2011 Chengdu Foxconn explosion

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The 2011 Chengdu Foxconn explosion occurred on May 13, 2011[1] in Chengdu, Sichuan province, People’s Republic of China.


The Foxconn factory (鸿富锦成都厂) where the incident took place is located at Pi County Hongguang (红光镇) with a total of about 52 production lines.[2] In 2010 chairman Terry Gou referred to this area as the "Chengdu speed"(成都速度), a new development hub that Foxconn would centralise and turn Chengdu into the PRC’s number one investment destination within five years.[2]


The explosive fire broke out at around 7:30pm and was quickly controlled by 10:00pm.[2] At the time of the incident there were at least a couple hundred workers at the factory. After the explosion, more than 10 fire trucks and a large number of police showed up on the scene.[2] The explosion occurred at the north factory A5 zone iPad 2 assembly line.[3][4]

A total of 3 people were killed with 15 injured.[5] Singtao reported the explosion cause is related to either a furnace explosion or magnesium power related.[2]

Numerous sources have said the explosion impact affected and cracked the factory building’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor walls.[2][6] However, Hon Hai spokesman Edmund Ding (丁祈安) said the explosion was only confined to a single workshop on one floor.[7]