2010 Teen Choice Awards

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2010 Teen Choice Awards
DateAugust 8, 2010 (ceremony)
August 9, 2010 (aired)
LocationGibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles
Hosted byKaty Perry, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, and Mark Salling
Television/radio coverage

The 2010 Teen Choice Awards ceremony was held on August 8, introducing a lot of new categories now separated into "Movies", "Television", "Music", "Fashion", and "Others". The show aired on August 9, 2010 on Fox, co-hosted by Katy Perry, who also performed, and Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, and Mark Salling from Glee. Alongside Katy, performers included Jason Derulo, Travie McCoy, Justin Bieber, and Diddy – Dirty Money.[1]



listed in order of appearance

(Justin's appearance was a pre-recorded performance at his Phoenix, Arizona tour date.)

Winners and nominees[edit]

Nominees were announced in two waves.[2][3] Over 85 million votes were cast to determine winners.[4] Winners are listed first, in bold.


Choice Movie: Action Choice Movie: Action Actor
Choice Movie: Action Actress Choice Movie: Sci-Fi
Choice Movie: Sci-Fi Actor Choice Movie: Sci-Fi Actress
Choice Movie: Fantasy Choice Movie: Fantasy Actor
Choice Movie: Fantasy Actress Choice Movie: Drama
Choice Movie: Drama Actor Choice Movie: Drama Actress
Choice Movie: Romantic Comedy Choice Movie: Romantic Comedy Actor
Choice Movie: Romantic Comedy Actress Choice Movie: Comedy
Choice Movie: Comedy Actor Choice Movie: Comedy Actress
Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller Actor
Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller Actress Choice Movie: Animated
Choice Movie: Villain Choice Movie: Dance
Choice Movie: Scene Stealer – Male Choice Movie: Scene Stealer – Female
Choice Movie: Breakout Actor Choice Movie: Breakout Actress
Choice Movie: Chemistry Choice Movie: Liplock
Choice Movie: Hissy Fit Choice Movie: Fight
Choice Movie: Summer
Choice Movie: Summer Actor Choice Movie: Summer Actress


Choice TV: Drama Show Choice TV: Drama Actor
Choice TV: Drama Actress Choice TV: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Show
Choice TV: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Actor Choice TV: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Actress
Choice TV: Action Show Choice TV: Action Actor
Choice TV: Action Actress Choice TV: Comedy Show
Choice TV: Comedy Actor Choice TV: Comedy Actress
Choice TV: Animated Show Choice TV: Reality Show
Choice TV: Reality Competition Choice TV: Personality
Choice TV: Villain Choice TV: Scene Stealer – Male
Choice TV: Scene Stealer – Female Choice TV: Reality/Variety Star – Male
Choice TV: Reality/Variety Star – Female Choice TV: Breakout Show
Choice TV: Breakout Actor Choice TV: Breakout Actress
Choice TV: Parental Unit Choice TV: Summer Show
Choice TV: Summer Actor Choice TV: Summer Actress


Choice Music: Male Artist Choice Music: Female Artist
Choice Music: Group Choice Music: R&B Artist
Choice Music: Rap Artist Choice Music: Rock Artist
Choice Music: Country Group Choice Music: Country Artist – Male
Choice Music: Country Artist – Female Choice Music: Single
Choice Music: Country Song Choice Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Track
Choice Music: Rock Track Choice Music: Love Song
Choice Music: Country Album Choice Music: Rap Album
Choice Music: Rock Album Choice Music: Pop Album
Choice Music: R&B Album Choice Music: Breakout Artist – Male
Choice Music: Breakout Artist – Female Choice Music: Hook-Up
Choice Music: Summer Song Choice Summer Music Artist: Male
Choice Summer Music Artist: Female


Choice Hottie: Male Choice Hottie: Female
Choice Celebrity Fashion Line
Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Male Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Female


Choice Comedian Choice Athlete: Male
Choice Athlete: Female Choice Action Sports Athlete: Male
Choice Action Sports Athlete: Female Choice Celebrity Smile
Choice American Idol Alum Choice Celebrity Activist
Choice Video Game Choice Web Star
Choice Twit Choice Fanatic Fans


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