2011 24 Hours of Nürburgring

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The 2011 ADAC Zurich 24 Hours of Nürburgring was the 39th running of the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. It took place over June 25–26, 2011. 135 out of the 202 starters were classified.


With Corpus Christi weekend being rather late in 2011 on June 23–26, the 2011 event was held two weeks after the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first five VLN races of 2011 were won by a factory-entered BMW, a GT3-class Mercedes SLS, a new Ferrari 458, the Hybrid Porsche GT3 and finally an Audi R8 LMS, so at least these five different brands were expected to challenge for the overall win in the 24 hours. In the first qualifying session, the Hankook-sponsored Farnbacher-Ferrari used soft tyres and was about 7 seconds faster than the competitors, lapping at an average speed of over 181 km/h, the fastest since 1983. This earned the team the pole position, but also an extra weight of 25 kg in the pre-race update of the ‘Balance of Performance’. Team Manthey decided to find out in the early stages of the race which class was more effective under the current conditions, entering their four Porsche factory drivers on two yellow and green Porsche 997 GT3: two pilots shared the #11 SP9/GT3-spec ‘R’, which had more power and qualified 8th, two others the #18 SP7/GT2-class ‘RSR’, which had more downforce, but was only 16th on the grid. After a few hours in changing weather conditions, the team retired the ‘R’ to focus on the ‘RSR’ which already had won three times since 2007. Without any problems, it went on to win its fourth Nürburgring 24 Hours, with a new distance record of 156 laps. Second place was taken by another GT2-spec car, the #1 factory BMW M3 GT which had won in 2010. Five GT3 cars of Audi and Mercedes followed. The SP8/GT2-class #2 Ferrari had run into early problems, but set the fastest race lap in the final hours, finishing 8th and James Glickenhaus’ P4/5 Competizione finished 39th, second in the E1-XP2. After 2010 Sorg Rennsport took the victory in class SP4 again. Gianvito Rossi, Diego Romanini, Alfredo Varini and Alexander Rappold have been the only team in that class, but as it has been the first 24h race for Rossi and Rappold the 122 laps they did and final 78th place overall have been great result!

Race results[edit]

Class winners in bold.

39th ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen[1][2][3]
Pos Class No Team Drivers Vehicle Laps
1 SP7 18 Germany Manthey Racing Germany Marc Lieb
Germany Lucas Luhr
Germany Timo Bernhard
France Romain Dumas
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 156
2 E1-XP2 1 Germany BMW Motorsport Germany Jörg Müller
Brazil Augusto Farfus
Germany Uwe Alzen
Portugal Pedro Lamy
BMW M3 GT 156
3 SP9 GT3 14 Germany Audi Sport Team Phoenix Germany Marc Basseng
Switzerland Marcel Fässler
Germany Mike Rockenfeller
Germany Frank Stippler
Audi R8 LMS 155
4 SP9 GT3 15 Germany Audi Sport Team Phoenix Germany Frank Stippler
Germany Marc Hennerici
Germany Christopher Haase
Germany Markus Winkelhock
Audi R8 LMS 155
5 SP9 GT3 16 Germany Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline Sweden Mattias Ekström
Germany Timo Scheider
Germany Marco Werner
Germany Christian Abt
Audi R8 LMS 154
6 SP9 GT3 22 Germany Black Falcon Germany Kenneth Heyer
Germany Thomas Jäger
Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen
Germany Jan Seyffarth
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 153
7 SP9 GT3 32 Germany Heico Motorsport Germany Lance David Arnold
Germany Alexander Margaritis
Germany Christopher Brück
Netherlands Christiaan Frankenhout
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 153
8 SP8 2 Germany Hankook Team Farnbacher Germany Dominik Farnbacher
Denmark Allan Simonsen
Germany Marco Seefried
Brazil Jaime Melo
Ferrari F458 Italia GT 152
9 SP9 GT3 26 Germany Sponsorcard: MSC Adenau e.V. Netherlands Max Weber
Germany Sabine Schmitz
Germany Niklas Kentenich
Porsche 997 GT3 R 152
10 SP7 12 Germany Wochenspiegel Team Manthey Germany Georg Weiss
Germany Oliver Kainz
Germany Michael Jacobs
Germany Jochen Krumbach
Porsche 911 GT3 MR 151
11 SP9 GT3 21 Germany Black Falcon United Kingdom Vimal Mehta
United Kingdom Sean Patrick Breslin
United Kingdom Sean Paul Breslin
Germany Stephan Rösler
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 150
12 SP9 GT3 17 Germany Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline Germany Luca Ludwig
Germany Christopher Mies
Germany Christer Jöns
Germany Christian Abt
Audi R8 LMS 149
13 SP9 GT3 8 Germany Haribo Team Manthey United Kingdom Richard Westbrook
Germany Christian Menzel
Germany Mike Stursberg
Germany Hans Guido Riegel
Porsche 911 GT3 R 149
14 SP4T 125 Germany Raeder Motorsport Germany Michael Ammemüller
Germany Frank Biela
Germany Jens Klingmann
Germany Martin Tomczyk
Audi TT RS 148
15 SP9 GT3 34 Germany Reiter Engineering Liechtenstein Ferdinand Stuck
Liechtenstein Johannes Stuck
Germany Hans-Joachim Stuck
Germany Dennis Rostek
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 600+ 148
16 SP9 GT3 27 Pinta Racing Germany Michael Illbruck
Germany Manuel Lauck
Germany Jörg van Ommen
Germany Altfrid Heger
Porsche GT3 R 145
17 SP9 GT3 46 Germany Rowe Racing Germany Michael Zehe
Germany Dominik Schwager
Germany Klaus Rader
United States Mark Bullitt
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 145
18 SP9 GT3 28 Germany Audi race experience Germany Frank Schmickler
Germany Christian Bollrath
United Kingdom John Barker
Germany Rudi Speich
Audi R8 LMS GT3 145
19 SP7 55 Germany Scuderia Offenbach Germany René Bourdeaux
Ukraine Oleksiy Kikireshko
Germany Rodney Forbes
Luxembourg Antoine Feidt
Porsche 997 Cup 145
20 SP7 56 United Kingdom Chris Cooper
United Kingdom Guy Spurr
United Kingdom Chris Harris
United Kingdom Barry Horne
Porsche GT3 Cup 143
21 SP3T 155 Japan Subaru Tecnica International Japan Toshihiro Yoshida
Japan Kota Sasaki
Germany Marcel Engels
Netherlands Carlo van Dam
Subaru Impreza WRX 142
22 SP9 GT3 10 Germany Manthey Racing Germany Marc Gindorf
Germany Wolfgang Kohler
New Zealand Peter Scharmach
Germany Philipp Wlazik
Porsche 911 GT3 R 142
23 SP8 82 Germany Tobias Guttroff
Germany Yannick Fübrich
Germany Joachim Kiesch
Germany Daniel Keilwitz
Chevrolet Corvette C6 GT4 140
24 SP3T 133 Germany Raeder Motorsport Germany Elmar Deegener
Germany Jürgen Wohlfarth
Germany Christoph Breuer
Germany Wolfgang Haugg
Audi TT S 140
25 SP7 33 Germany 11er Ecke-Logwin-Cargraphic-Racing Germany Peter König
Germany Steffen Schlichenmeier
Germany Kurt Ecke
Germany Andreas Sczepansky
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 140
26 AT 117 Germany Volkswagen Motorsport Spain Carlos Sainz
Qatar Nasser Al-Attiyah
South Africa Giniel de Villiers
Germany Klaus Niedzwiedz
Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG 139
27 E1-XP Hybrid 9 Germany Porsche Team Manthey Germany Jörg Bergmeister
Austria Richard Lietz
Germany Marco Holzer
United States Patrick Long
Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid 139
28 SP3T 134 Germany Scuderia Colonia e.V. im ADAC Germany Matthias Wasel
Germany Thomas Wasel
Germany Marcus Löhnert
Germany Roman Löhnert
Audi TT S 137
29 SP5 81 Germany Live-Strip.com Racing Germany Fabian Plentz
Germany Tobias Neuser
Germany Thomas Kappeler
Germany Rudi Seher
BMW 330i M 137
30 SP10 GT4 100 Germany Pole Promotion Germany Dennis Rostek
Sweden Andreas Simonsen
Austria Stefan Landmann
Germany Frank Kräling
BMW M3 GT4 137
31 V5 225 Germany Black Falcon Team TMD Friction Germany Carsten Knechtges
Germany Manuel Metzger
Germany Tim Scheerbarth
Germany Philipp Leisen
BMW Z4 135
32 V5 234 Germany Team DMV Germany Matthias Unger
Germany Daniel Zils
Germany Norbert Fischer
Germany Timo Schupp
BMW Z4 3.0 Si 135
33 SP5 80 Germany Live-Strip.com Racing Germany Frank Jelinski
Germany Rudi Seher
Germany Karlheinz Grüner
Germany Jens Strack
BMW 330i M 135
34 SP3T 142 Germany Alpecin Schirra motoring Germany Friedrich von Bohlen
Germany Harald Grohs
Germany Nils Bartels
Germany Hari Proczyk
BMW Mini Cooper 134
35 SP10 GT4 67 Germany Torsten Kornmeyer
Germany Dirk Kornmeyer
Germany Hendrik Still
Ginetta G 50 134
36 SP8T 71 Germany Schulze Motorsports Germany Tobias Schulze
Germany Michael Schulze
Japan Yasuyoshi Yamamoto
Japan Kazunori Yamauchi
Nissan GT-R 134
37 SP7 60 Germany Klaus Werner
Germany Jochen Hudelmaier
Italy Sergio Negroni
Italy Francesco Rizzi
Porsche 997 Cup 134
38 SP10 GT4 70 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Stefan Kenntemich
Germany Uwe Ebertz
Italy Giampaolo Tenchini
Germany Tom Robson
BMW M3 GT4 133
39 E1-XP2 23 United States Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Finland Mika Salo
Italy Luca Cappellari
Italy Nicola Larini
Italy Fabrizio Giovanardi
N.Technology P4/5 Competizione 133
40 SP10 GT4 89 Germany Sponsorcard: Bonk Motorsport Germany Henry Walkenhorst
Germany Jens Moetefindt
Germany Christian Moers
United States Greg Ross
BMW M3 GT4 133
41 SP8 88 Japan Gazoo Racing Japan Akira Iida
Japan Hiroaki Ishiura
Japan Kazuya Oshima
Lexus LF-A 133
42 V5 230 Germany Werner Gusenbauer
Germany Andreas Herwerth
Austria Erich Trinkl
Germany Rainer Kathan
BMW Z4 132
43 V5 226 Germany Black Falcon Team TMD Friction Germany Hans Dampf
Switzerland Christian Raubach
Germany Jürgen Dienstühler
Luxembourg Steve Jans
BMW E92 132
44 SP3 170 Team ATS Motorsport Switzerland Ralf Schmid
Switzerland Harald Jacksties
Germany Frank Lorenzo
Germany Friedhelm Mihm
Honda S 2000 132
45 SP7 45 Race & Event Germany Dr. Johannes Kirchhoff
Germany Dr. Wolfgang Kemper
Germany Gustav Edelhoff
Germany Elmar Grimm
Porsche GT3 RS 132
46 AT 116 Germany Volkswagen Motorsport Germany Klaus Niedzwiedz
Belgium Vanina Ickx
Switzerland Peter Wyss
Germany Bernd Ostmann
Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG 132
47 SP7 51 Germany Kremer Racing Germany Eberhard Baunach
Germany Michael Küke
Germany Edgar Salewsky
Germany Martin Kalandrik
Porsche 911 Cup 132
48 SP9 GT3 44 Japan Falken Motorsports Germany Wolf Henzler
United Kingdom Peter Dumbreck
Austria Martin Ragginger
Germany Sebastian Asch
Porsche 997 GT3 R 132
49 SP9 GT3 20 Germany Black Falcon Ukraine Andrii Lebed
Germany Hannes Plesse
Germany Maik Rosenberg
Germany Ralf Schall
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 131
50 SP4T 124 Germany Heico Sportiv GmbH Co. KG Germany Patrick Brenndörfer
Germany Martin Müller
Germany Frank Eickholt
Germany Ulli Andree
Volvo C30 T5 131
51 SP7 52 Germany Kremer Racing Germany Wolfgang Kaufmann
Germany Dirk Lessmeister
Germany Adam Osieka
Germany Daniel Schrey
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 131
52 V6 222 Switzerland Benedikt Frei
Switzerland Stefan Abegg
Italy Rudolfo Funaro
BMW M3 CSL 131
53 SP5 109 Austria Richard Purtscher
Austria Constantin Kletzer
Austria Johannes Huber
Germany Ingo Tepel
BMW M3 130
54 D1T 201 Germany Team Peugeot RCZ Nokia Germany Michael Bohrer
France Stephane Caillet
Germany Jürgen Nett
France Alexandre Premat
Peugeot RCZ HDI 130
55 SP7 48 Sweden Porsche Center Boras Sweden Christer Pernvall
Sweden Claes Lund
Sweden Hans Andreasson
Sweden Patrik Ljunggren
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 130
56 V6 241 Germany Reinhold Renger
Switzerland Friedhelm Obermeier
Switzerland Friedrich Obermeier
Germany Martin Tschomia
BMW Z4 M Coupe 130
57 SP8T 72 Germany Götz Motorsport New Zealand Lewis Scott
New Zealand Stuart Owers
Germany Olaf Schley
New Zealand Peter Millener
Audi RS4 130
58 SP3 165 Germany "Rennsemmel"
Germany Jürgen Peter
Germany Dieter Schmidtmann
Renault Clio 129
59 SP3T 140 Germany Kissling Motorsport Germany Otto Fritzsche
Finland Julius Nieminen
Germany Thomas Nack
Germany Jürgen Fritzsche
Opel Astra GTC 129
60 SP4T 126 Germany Raeder Motorsport Germany Christian Hohenadel
Sweden Jimmy Johansson
Spain Miguel Molina
Italy Andrea Piccini
Audi TT RS 128
61 V6 238 Germany MSC Adenau Germany Stefan Manheller
Germany Hajo Müller
Germany Michael Prym
Switzerland Michael Pflüger
BMW Z4 M Coupe 127
62 SP3T 137 Germany Raphael Hundeborn
Liechtenstein Nils Berger
Germany Bernd Schneider
France Daniel Dupont
Seat Leon Supercopa 127
63 SP4T 127 Germany MSC Adenau e.V. Germany Stephan Wölflick
Switzerland Urs Bressan
Germany Jürgen Gagstatter
Germany Carsten Foese
Ford Focus 127
64 SP6 92 Germany Michael Alhäuser
Germany Ronny Weber
Japan Kenij Kobayashi
Germany "Quick Vick"
BMW M3 E46 127
65 D1T 182 Germany Jörg Kirsten
Germany Achim Walter
Germany Alexander Schula
Alfa Romeo 147 127
66 V4 218 Germany Team AutoArenA Motorsport Germany Hannes Pfledderer
Germany Patrick Assenheimer
Germany Marc Marbach
Mercedes-Benz C 230 126
67 V5 233 Germany RCN e.V. Germany Marco Zabel
Germany Rolf Buchstaller
Germany Niklas Steinhaus
Germany Dirk Steinhaus
BMW Z4 Coupe 126
68 SP6 93 United Kingdom Guy Povey
United Kingdom Allan Sheperd
France Eric van de Vyver
United Kingdom Jamie Martin
BMW M3 E46 126
69 V5 227 Germany Black Falcon Team TMD Friction Germany Markus Enzinger
Germany Christian Reiter
Germany Jörg Krell
Germany Sebastian Krell
BMW Z4 126
70 SP7 53 Germany Uwe Nittel
Germany Dierk Möller-Sonntag
Germany Christian Gebhardt
Germany Uwe Krumscheid
Artega GT 126
71 SP8T 73 Germany Götz Motorsport Germany Christian Kohlhaas
Germany Axel Dufier
United States Vic Rice
United States Shane Lewis
Audi RS 4 126
72 SP3T 138 Germany ADAC Mittelrhein e.V. Germany Dennis Näher
Germany Benjamin Palubitzki
Germany Christian Schmitz
Germany Sönke Glöde
Opel Astra OPC 126
73 SP3T 143 Germany Heiner Immig
New Zealand Wayne Moore
New Zealand Maurice O’Reilly
Germany Maximilian Hackländer
Seat Leon Supercopa 125
74 V4 219 Austria Gerald Fischer
Germany Stephan Lipp
Austria Michael Hollerweger
Austria Martin Jakubowics
BMW 325i 125
75 SP3T 145 Germany Team Mathol Racing Germany Jörg Kittelmann
Germany Klaus Dieter Müller
Germany Dr. Jörg Wilhelm
Germany Eberhard Schneider
Seat Leon Supercopa 124
76 V6 250 United Kingdom Brunswick Automotive United Kingdom Mark Griffiths
United Kingdom Matt McFadden
United Kingdom Perry Julian
BMW M3 124
77 SP5 107 Germany Patrick Rehs
Germany Sascha Rehs
Germany Konstantin Wolf
Germany Ralf Reinolsmann
BMW 130i GTR 123
78 SP4 131 Germany Bergischer Motor Club e.V. i. ADAC Italy Gianvito Rossi
Italy Diego Romanini
Italy Alfredo Varini
Germany Alexander Rappold
BMW 325i E92 122
79 V3 212 Germany Sponsorcard: Bonk Motorsport Germany Wolf Silvester
Germany Axel Burghardt
Germany Fabian Sigwart
Germany Alexander Mies
BMW 320 Si 122
80 SP7 49 Sweden Porsche Center Boras Sweden Andreas Carlsson
Sweden Sten Carlsson
Sweden Ulf Larssson
Sweden John Larssson
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 122
81 SP10 GT4 6 United Kingdom Darren Turner
Japan Shinichi Katsura
Australia Robert Scott Thomson
Germany Jürgen Stumpf
Aston Martin Vantage N24 122
82 SP8 79 United Kingdom RJN Motorsport Germany Michael Krumm
Germany Sabine Schmidt
Germany Holger Eckhardt
Japan Tetsuya Tanaka
Nissan 370 Z 122
83 V6 239 Switzerland Lorenzo Rocco
United Kingdom Teofilo Masera
United Kingdom Didier Denat
Germany Thomas Ehlke
BMW M3 E46 121
84 SP6 90 Germany MSC Rhön e.V. i. AvD France Pierre de Thoisy
France Therry Depoix
France Philippe Haezebrouck
BMW M3 121
85 SP7 54 United Kingdom Moore International Motorsport United Kingdom Willie Moore
United Kingdom Bill Cameron
United Kingdom Calum Lockie
Porsche 997 Cup 121
86 N2 248 Australia Rod Hicks
New Zealand Mark Corbett
New Zealand Dean Cockerton
New Zealand Mike Eady
Honda Civic Type-R 121
87 D1T 183 Germany H&R Spezialfedern Italy Alberto Bergamaschi
Germany Herwarth Wartenberg Jr.
Germany Zoran Radulovic
Germany Robert Schröder
Volkswagen Golf V R-Tdi 120
88 V6 236 Germany Scuderia Augustusburg Brühl e.V. i. ADAC Germany Dieter Weidenbrück
Germany Christian Wack
Germany Markus Schmickler
Germany Mario Merten
BMW Z4 M Coupé 120
89 SP8 3 Germany Dr. Ulrich Bez
Germany Wolfgang Schuhbauer
Germany Horst von Saurma
Hong Kong Matthew Marsh
Aston Martin V12 Zagato 119
90 V4 216 Germany Ben Lake
Germany Jürgen Wimbauer
Germany Stefan Gössel
Italy Mauro Simoncini
BMW 325i 118
91 SP3 167 Germany Sascha Hancke
United Arab Emirates Nadir Zuhour
Germany Dr. Joachim Steidel
United Arab Emirates Karim Al-Azhari
Renault Clio 117
92 AT 202 Germany Tuning Akademie Germany Thomas Hanisch
Germany Klaus Leinfelder
Germany Hans Keutmann
United States Spencer Trenery
Audi A4 quattro 117
93 SP10 GT4 65 United Kingdom RJN Motorsport Denmark Kurt Thiim
United Kingdom Guy Smith
United Kingdom Alex Buncombe
Netherlands Duncan Huisman
Nissan 370 Z 117
94 SP5 112 Germany Michael Tischner
Germany Ulrich Becker
Germany Karl Brinker
Germany Matthias Tischner
BMW M3 GTR E46 117
95 V5 232 Germany Team DMV e.V. Germany Lothar Wilms
Germany Christopher Peters
Germany Ralf Zensen
Porsche Cayman 116
96 D1T 184 Marcos Racing Int. United States Hal Prewitt
United States Toto Lassally
United States Jim Briody
Netherlands Cor Euser
BMW 120d 116
97 V6 207 Germany David Ackermann
Germany Jens Riemer
Germany Raphael Klingmann
Russia Sergey Gorbunov
BMW M3 E46 116
98 SP4T 123 Germany Uwe Reich
Germany Marc Uwe von Niesewand Reich
Germany Michael Lachmayer
Germany Christian Kranenberg
Ford Focus ST 116
99 V3 213 Germany MSC Ruhr-Blitz Bochum e.V. Germany Frank Kuhlmann
Germany Mark Giesbrecht
Germany Dino Drössiger
Germany Thomas Heitmann
Honda Civic Type-R 115
100 V2 204 Germany Andreas Schwarz
Germany Christian Sporenberg
Germany Michael Holz
BMW 318 is E36 115
101 SP5 119 France Jean Paul Pagny
France Dominique Nury
France Bernard Salam
France Jean-Marc Rivet-Fusil
BMW 130 i Cup 115
102 N2 247 New Zealand Brian Mc Govern
New Zealand Greg Spark
New Zealand Jeff Lowrey
New Zealand Alistair Taylor
Honda Civic Type-R 114
103 SP4T 111 Sponsorcard: Pro handicap e.V. Germany Wolfgang Müller
France Oliver Rudolph
Audi TTS 114
104 SP3 176 Denmark Michael Juul
Denmark Claus Grönning
Switzerland Amanda Hennessy
Switzerland Robert Dubler
Renault Clio Cup III 114
105 SP3T 139 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Christian Penno
Germany Friedrich Holoch
Germany Roland Konrad
Germany Heiko Hahn
BMW Mini Cooper 114
106 SP3T 146 Germany MINI Motorsport Germany Hendrik Vieth
Germany Ralf Martin
Austria Jürgen Schmarl
Germany Anja Wassertheurer
Mini Cooper 114
107 V6 243 Germany Rene Wolff
France Pascal Bour
France Fabrice Reicher
Germany Harald Rettich
BMW M3 114
108 SP3 144 Germany Markus Fugel
Germany Uwe Wächtler
Liechtenstein Ruben Zeltner
Germany Peter Corazza
Honda S 2000 114
109 V3 199 Germany MSC Ruhr-Blitz Bochum e.V. im ADAC Germany Dietmar Hanitzsch
Germany Michael Eichhorn
Germany Manfred Anspann
Opel Astra G OPC 113
110 SP3 172 Germany Teichmann Racing GmbH Germany Michael Schneider
Italy Ugo Vicenzi
Germany Marcel Hartl
Germany Ralph-Gerhard Schlüter
Renault Clio Cup 113
111 SP8 5 United Kingdom Christopher Porritt
United Kingdom Richard Meaden
United Kingdom Peter Cate
Germany Oliver Mathai
Aston Martin V12 Zagato 113
112 N2 246 Norway Ola Setsaas
Norway Jorgen Pettersen
Norway Tore Bjoernstad
Norway Havard Gustad
Honda Civic Type-R 111
113 SP3 171 Germany AC Mayen e.V. i. ADAC Germany Mike Dohmen
United States Bruce Trenery
Germany Dominic Liedtke
Germany Michael Klein
Volkswagen Golf 3 16V 111
114 D1T 181 Netherlands Red Camel Jordans-NL Netherlands Ivo Breukers
Netherlands Henk Thijssen
Netherlands Antonius Verkoelen
Seat Leon 2.0 TDI 109
115 SP4T 128 Germany FH Köln Motorsport e.V. Germany Anja Wassertheurer
Austria Daniela Schmid
Germany Benjamin Koske
Germany Stefan Schlesack
Ford Focus RS 109
116 SP3T 154 Germany s.i.g-Motorsport Switzerland Steffen Schmid
Germany Ingo Gaupp
Germany Michael Mönch
Germany Martin Heidrich
BMW Mini Cooper JCW 109
117 SP8 85 Germany AVIA Racing Team Bratke Germany Stefan Kurt Neuhorn
Germany Rolf Lamberty
Germany Oliver Louisoder
Gerd Niemeyer
Aston Martin GT4 108
118 SP3T 147 Germany MINI Motorsport Sweden Fredrik Lestrup
Germany Nico Bastian
Germany Harald Hennes
BMW Mini Cooper JCW 108
119 V3 210 Germany Alexander Herrmann
Netherlands Han Hoendervangers
Germany Dr. Alexander Berstein
Germany Achim Herrmann
BMW 320i E36 108
120 SP3 175 Germany Team Mathol Racing e.V. Germany Thomas Heinrich
Germany Dirk Kauke
Germany Josef Stengel
Germany Eberhard Schneider
Honda S2000 107
121 SP3 159 Germany AC Mayen e.V. im ADAC Germany Florian Effertz
Argentina Jose Visir
Argentina Gustavo Fontana
Germany Christian Borchart
Volkswagen Golf 3 16V 107
122 D1T 180 Germany AMC Hoyel e.V. im ADAC Germany Marco Knappmeier
Germany Maik Knappmeier
Germany Achim Johanns
Germany Klaus Flint
Volkswagen Golf 5 TDI 107
123 SP5 105 Germany Lingmann Motorsport Italy Luigi Scalini
Switzerland Patrick Trucco
Germany Bernd Kleeschulte
Switzerland Kurt Thiel
BMW M3 106
124 SP3 163 Germany Andreas Dingert
Germany Eric Freichels
Germany Sven Kurtenbach
Germany Rolf Weißenfels
Volkswagen Golf 3 Kitcar 106
125 SP3 164 Germany Schlaug Motorsport Mexico Xavier Lamadrid
Mexico Xavier Lamadrid, Sr.
United Kingdom Max Girardo
United Kingdom Mark Donaldson
Renault Clio RS 105
126 SP3T 153 Germany s.i.g-Motorsport Germany Andyh Glanc
Japan Hitoshi Goto
Germany Dirk Lauth
BMW Mini Cooper 105
127 V3 209 Germany Michael Auert
Germany Thomas Lennackers
Germany Christoph Brune
Germany Hendrik Kebben
Opel Astra OPC 105
128 SP3 177 Denmark Jet Black Racing Denmark Anders Majgaard
Denmark Niels Borum
Denmark Dan Träger
United States Johnny O'Connell
Renault Clio Cup III 101
129 SP3 160 Germany Kissling Motorsport AvD Germany Olaf Beckmann
Germany Volker Strycek
Germany Peter Hass
Germany Jürgen Schulten
Opel Manta 97
130 SP10 GT4 75 Germany Karl Pflanz
United Kingdom Peter Venn
Germany Oliver Bliss
Germany Jörg Sandek
Aston Martin Vantage N24 96
131 V3 214 Germany Team Mathol Racing Switzerland Sebastian Schäfer
Germany Christian Eichner
Switzerland Rüdiger Schicht
Honda Civic Type-R 95
132 SP3 173 Germany Schläppi Race-Tec Germany Holger Goedicke
Switzerland Felix Geisser
Switzerland Nicolas Abril
Spain Stig Näs
Renault Clio Cup 94
133 SP3 174 Germany Schläppi Race-Tec Argentina Omar El Bacha
Argentina Gaston Ricardo
Argentina Ruben Salerno
Argentina Jorge Cersosimo
Renault Clio Cup 84
134 SP8 87 Japan Gazoo Racing Japan Takayuki Kinoshita
Germany André Lotterer
Japan Juichi Wakisaka
Lexus LF-A 83
135 V5 215 Germany Joe Kramer
Germany Michael Rebhan
Denmark Holger Knudsen
Germany Jim Chamberg
BMW M3 GT 78
DNF E1-XP2 7 Germany BMW Motorsport Germany Dirk Müller
Germany Dirk Werner
Germany Dirk Adorf
Portugal Pedro Lamy
BMW M3 GT 139
DNF SP10 GT4 62 Germany Team Mathol Racing e.V. Germany Wolfgang Weber
Germany Rickard Nilsson
Germany Norbert Bermes
Germany Uwe Nittel
Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 131
DNF V5 228 Germany ADAC Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V. Germany Dominik Thiemann
Germany "Bugs Bunny" Köln
Germany Thomas Frank
Germany Thomas Ahles
BMW E36 128
DNF SP7 57 Germany Kersten Jodexnis
Germany Wolfgang Destreé
Germany Andreas Ziegler
Germany Norbert Pauels
Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 120
DNF D3T 193 Germany RG Bergisch Gladbach e.V. im ADAC Germany Thomas Haider
Germany Marc Hiltscher
Germany Gregor Hötzel
Germany Joachim Schulz
BMW 330d 120
DNF SP3T 156 Germany H & R Spezialfedern Germany Armin Holz
Germany Maik Poetzl
Germany Thomas Schiemann
Germany Kai Jordan
Volkswagen Golf GTI 118
DNF SP9 GT3 4 Germany Need for Speed Team Schubert Germany Marko Hartung
Germany Jörg Viebahn
Netherlands Tom Coronel
Germany Claudia Hürtgen
BMW Z4 GT3 114
DNF SP8T 235 Germany Volkswagen Motorsport United Kingdom Johnny Herbert
Germany Rene Rast
Germany Patrick Bernhardt
United Kingdom Mark Blundell
Volkswagen Golf24 112
DNF SP3 168 Germany DMC Düren e.V. im ADAC Germany Jörg Walkowski
Germany Benjamin Weidner
Germany Marco Keller
Germany Dietmar Henke
Renault Clio 112
DNF V4 221 Germany Bergischer Motor Club e.V. i. ADAC Germany Daniel Sorg
Germany Jana Meiswinkel
Germany Ferdinand Baratella
Germany Benjamin Sorg
BMW 325i E90 109
DNF SP3T 148 Germany Kim Hauschild
Germany Marcel Belka
Germany Jean-Marie Rathje
Germany Bernd Albrecht
Seat Supercopa 103
DNF V4 217 Germany Kornelius Hoffmann
Germany Reiner Bardenheuer
Germany Dirk Roth
Germany Thomas Simon
BMW E46 325i 99
DNF SP7 59 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Markus Grossmann
Germany Timo Kluck
Germany Christian Gebhardt
Italy Marco Mapelli
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 96
DNF SP9 GT3 77 Germany Need for Speed Team Schubert Norway Anders Buchardt
Germany Peter Posavac
United States John Mayes
Norway Stian Sorlie
BMW Z4 GT3 94
DNF V4 220 Germany Dolate Motorsport Germany Frank Unverhau
Germany Marco Petry
Germany Günther Hartwig
Japan Toshiya Ito
BMW 325i E46 94
DNF SP9 GT3 31 Germany H & R Spezialfedern Germany Jürgen Alzen
Italy Artur Deutgen
Germany Klaus Ludwig
Germany Sascha Bert
Porsche GT3 Cup S 93
DNF D3T 194 Argentina Jose Manuel Balbiani
Argentina Juan Cusano
Argentina Alejandro Chahwan
Argentina Sergio Rodriguez
BMW 335 d GTR 89
DNF V5 231 Australia Richard Gartner
Australia Ray Stubber
Australia Paul Stubber
BMW M3 E36 80
DNF SP10 GT4 64 Germany Sponsorcard: Bonk Motorsport Germany Andreas Möntmann
United Kingdom Tim Mullen
United Kingdom Adam Christodoulou
United Kingdom Phil Quaife
BMW M3 75
DNF SP3 162 Germany Janik Olivo
Germany Elmar Jurek
Germany Thorsten Wolter
Germany Michael Brüggenkamp
Renault Clio RS III 75
DNF D1T 200 France Team Peugeot RCZ Nokia France Alexandre Premat
France Jonathan Cochet
France Bruce Jouanny
Stephane Caillet
Peugeot RCZ HDI 72
NC V6 237 Japan Hiroyuki Kishimoto
Austria Dieter Svepes
Japan Kenichi Maejima
Germany Jürgen Bussmann
BMW M3 E46 68
DNF SP3T 150 Germany Sponsorcard: MSC Adenau e.V. Germany Mike Jäger
Germany Stefan Michels
Germany Marko Stipp
Germany Christian Schmitz
Audi S3 67
DNF AT 203 Germany Ralph Caba
Germany Volker Lange
Germany Oliver Sprungmann
Ford Fiesta 67
NC SP3 161 Germany Team DMV Germany Hans-Christoph Schäfer
Germany Tobias Jung
Germany Jochen Vollmer
Germany Marcus Bulgrin
Seat Ibiza 66
DNF D3T 195 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Kristian Vetter
Germany Frank Weishar
Germany Reinhard Prenzel
Germany Jörg Weidinger
BMW 135d 63
NC D1T 178 Germany Pistenclub e.V. Germany Paul Martin Dose
Germany Andreas Hetzel
Switzerland Samo Mazi
Germany Dankwarth Weyand
Volkswagen Golf IV RTDi 63
DNF SP9 GT3 76 Germany Need for Speed Team Schubert Sweden Edward Sandström
United States Tommy Milner
Sweden Fredrik Larsson
Germany Claudia Hürtgen
BMW Z4 GT3 61
DNF SP7 47 Germany Sponsorcard: Car Collection Motorsport Germany Peter Schmidt
Germany Klaus Koch
Switzerland Ronnie Saurenmann
Germany Stephen "Don Stephano"
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 61
DNF SP3T 141 Italy Costa Ovest Promotorsport Italy Umberto Nacamuli
Italy Mario Bertola
Italy Gianni Checcoli
Italy Marco Biancardi
Seat Leon 59
DNF SP9 GT3 36 Germany Rowe Racing Germany Alexander Roloff
Germany Roland Rehfeld
Germany Hubert Haupt
Germany Marco Schelp
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 58
DNF SP9 GT3 24 Germany Race & Event Germany Heinz Schmersal
Germany Christoph Koslowski
Germany Eckhard Geulen
Germany Klaus-Dieter Frers
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 56
DNF SP7 50 Germany Sponsorcard: MSC Adenau e.V. Netherlands Patrick Huisman
Germany Florian Fricke
Germany Julian Moritz Dercks
United Kingdom Nick Tandy
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 53
DNF SP3T 106 Denmark Udo Schauland
Italy Alessandro Cremascoli
Germany Massimo Colnago
Germany Moritz Kröner
Seat Leon Supercopa 53
DNF SP7 19 Germany Manthey-Racing Germany Rainer Holte
Germany H.-P. Lieb
Germany Arne Hoffmeister
United Kingdom Daniel Cooke
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 51
DNF SP4T 122 Germany ADAC Nordbaden e.V. Germany Rudolf Brandl
Germany Torsten Kratz
Germany Torsten Platz
Germany Bernd Hömberg
Audi TT RS 50
DNF SP9 GT3 30 Germany Mamerow / Rowe Racing Germany Christian Mamerow
Germany Armin Hahne
Germany Pierre Kaffer
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 49
NC AT 40 Germany Titus Dittmann
Germany Julius Dittmann
Germany Victor Smolski
Germany Markus Lungstrass
Chrysler Viper 49
DNF V6 240 Germany Heiko Hedemann
United Kingdom Ralf Willems
Germany Mirko Keller
Germany Klaus Weigner
BMW Z4 M 48
DNF SP7 58 Germany Team DMV e.V. Germany André Krumbach
Germany Holger Fuchs
Germany Harald Schlotter
Germany Malte Mahlert
Porsche 997 GT3 44
DNF SP3T 152 Germany Alpecin Schirra motoring Germany Friedrich von Bohlen
Germany Markus Oestreich
Ecuador Andrés Serrano
New Zealand Peter Scharmach
BMW Mini Cooper 43
DNF SP8T 35 Germany Volkswagen Motorsport Germany Peter Terting
Denmark Nicki Thiim
France Franck Mailleux
Germany Rene Rast
Volkswagen Golf24 40
DNF SP3T 151 Germany Sponsorcard: MSC Adenau e.V. Germany Stephan Herter
Germany Max Sandritter
Germany Bora Bölck
Germany Heiko Hammel
Seat Leon MK2 39
DNF V5 229 Germany Steve Smith
Netherlands Einar Thorsen
Germany Nils Reimer
Germany Reinhold Renger
BMW M3 E36 39
DNF SP8T 135 Germany Volkswagen Motorsport Germany Thomas Mutsch
Sweden Fredrik Ekblom
Germany Patrick Simon
Italy Edoardo Mortara
Volkswagen Golf24 37
NC N2 249 Belgium East Belgian Racing Team Belgium Jacky Delvaux
Belgium René Marin
Belgium Bruno Beulen
Renault Clio RS 37
DNF SP5 108 Germany MSC Rhön e.V. i. AvD / Sponsorcard: AvD Germany Wolfgang Kudrass
Germany Christian Leutheuser
Germany Hubert Nacken
Germany Uli Packeisen
BMW E82 36
DNF SP3 166 Germany Fabian Müller
Germany Roland Botor
United Kingdom Scott Marshall
Germany Jens Hawner
Renault Clio 35
DNF SP9 GT3 69 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Rudi Adams
United Kingdom Chris Goodwin
Germany Arno Klasen
Germany Arnd Meier
BMW Z4 GT3 34
DNF N2 245 Germany AMC Hoyel e.V. im ADAC Germany Sebastian Flint
Germany Sascha Gies
Germany Dirk Groneck
Germany Tim Groneck
Peugeot 206 RC 30
DNF SP8 41 Germany Jürgen Schumann
Germany Peter Schumann
Germany Georg Berlandy
Germany Alexander Köppen
Hyundai Genesis Coupé V6 29
DNF SP8 43 Australia Mal Rose
Australia Peter Leemhuis
Australia Damien Flack
Holden Commodore 28
DNF SP3T 149 Norway Hakon Schjaerin
Norway Atle Gulbrandsen
Norway Christian Krognes
Norway Kenneth Jensen Ostwold
Audi TT 27
DNF SP6 169 Germany Dörr Motorsport Germany Stefan Aust
Switzerland Hanspeter Strehler
Germany Alexander Hofmann
Germany Rolf Scheibner
BMW Z4 Coupe 27
NC AT 205 Germany Smudo
Germany Tom von Löwis of Menar
Germany Charlotte Wilking
Germany Tim Schrick
Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI 25
DNF V6 244 Germany Team DMV e.V. Switzerland Ivan Jacoma
Germany Dr. Nicola Bravetti
Switzerland Matteo Cassina
Germany Johann Wanger
Porsche Cayman S 24
DNF V6 223 Germany Sponsorcard: MSC Adenau Germany Thomas Koll
Germany Heinz-Josef Bermes
Germany Michael Hess
Germany Herbert von Danwitz
Porsche Cayman 22
DNF SP3 158 Germany Scuderia Offenbach Germany Andreas Weiland
Luxembourg Antonine Feidt
Germany Ralph-Peter Rink
Renault Clio Cup III 16
DNF SP7 42 Germany Pinta Racing Germany Felix Illbruck
Germany Matthias Hoffsümmer
Germany Dr. Edgar Althoff
Germany S. Elch
Porsche GT3 Cup 15
DNF SP9 GT3 11 Germany Manthey-Racing Germany Marc Lieb
Germany Timo Bernhard
France Romain Dumas
Germany Lucas Luhr
Porsche 911 GT3 R 13
DNF SP7 37 Germany Michael Schratz
Germany Johannes Siegler
United States Jim Michaelian
Sweden Carl Andreas Rydquist
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 12
DNF V2 206 Germany MSC Wahlscheid e.V. im ADAC Germany Michael Jestädt
Germany Werner Schlehecker
Germany Günter Memminger
Germany Stefan Memminger
BMW 318 is 12
DNF SP5 114 Germany Frank Nöhring
United Kingdom Colin White
United Kingdom Meyrick Cox
BMW M3 E46 11
DNF SP9 GT3 29 Germany Audi race experience Germany Florian Gruber
Germany Chris Vogler
Germany Wolfgang Dess
Germany Emin Akata
Audi R8 LMS GT3 10
DNF SP5 91 Germany Franz Groß
Germany Maximilian Groß
Germany Thomas Müller
Germany Erwin Lukas
BMW M3 10
DNF V5 208 Germany ADAC Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V. Germany Dominik Thiemann
Germany "Bugs Bunny"
Germany Thomas Frank
Germany Thomas Ahles
BMW E36 4
DNF SP3T 136 Australia Malcolm Niall
Australia Clint Harvey
Australia Brett Niall
Australia Mark Pilatti
Seat Leon Supercopa 1


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