2011 Aktobe bombing

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2011 Aktobe bombing
Location Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Date 17 May 2011
Attack type
Suicide bombing
Deaths 1 (the bomber)
Non-fatal injuries
Suspected perpetrators
Islamic extremists

The 2011 Aktobe Bombing was a terrorist attack in the city of Aktobe, Kazakhstan on May 17, 2011. The attacker entered the headquarters of the Kazakhstani security services in the oblast and set off a suicide bomb, killing himself and injuring two others.[1] Initially, the bombing was blamed on "organized crime" in what was considered the first mafia-related suicide bombing in history. However, Kazakhstani officials eventually conceded that the attack was probably linked to Islamic extremists in the oil-rich province. The attack marked the opening of a violent summer in Kazakhstan's west, during which multiple attacks claimed the lives of a combined 19 people.[2]

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Coordinates: 50°16′59″N 57°13′24″E / 50.2831°N 57.2233°E / 50.2831; 57.2233