2010 Papua earthquake

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2010 Papua earthquake
2010 Papua earthquake is located in Papua
2010 Papua earthquake
Date June 16, 2010 (2010-06-16)
Origin time 03:16:27 UTC [1]
Magnitude 7.0 Mw
Depth 15 km (9 mi) [1]
Epicenter 2°13′S 136°35′E / 2.22°S 136.58°E / -2.22; 136.58Coordinates: 2°13′S 136°35′E / 2.22°S 136.58°E / -2.22; 136.58 [1]
Areas affected Indonesia, Papua
Foreshocks 6.2 MW June 16 at 03:06:03
Aftershocks 6.6 MW June 16 at 03:58:09
Casualties 17 killed

The 2010 Papua earthquake occurred on June 16 at 12:16 local time (03:16 UTC) in Papua province of Indonesia. The magnitude 7.0 mainshock was preceded by an Mw 6.2 foreshock 10 minutes earlier, and was followed 42 minutes later by an Mw 6.6 aftershock.


This part of Indonesia is an area of complex tectonics. The epicenter of the earthquake lies close to the boundary between two proposed microplates, the Bird's Head and Maoke microplates. The motion along this boundary has been modelled as about 80 mm/year sinistral (left lateral) strike-slip. The computed focal mechanism is consistent either with movement on this boundary or on a dextral (right lateral) strike-slip structure conjugate to it.[2]


The earthquake destroyed nine villages, namely Aiyari, Randawaya, Hamtimoi, Karowaiti, Waita, Waridoni, Tare, Larelahiti and Wabudayar,[3] and killed 17 people.[2][4] More than 2,500 houses were destroyed.[5] While Mercalli intensities of VI (Strong) affected the island of Biak, intensities of more than VII (Very strong) affected Serui (on Yapen) and on the neighbouring coast of the mainland.[6] Many buildings were damaged on Yapen Island.[7][8]


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