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The Australian Football League celebrates the best goal of the season through the annual Goal of the Year competition. In 2011, this is officially known as the Panasonic AFL Goal of the Year. Each round three goals are nominated and fans are able to vote online for their favourite here [1].

Winners by Round[edit]

= Round's Winning Goal
Round Nominees Team  % of Votes Opposition Ground Description
1 Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 55% Port Adelaide Etihad Stadium Fancy footwork from just inside 50
Jimmy Bartel Geelong 39% St Kilda MCG Left foot snap from a difficult angle
Jeff Garlett Carlton 6% Richmond MCG Garlett capitalises on a Tiger mistake
2 Hayden Ballantyne Fremantle 42% Geelong Patersons Stadium Ballantyne finishes off remarkable play
Ryan Griffen Western Bulldogs 18% Brisbane Lions Etihad Stadium Strong goal from the star
Shaun Burgoyne Hawthorn 40% Melbourne MCG Nice party trick from Burgoyne
3 Lewis Jetta Sydney 28% West Coast Patersons Stadium Rolling goal from Jetta
Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide 47% Fremantle AAMI Stadium Remarkable goal from 50 metres
Jeff Garlett Carlton 25% Collingwood MCG Puts it through from the wing
4 Daniel Menzel Geelong 33% Sydney SCG A double fake and snap brings about a great goal
Kade Simpson Carlton 42% Essendon MCG Not quite the matchwinner but a fine long goal
Danny Stanley Gold Coast 25% Melbourne The Gabba Out of mid-air, the former Pie kicks a beauty
5 Jared Brennan Gold Coast 29% Port Adelaide AAMI Stadium An amazing inside-out kick makes this special
Jay van Berlo Fremantle 59% Western Bulldogs Patersons Stadium A high-pressure snap from the boundary line
Daniel Wells North Melbourne 12% Richmond Etihad Stadium A superb long kick from the pacy Roo
6 Taylor Walker Adelaide 27% St Kilda AAMI Stadium Tight snap with little room from the young Crow
Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 61% Western Bulldogs MCG Krakouer evades a big pack of Dogs to goal
Sam Wright North Melbourne 12% Port Adelaide Etihad Stadium Checkside boundary kick shows lots of class
7 Robin Nahas Richmond 61% Fremantle MCG Hard running from the in-form Tiger kicks a ripper
Liam Patrick Gold Coast 14% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Great snap from the Gabba pocket
Brodie Moles Western Bulldogs 25% Sydney Manuka Oval Magnificent run from the young Bulldog
8 Adam Cooney Western Bulldogs 19% Richmond Etihad Stadium Cooney's clever backwards snap
Trent McKenzie Gold Coast 12% Adelaide AAMI Stadium Incredibly long kick from outside 50
Nathan Fyfe Fremantle 69% West Coast Patersons Stadium Lovely left footer delivered in style
9 Chris Judd Carlton 54% Geelong Etihad Stadium Great left footer from the champ
Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 15% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Clever kick around the body
Heath Shaw Collingwood 31% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Stunning 4-bounce runs then kicks from 50 metres
10 Daniel Wells North Melbourne 19% Sydney Etihad Stadium Dynamite goal from Wells
Dale Thomas Collingwood 58% West Coast MCG Left footer from the pocket
Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide 22% Brisbane Lions AAMI Stadium Fantastic shot from tight angle
11 Todd Banfield Brisbane Lions 24% Sydney The Gabba Long run and ripping goal by the quick forward
Mark LeCras West Coast 47% Gold Coast Patersons Stadium LeCras swoops, gathers and kicks from in front
Gary Ablett, Jr. Gold Coast 29% West Coast Patersons Stadium Sun star breaks through tackles to get the goal
12 Eddie Betts Carlton 47% Brisbane Lions Etihad Stadium Crafty left-foot snap from the star forward
Matt Priddis West Coast 19% Adelaide AAMI Stadium Measured running left-foot banana
Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 34% Melbourne MCG Brilliant rove, baulk and running banana kick
13 Drew Petrie North Melbourne 43% Essendon Etihad Stadium High goal from the pocket
Jared Brennan Gold Coast 18% Hawthorn Aurora Stadium Lucky snap from Brennan
Scott Selwood West Coast 39% Port Adelaide Patersons Stadium Selwood's clever toe poke
14 Tom Lynch Gold Coast 36% Western Bulldogs Metricon Stadium Lynch dodges, weaves, kicks the goal
Travis Cloke Collingwood 36% Sydney ANZ Stadium Curls it off the outside of his boot
Luke Ball Collingwood 28% Sydney ANZ Stadium Luke Ball makes the distance
15 Steve Johnson Geelong 47% Essendon Etihad Stadium Johnson, from on his back
Robbie Gray Port Adelaide 9% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Gray snaps over his shoulder
Angus Monfries Essendon 44% Geelong Etihad Stadium Difficult angle from the pocket
16 Lance Franklin Hawthorn 43% Brisbane Lions Aurora Stadium Stadium Long run into open goal
Barry Hall Western Bulldogs 17% Carlton Etihad Stadium Magnificent kick from the boundary
Mark Nicoski West Coast 41% Geelong Patersons Stadium Clever banana kick
17 Drew Petrie North Melbourne 41% Western Bulldogs Etihad Stadium Massive kick from outside 50
Jarrad McVeigh Sydney 50% Fremantle SCG Impressive right-foot banana
Matt Thomas Port Adelaide 9% Melbourne TIO Stadium Quick snap from Thomas
18 Travis Colyer Essendon 26% Carlton MCG Magnificent boundary snap
Trent McKenzie Gold Coast 13% Collingwood Metricon Stadium Freakish goal from 120 metres out
Eddie Betts Carlton 60% Essendon MCG Betts' weave and backward snap
19 Alex Fasolo Collingwood 40% Essendon MCG Great banana kick from the pocket
Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 18% Essendon MCG Weave, dodge and shot from 50
Daniel Giansiracusa Western Bulldogs 42% West Coast Etihad Stadium Hurried backward snap in front of goal
20 Lewis Jetta Sydney 16% Essendon Etihad Stadium Sensational high-flying goal
Kyle Reimers Essendon 48% Sydney Etihad Stadium Breaks tackle to kick super goal
Adam Goodes Sydney 37% Essendon Etihad Stadium Spectacular play from sure-footed Goodes
21 Cyril Rioli Hawthorn 52% Port Adelaide MCG Snap from the pocket
Luke Dahlhaus Western Bulldogs 41% Essendon Etihad Stadium Dahlhaus from an impossible angle
Gary Ablett, Jr. Gold Coast 7% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Sensational crumb from the captain
22 Adam Goodes Sydney 29% St Kilda ANZ Stadium Goodes dodges, weaves, kicks and goals
Dustin Martin Richmond 58% Melbourne MCG Dusty's difficult crumb
Kurt Tippett Adelaide 14% Gold Coast Metricon Stadium Spectacular play from sure-footed Goodes
23 Stephen Milne St Kilda 29% North Melbourne Etihad Stadium Spinning out of trouble, Milne fires
Ashton Hams West Coast 19% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Off the boundary, on the siren
Lance Franklin Hawthorn 52% Western Bulldogs MCG Dances out of danger to kick from 55 out
24 Harley Bennell Gold Coast 19% Hawthorn Metricon Stadium Flying running goal
Gary Rohan Sydney 37% Brisbane Lions SCG Tight angle? No problem
Stephen Milne St Kilda 45% Carlton Etihad Stadium Darts, weaves, kicks, goals

2011 Finalists[edit]

Round Nominees Team  % of Votes Opposition Ground Description
1 Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 28% Port Adelaide Etihad Stadium Round 1 magic from Krakouer
2 Hayden Ballantyne Fremantle 36% Geelong Patersons Stadium Ballantyne's Round 2 beauty from 50 metres
18 Eddie Betts Carlton 36% Essendon MCG Round 18, Betts' weave, dodge and backward goal

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