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The Scream Awards is an award show dedicated to the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres of feature films, hosted and sponsored by Spike. The show was created by executive producers Michael Levitt, Cindy Levitt, and Casey Patterson. The performer on the show was M.I.A..

Billed simply as Scream 2010, the 2010 ceremony was held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on October 16 and was broadcast on October 19, 2010.[1]

Special awards[edit]

World Premieres[edit]


  • "Teqkilla" performed by M.I.A.

Online write-in winners[edit]

Competitive Categories[edit]

Nominees and winners for each announced category are listed below. Winners are listed in boldface.

The Ultimate Scream[edit]

Best Science Fiction Movie[edit]

Best Fantasy Movie[edit]

Best Horror Movie[edit]

Best TV Show[edit]

Best Director[edit]

Best Scream-Play[edit]

Best Fantasy Actress[edit]

Best Fantasy Actor[edit]

Best Science Fiction Actress[edit]

Best Science Fiction Actor[edit]

Best Horror Actress[edit]

Best Horror Actor[edit]

Best Villain[edit]

Best Superhero[edit]

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Best Breakout Performance - Female[edit]

Best Breakout Performance - Male[edit]

Best Cameo[edit]

Best Ensemble[edit]

Fight Scene of the Year[edit]

Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year[edit]

Most Memorable Mutilation[edit]

3-D Top Three[edit]

Best F/X[edit]

Best Television Performance[edit]

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel[edit]

Best Comic Book Writer[edit]

Best Comic Book Artist[edit]

Best Comic Book Movie[edit]

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