2011 Bonnaroo Music Festival

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The 2011 Bonnaroo Music Festival was held June 9–12, in Manchester, Tennessee and marked the 10th time the festival has been held since its inception in 2002. This year also marked the first return of the SuperJam since 2008.


Two festival-goers perished during the 2011 Bonnaroo Music Festival. Doctors and law enforcement officials believe the deaths to be drug/heat related.[1][2] The death of 24-year-old Christopher Yoder of Raleigh, N.C marks the tenth death the festival has seen in the ten years since its inception.[3][4]


Thursday, June 9[edit]

(artists listed from earliest to latest set times)[5]

Friday, June 10th[edit]

(artists listed from earliest to latest set times)[5]

Saturday, June 11th[edit]

(artists listed from earliest to latest set times)[5]

Sunday, June 12th[edit]

(artists listed from earliest to latest set times)[5]


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