2011 AFL Mark of the Year

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2011 AFL Mark of the Year
Date22 May
LocationEtihad Stadium
WinnerAndrew Krakouer (Collingwood)

The Australian Football League celebrates the best mark of the season through the annual Mark of the Year competition. In 2011, this was officially known as the Hungry Jack's AFL Mark of the Year. Each round three marks were nominated and fans voted online for their favourite here [1]. Andrew Krakouer won the fan vote for 2011 Mark of the Year. The AFL itself later recognised that this was not the best mark taken in 2011, when in 2019 it awarded Mark of the Decade to Andrew Walker's Round 18 mark.

Winners by Round[edit]

= Round's Winning Mark
Round Nominees Team % of Votes Opposition Ground Description
1 Jude Bolton Sydney 44% Melbourne MCG One-handed miracle mark
Matt Thomas Port Adelaide 7% Collingwood Etihad Stadium Thomas plucks it from the air
David Hille Essendon 48% Western Bulldogs Etihad Stadium Magnificent fly over the top
2 Scott McMahon North Melbourne 13% Collingwood Etihad Stadium Soaring effort by McMahon
Jackson Trengove Port Adelaide 18% West Coast AAMI Stadium Big fly by Trengove
Mitch Morton Richmond 69% St Kilda MCG Fantastic, well-timed leap
3 Jimmy Bartel Geelong 35% Port Adelaide Skilled Stadium Terrific effort by Bartel
Mark Jamar Melbourne 40% Brisbane Lions MCG Great flying grab
David Armitage St Kilda 25% Essendon Etihad Stadium From in front of the pack
4 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 43% Collingwood MCG Great use of the body by the Tiger superstar
Steve Johnson Geelong 37% Sydney SCG Amidst the rain at the SCG, the super Cat leaps
Brett Ebert Port Adelaide 20% Adelaide AAMI Stadium A great hanger by the small forward in Adelaide
5 Scott Thompson Adelaide 11% Carlton Etihad Stadium The veteran Crow hangs in the air for a fine mark
Andrew Walker Carlton 80% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Great leap to earn a goal right on half time
Chris Dawes Collingwood 10% Essendon MCG The big Magpie takes a one-hander on Anzac Day
6 Jarred Moore Sydney 53% Carlton SCG Wet weather can't stop this fine grab.
Kurt Tippett Adelaide 27% St Kilda AAMI Stadium The big Crow leaps between two Saints
Lachlan Hansen North Melbourne 20% Port Adelaide Etihad Stadium Super pack mark from young Kangaroo
7 Drew Petrie North Melbourne 28% Geelong Skilled Stadium Petrie delivers with a great contested mark
Liam Patrick Gold Coast 32% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Liam leaps high to pull in a special mark
Nathan Krakouer Gold Coast 40% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Great leap over the pack
8 Todd Goldstein North Melbourne 28% Melbourne Etihad Stadium Spectacular leap from Goldstein
James Podsiadly Geelong 38% Collingwood MCG Pods takes a great mark
Rohan Bewick Brisbane Lions 34% Essendon The Gabba Confident grab from up and over the top
9 Drew Petrie North Melbourne 17% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Big jump over Maguire's head
Leon Davis Collingwood 6% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Flies over the top to take the grab
Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 77% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Magnificent leap from behind
10 Nathan Fyfe Fremantle 35% St Kilda Patersons Stadium Fyfe in front of the pack
Dale Thomas Collingwood 40% West Coast MCG Flying grab in front of goal
Harry O'Brien Collingwood 25% West Coast MCG One-handed magic from O'Brien
11 Nathan Vardy Geelong 29% Western Bulldogs Skilled Stadium Whirling speccy by Vardy
Nic Naitanui West Coast 28% Gold Coast Patersons Stadium Huge hanger over Cox
Brendon Goddard St Kilda 43% Collingwood MCG Goddard soars against the Pies
12 Paddy Ryder Essendon 10% Fremantle Patersons Stadium Spectacular fly over two Freo opponents
Jack Riewoldt Richmond 32% Sydney SCG Riewoldt's twisting aerial grab
Shaun Hampson Carlton 58% Brisbane Lions Etihad Stadium Aggressive, leaping lead-up mark
13 Drew Petrie North Melbourne 30% Essendon Etihad Stadium Spectacular one-handed grasp
Brad Green Melbourne 28% Fremantle MCG The captain's bold grab
Jay Schulz Port Adelaide 42% West Coast Patersons Stadium Monster mark over the top
14 Luke McPharlin Fremantle 33% Brisbane Lions Patersons Stadium Big leap from McPharlin
Nic Naitanui West Coast 65% Carlton Etihad Stadium Massive specky from the Eagle's star
Jared Brennan Gold Coast 3% Western Bulldogs Gold Coast Stadium Brennan's flying grab
15 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 23% Carlton MCG Ripper one-hander
Ricky Petterd Melbourne 61% Western Bulldogs Etihad Stadium Monster hanger on top of opponent Tom Williams
Jarrad Grant Western Bulldogs 15% Melbourne Etihad Stadium Grant's big fly
16 Dale Thomas Collingwood 24% North Melbourne MCG Thomas flies from behind
Heath Hocking Essendon 56% Richmond MCG Spectacular hanger from the Bombers star
Sam Reid Sydney 20% Gold Coast Metricon Stadium Big leap from Reid
17 James Podsiadly Geelong 20% Brisbane Lions The Gabba Courageous mark by the J-Pod
Dale Thomas Collingwood 63% Carlton MCG Thomas take a screamer
Liam Jurrah Melbourne 17% Port Adelaide TIO Stadium Jurrah makes it look easy
18 Andrew Walker Carlton 80% Essendon MCG Walker's huge hanger from atop Carlisle's shoulder
Brett Deledio Richmond 11% Geelong Etihad Stadium Four-touch juggling act
Sam Reid Sydney 8% Western Bulldogs SCG Classic skill from the youngster
19 Jay Schulz Port Adelaide 20% Adelaide AAMI Stadium Sensational aerial grab
Drew Petrie North Melbourne 25% Carlton Etihad Stadium Petrie's huge hanger
Nick Duigan Carlton 55% North Melbourne Etihad Stadium Duigan's courageous mark
20 Paddy Ryder Essendon 38% Sydney Etihad Stadium Big leap, spectacular mark
Zac Clarke Fremantle 44% Carlton Etihad Stadium Huge hanger from the tall forward
Ricky Petterd Melbourne 18% Carlton MCG Fantastic flying grab
21 Andrew Walker Carlton 39% Fremantle Patersons Stadium Another huge hanger from Walker
Jeremy Howe Melbourne 26% West Coast Etihad Stadium Magnificent jump over the top
Adam Goodes Sydney 34% Richmond MCG Classic flying mark
22 Colin Sylvia Melbourne 38% Richmond MCG Magnificent jump and grab
Ben Sinclair Collingwood 49% Brisbane Lions MCG Sinclair takes one laying down
John Butcher Port Adelaide 13% Western Bulldogs AAMI Stadium Butcher keeps his eye on the ball
23 Shannon Byrnes Geelong 23% Sydney Skilled Stadium Byrnes' effortless hanger
Tendai Mzungu Fremantle 51% Collingwood Patersons Stadium Remarkable one-handed grab
Drew Petrie North Melbourne 26% St Kilda Etihad Stadium Petrie leaps a mile in the air
24 David Wojcinski Geelong 39% Collingwood MCG Amazing leap
Drew Petrie North Melbourne 18% Richmond Etihad Stadium Huge grab in front of goal
Alex Silvagni Fremantle 43% Western Bulldogs Etihad Stadium Flying hanger over Barry Hall

2011 Finalists[edit]

Round Nominees Team % of Votes Opposition Ground Description
9 Andrew Krakouer Collingwood 42% Adelaide Etihad Stadium Krakouer's Round 9 magnificent leap
14 Nic Naitanui West Coast 17% Carlton Etihad Stadium Naitanui flies high in Round 14
18 Andrew Walker Carlton 41% Essendon MCG Walker's thrilling hanger from Round 18

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