio
Great Lakes Region
West Side
Minnesota Plymouth, Minnesota
Midwest Region
Plymouth/New Hope
Puerto Rico Manati, Puerto Rico
Caribbean Region
Jose M. Rodriguez
Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Asia-Pacific Region
New Jersey Toms River, New Jersey
Mid-Atlantic Region
Toms River National
Connecticut Fairfield, Connecticut
New England Region
Fairfield American
Germany Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Europe Region
KMC American
British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada Canada Region
Little Mountain
Georgia (U.S. state) Columbus, Georgia
Southeast Region
Columbus Northern
Washington (state) Auburn, Washington
Northwest Region
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Japan Japan Region
Edogawa Minami
Panama Chitré, Panama
Latin America Region
Hawaii Waipahu, Hawaii
West Region
Texas Pearland, Texas
Southwest Region
Pearland White
Tamaulipas Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Mexico Mexico Region
Saudi Arabia Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
MEA Region
Arabian American


United States[edit]

Pool A[edit]

  Games 1–3 Games 4–5 Games 6–7
- Ohio Ohio 16  
- New Jersey New Jersey 6  
  W1 Ohio Ohio 0  
  W2 Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 6  
- Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 6
- Hawaii Hawaii 2  
  W4 Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 4 5
  W5 Hawaii Hawaii 7 12
L1 New Jersey New Jersey 1  
L2 Hawaii Hawaii 3  
  W3 Hawaii Hawaii 6
  L4 Ohio Ohio 4  

Pool B[edit]

  Games 1–3 Games 4–5 Games 6–7
- Connecticut Connecticut 3  
- Washington (state) Washington 1  
  W1 Connecticut Connecticut 1  
  W2 Texas Texas (F/4) 14  
- Minnesota Minnesota 8
- Texas Texas 10  
  W4 Texas Texas 4 7
  W5 Washington (state) Washington 7 5
L1 Washington (state) Washington 5  
L2 Minnesota Minnesota 2  
  W3 Washington (state) Washington 9
  L4 Connecticut Connecticut 5  


Pool C[edit]

  Games 1–3 Games 4–5 Games 6–7
- Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (F/4) 11  
- Germany Germany 0  
  W1 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 2  
  W2 Japan Japan 7  
- Japan Japan 4
- Mexico Mexico 2  
  W4 Japan Japan 3
  W5 Mexico Mexico 2
L1 Germany Germany 2  
L2 Mexico Mexico 11  
  W3 Mexico Mexico 4
  L4 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 2  

Pool D[edit]

  Games 1–3 Games 4–5 Games 6–7
- Panama Panama 2  
- Canada Canada 4  
  W1 Canada Canada 0  
  W2 Taiwan Taiwan (F/4) 23  
- Taiwan Taiwan (F/4) 18
- Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0  
  W4 Taiwan Taiwan 5
  W5 Panama Panama 1
L1 Panama Panama (F/4) 13  
L2 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0  
  W3 Panama Panama 4
  L4 Canada Canada 2  

Championship games[edit]

Int'l and US championships LLWS championship
August 28 – 1:00 pm EDT - Lamade
 Japan Japan (F/7)  3  
 Taiwan Taiwan  2  
August 29 – 3:00 pm EDT - Lamade
     Japan Japan  4
   United StatesHawaii Hawaii  1
Consolation game
August 28 – 4:40 pm EDT - Lamade August 29 – 11:00 am EDT - Lamade
 Hawaii Hawaii (F/5)  10  Taiwan Taiwan (F/4)  14
 Texas Texas  0    United States Texas Texas  2
2010 Little League World Series Champions
Edogawa Minami Little League

Tokyo, Japan

Champions path[edit]

The Edogawa Minami LL reached the LLWS with a record of 8 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie.[7] In total, their record was 13–1–1, their only loss coming against Musashi-Fuchu.

Round Opposition Result
All-Tokyo Tournament
Opening Round Meguro Higahi LL 10–0
Winner's Bracket Round 2 Tokyo Kitasuna LL 7–3
Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals Tokyo Johoku LL 7–4
Winner's Bracket Semifinals Musashi-Fuchu LL 3–5
Elimination Bracket Quarterfinals Itabashi LL 5–3
Round-Robin Playoff Tokyo Kitasuna LL 7–7
Round-Robin Playoff Musashi-Fuchu LL 6–2
Japan Regional
Opening Round Tokyo Nakanyo LL 9–3
Quarterfinals Iida LL 25–4
Semifinals Hamamatsu Minami LL 2–0
Japan Championship Hirosaki Aomori LL 8–4


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