2011 Alawwa rail accident

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2011 Alawwa rail accident
Train Collision Sri Lanka.jpg
Date 17 September 2011 (2011-09-17)
Location Alawwa
Country Sri Lanka
Operator Sri Lanka Railways
Type of incident Collision
Trains 2
Deaths 5
Injuries over 30

In the 2011 Alawwa rail accident, 5 people were killed and over 30 injured when a passenger train Sri Lanka Railways S11 hit the rear of a stationary Intercity Express train of Sri Lanka Railways at Alawwa railway station in Sri Lanka on 17 September 2011.[1]


Compensation will be paid to the families of those killed, and to the injured.[2]

Other accidents[edit]

A much more serious accident occurred near here in 2002. See Major accidents.

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