2011 MTV Video Music Brazil

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2011 MTV Video Music Brazil
DateOctober 20, 2011
LocationQuanta Studios
Hosted byMarcelo Adnet
Television/radio coverage
NetworkMTV Brasil

The 2011 MTV Video Music Brazil, known as VMB 2011 in Brazil, was held on October 20, 2011, hosted by Marcelo Adnet and took place at the Quanta Studios, São Paulo. It awarded the best in Brazilian music, popular culture and internet culture in the year of 2011.

For this edition, the concept has undergone a major makeover; after the happy rock band Restart winning all the 5 categories in which it was indicated in the previous edition by its large number of fans voting exaggeratedly (including Act of the Year), and not by its merit; and also the renewal of the station's programming in 2011, which favored even more the music. Under the awards theme "A música não para" (The music never stops), this VMB went to have a 100-member expert jury - the VMB Academy - to choose seven of the 11 awards; three new categories: Best Album, Best Album Art and Best Music; and the indication of many independent artists, like Emicida, Marcelo Jeneci and Criolo, valuing the musical production. However, the VMB didn't neglected the pop artists and web hits, keeping categories as Hit of the Year, Web Hit of the Year and Best International Act, and adding a new category: Best Web Video (Video musics made for internet).[1]

For the first time, the VMB was held in a television studio (Quanta Studios), unlike the other editions, which were held in auditoriums such as Credicard Hall and Parque de Convenções do Anhembi. MTV Brasil considers that its structure was the largest in the history of the awards. And it was still divided into three stages: one for the main show, other for the VMBB (The B-side of VMB) and other for the VIP party - which this time took place simultaneously with the main show, and not after it. The first two stages had different live broadcasts - the main show on TV and Internet, and VMBB exclusively on the Internet. Some presentations of the awards - which had several of the meeting of 30 invited artists - had characterized the artists playing simultaneously and synchronously at the three stages of the event.


The nominees were revealed on August 26, 2011. Criolo and Marcelo Jeneci have received the most nominations, tied at five. Criolo won 3 awards.

VMB Academy[edit]

Act of the Year[edit]

Video of the Year[edit]

Best Song[edit]

Best New Act[edit]

MTV Bet[edit]

Best Album[edit]

  • Cavalera Conspiracy – "Blunt Force Trauma"
  • Criolo – "Nó Na Orelha"
  • Marcelo Camelo – "Toque Dela"
  • Marcelo Jeneci – "Feito pra Acabar"
  • NX Zero – "Projeto Paralelo"

Best Album Art[edit]

  • Tiê – "A Coruja e o Coração" (by Rita Wainer)
  • Copacabana Club – "Tropical Splash" (by Rimon Guimarães)
  • CSS – "La Liberación" (by Lovefoxxx)
  • Garotas Suecas – "Escaldante Banda" (by Greg McKeighan)
  • Kassin – "Sonhando Devagar" (by Philippe Leon)

Popular voting[edit]

Best International Act[edit]

Hit of the Year[edit]

  • CW7 – "Me Acorde pra Vida"'
  • Emicida – "Rua Augusta"
  • Fake Number – "Primeira Lembrança"
  • Flora Matos – "Pretin"
  • Forfun – "Quem Vai, Vai"
  • Fresno – "Eu Sei"
  • Marcelo Jeneci – "Felicidade"
  • NX Zero – "Onde Estiver"
  • Rancore – "Jeito Livre"
  • Start – "Que Vença o Melhor"

Web Hit of the Year[edit]

Best Web Video[edit]

VMBB (The B-side of VMB)[edit]

It's the VMB 2011 parallel broadcasting for web. This year, it gained a larger structure than the previous editions. Hosted by Bento Ribeiro, it received the MTV Comedy Cast and all the appearances, presentations and its exclusive categories were focused on the humor. [2]


Best Video with People Walking[edit]

  • Lurdes da Luz – Andei
  • Start – Que Vença o Melhor
  • A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade – Oração

Wettest Video[edit]

  • Mallu Magalhães – Nem Fé, Nem Santo
  • Fresno – Eu Sei
  • Pitty - Só Agora

Best Fade Out in a Video[edit]

  • Fake Number – Primeira Lembrança
  • Marcelo Jeneci – Felicidade
  • Emicida – Então Toma

Best Figuration in a National Video[edit]

  • Criolo – Subirusdoistiozin
  • SIRsir – Down
  • Lurdes da Luz – Andei

Best Band Name with Letters and Numbers[edit]


VMBB appearances[edit]


  • Emicida, Guizado, Nação Zumbi and Seu Jorge — "Você e eu, eu e você"[3]
  • NX Zero and Rancore — "Só Rezo" and "Jeito Livre"[4] / Di Ferrero and One Night Only — "Can You Feel it Tonight"[5]
  • Mallu Magalhães, Arnaldo Antunes, Erasmo Carlos and Marcelo Janeci — "Eu Preciso Encontrar um Amigo"[6]
  • Criolo and Caetano Veloso — "'Não Existe Amor Em SP"[7]
  • Marcelo Camelo — "Ôô" / Marcelo D2, Karol Conká, Helinho (Ponto de Equilíbrio), Lurdez da Luz, Flora Mattos and Start — "Eu já sabia", "Que Vença O Melhor", "Andei", "Pretin" and "Boa Noite"[8]
  • Marina Lima, featuring Karina Buhr, Bárbara Eugênia, Nina Becker, Tulipa Ruiz and Edgard Scandurra — "Pra Começar"[9]
  • Garotas Suecas, Banda Uó, and Gaby Amarantos — "Banho de Bucha" / "Shake do Amor" / "Xirley"

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