2011 Duel in the Pool

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2011 Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool
Host city Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Date(s) 16–17 December 2011
Venue(s) Georgia Tech Aquatic Center
Teams United States United States
Europe European All-Stars
Nations participating 19
Athletes participating 76
Events 30

The 2011 Duel in the Pool was a swimming meet held December 16 and 17, 2011 at the Georgia Tech Aquatics Center in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a short course (25m), dual meet between a team from the United States and a European All-Star team featuring swimmers from 18 nations. It was the sixth meet held under the Duel in the Pool name and the second between the United States and a European team.

The United States prevailed by 181½ points to 80½.[1]:30


United States[edit]

The United States team featured 17 men and 18 women.[2]

European All-Stars[edit]

The European team consisted of 22 men and 19 women.[3]


All events were held in a short course pool (25 m).[4] Up to four swimmers per team took part in each of the twenty-six individual events. Five points were given to the winner, three to the runner-up and one for the third-place finisher, while fourth, fifth and sixth place received no points. In relay events, the winning team was awarded seven points and the losing team none.

Events were held in the following order with women's events first and men's events afterwards:


The full results of the competition are listed below. One world record was set during the meet, in the women's 4 × 100 m medley relay, while five American records and one European record were beaten.[1]:31 The European relay teams were not eligible to set new records as they did not represent a single nation. Therefore, the European women's team did not set a new world record in the 4 × 100 m freestyle with their time of 3:27.53, even though they beat the standing record set by the Netherlands of 3:28.22.

Day 1[edit]

4 × 100 m medley relay[edit]

400 m individual medley[edit]

100 m freestyle[edit]

200 m backstroke[edit]

200 m breaststroke[edit]

100 m butterfly[edit]

400 m freestyle[edit]

Legend: WRWorld record; AMUnited States record; EREuropean record

Day 2[edit]

800 m freestyle[edit]

200 m freestyle[edit]

100 m backstroke[edit]

100 m breaststroke[edit]

200 m butterfly[edit]

50 m freestyle[edit]

200 m individual medley[edit]

4 × 100 m freestyle relay[edit]

Legend: WRWorld record; AMUnited States record; EREuropean record

Final score[edit]

Final score
United States Europe
174½ Total 80½
81 Women 50
93½ Men 30½

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