2011 Little League World Series

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2011 Little League World Series
Dates August 18–
August 28
Teams participating 16
Champion Ocean View Little League
Huntington Beach, California
Runner-up Hamamatsu Minami Little League
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, Japan

The 2011 Little League World Series took place in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania between August 18 and 28.[1] Eight teams from the United States and eight from throughout the world competed in the 65th edition of this tournament. Ocean View Little League of Huntington Beach, California defeated Hamamatsu Minami Little League of Hamamatsu City, Japan 2–1 in the World Championship game. Nick Pratto hit an RBI single to clinch the title for Ocean View.

Tournament changes[edit]

On June 16, 2011, Little League announced that it was modifying the double-elimination format that was first used in the previous year's tournament. The format of four pools consisting of four teams in each pool, a format that had been used since the tournament expanded to 16 teams in 2001, was eliminated. Instead, the eight teams from the United States were placed into one bracket, and the eight International teams into another bracket. The tournament remained double-elimination until the United States and International championship games, where it became single-elimination.[2]

Little League International renewed deals with uniform suppliers Russell Athletic and New Era Caps. As part of the deal, regions had new color schemes this year.[3][4]


United States International
Kentucky La Grange, Kentucky
Great Lakes Region
North Oldham
Taiwan Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Asia-Pacific Region
Pennsylvania Clinton County, Pennsylvania
Mid-Atlantic Region
CanadaBritish Columbia Langley, British Columbia
Canada Region
South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota
Midwest Region
Aruba Oranjestad, Aruba
Caribbean Region
Aruba North
Rhode Island Cumberland, Rhode Island
New England Region
Cumberland American
Netherlands Rotterdam, Netherlands
Europe Region
Montana Billings, Montana
Northwest Region
Big Sky
Japan Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, Japan
Japan Region
Hamamatsu Minami
Georgia (U.S. state) Warner Robins, Georgia
Southeast Region
Warner Robins American
Venezuela Maracay, Venezuela
Latin America Region
Gran Maracay
Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana
Southwest Region
MexicoBaja California Mexicali, Baja California
Mexico Region
Seguro Social
California Huntington Beach, California
West Region
Ocean View
Saudi Arabia Dhahran, Saudi Arabia[a]
Middle East-Africa Region
Arabian American

Of the 16 teams, 11 made their first LLWS appearance. Most notable among these is the Keystone Little League, based less than 30 miles (48 km) from Little League headquarters. The last LLWS to feature a team from the immediate Williamsport area was the 1969 edition.[5]


United States bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     U.S. Semifinal     U.S. Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  Montana Montana 6  
  South Dakota South Dakota 4    
      1–0 Montana Montana 3  
      1–0 Louisiana Louisiana 1    
  Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 0          
  Louisiana Louisiana 2        
      2–0 Montana Montana (F/7) 1            
      2–0 California California 0              
  Rhode Island Rhode Island 0              
  California California 11                
      1–0 California California (F/4) 10          
      1–0 Kentucky Kentucky 0        
  Kentucky Kentucky 1          
  Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 0         3–0 Montana Montana 2
      3–1 California California 11
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 South Dakota South Dakota 3        
  0–1 Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 6     1–1 Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 8        
    1–1 Kentucky Kentucky (F/9) 5          
      2–1 Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia 5        
  0–1 Rhode Island Rhode Island 0         2–1 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 7     2–1 California California 2    
  0–1 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 2     1–1 Louisiana Louisiana 0         3–1 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 0  
    1–1 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (F/4) 10  

International bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     International Semifinal     International Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  Taiwan Taiwan 0  
  Mexico Mexico 3    
      1–0 Mexico Mexico (F/7) 3  
      1–0 Japan Japan 2    
  Aruba Aruba 1          
  Japan Japan (F/4) 12        
      2–0 Mexico Mexico (F/9) 2            
      2–0 Venezuela Venezuela 1              
  Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5              
  Canada Canada 6                
      1–0 Canada Canada 0          
      1–0 Venezuela Venezuela 8        
  Netherlands Netherlands 1          
  Venezuela Venezuela 6         3–0 Mexico Mexico 2
      4–1 Japan Japan 5
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 Taiwan Taiwan (F/4) 20        
  0–1 Aruba Aruba 3     1–1 Canada Canada 5        
    1–1 Taiwan Taiwan 3          
      2–1 Canada Canada 0        
  0–1 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4         2–1 Japan Japan 4     2–1 Venezuela Venezuela 6    
  0–1 Netherlands Netherlands 2     1–1 Japan Japan 13         3–1 Japan Japan 9  
    1–1 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4  

Crossover games[edit]

Teams that lost their first two games got to play a crossover game against a team from the other side of the bracket that also lost its first two games. These game were labeled Game A and Game B.

Game A
August 22 – Lamade Stadium
 Aruba Aruba  5
 South Dakota South Dakota  0
Game B
August 23 – Lamade Stadium
 Netherlands Netherlands  7
 Rhode Island Rhode Island  8

World Championship[edit]

Little League World Championship
August 28 – Lamade Stadium
 California California  2
 Japan Japan  1
2011 Little League World Series Champions
United States California
Ocean View Little League
Huntington Beach, California

The consolation game was cancelled due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Irene.[6]

Middle East-Africa qualification[edit]

Kampala, Uganda defeated Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East-Africa Region Final but the Ugandan team was denied visas by the State Department.[7] Reportedly, the visas were denied because some players provided false information, specifically related to their ages.[8][9] The runner-up, Saudi Arabia, was invited to the Little League World Series in their spot.[10]

Champions Path[edit]

The Ocean View Little League won 20 games and lost 1 game to reach the Little League World Series. Overall, their record was 25–2. Their two losses came against Rancho Mission Viejo LL (from California),[11] and Billings Big Sky LL (from Montana).[12]

Round Opposition Result
District 62
Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals California Costa Mesa National LL 6-0
Winner's Bracket Semifinals California Costa Mesa American LL 19-0
Winner's Bracket Final California Huntington Valley LL 7-1
District 62 Championship California Huntington Valley LL 13-3
Section 10
Game 1 California Aliso Viejo LL 5–4
Game 2 California Rancho Mission Viejo LL 2–1
Game 3 California Rancho Mission Viejo LL 5–6 (8 inn.)
Section 10 Championship California Rancho Mission Viejo LL 3–1
South California Divisional
Winner's Bracket Semifinals California Fontana Community LL 13-2 (4 inn.)
Winner's Bracket Finals California Canyon Springs LL 5–1
South Sub-Divisional Championship California Park View LL 5–4
South Championship California Encino LL 12–1 (4 inn.)
South Championship California Encino LL 11–1
West Regional
Group Stage California Red Bluff LL 10–2
Group Stage Hawaii Central East Maui LL 3–0
Group Stage Arizona Rio Rico LL 10–0 (4 inn.)
Group Stage Nevada Silverado LL 11–3
Semifinals Utah Washington LL 5–0
West Region Championship California Red Bluff LL 2–1


  • a Qualified via invitation by Little League.


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