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This is a list of 2010 events that occurred in Europe.



Heavy snowfall in Alton, England




The eruption of Eyjafjallajökull seen from Þórolfsfell


Demonstrators in front of the Greek Parliament, 29 May
  • May 5: Up to 500,000 people protested in front of the Greek Parliament amid plans to cut public spending and raise taxes as austerity measures in exchange for a €110 billion bail-out.[22] The protest degenerated in violences between protesters and riot police, resulting in three deaths and dozens of injuries.[23]
  • May 14: Throughout Eastern Europe, 21 people were killed in floods triggered by the Windstorm Yolanda.
  • May 24: Three people were killed and 35 injured when a Honda Civic car collided with a school bus near Keswick, Cumbria.[24]





  • September 19: A woman armed with an automatic weapon has shot dead three people and injured 18 others at a hospital in Germany before being killed by police.[39][40]
  • September 26: A Polish tourist bus returning from Spain careered into a bridge on a rain-soaked German motorway, killing 13 people.[41]


The French Union Solidaires protesting in the Place du Martroi in Orléans
  • October 1: 40 people were injured when a train derailed at Skotterud, Norway.[42]
  • October 4: Nine people died and 122 were injured in flooding from a ruptured red sludge reservoir at the Ajkai Timföldgyár alumina plant, Hungary.[43]
  • October 12
    • A bus packed with rush-hour commuters crashed into a train at a level crossing in Ukraine after jumping a red traffic light, killing 45 people and leaving another 9 wounded.[44]
    • At most 3.5 million people attended a series of demonstrations organised by the French Union leaders throughout France.[45]


  • November 11: More than 25,000 students protested in Dublin against increased student fees.[46]




  • January 11
  • January 19 - Panajot Pano, 70, Albanian footballer (b. 1939)
  • January 22 - Jean Simmons, 80, British actress (b. 1929)









  • September 9 - Bent Larsen, 75, Danish chess grandmaster (b. 1935)
  • September 12 - Claude Chabrol, 80, French film director (b. 1930)
  • September 29 - Georges Charpak, 86, French Nobel physicist (b. 1924)




  • December 12 - Tom Walkinshaw, 64, British racing car driver and team owner (b. 1946)
  • December 21 - Enzo Bearzot, 83, Italian footballer and coach (b. 1927)


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