2011 Ras Ajdir clashes

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2011 Ras Ajdir clashes
Part of Libyan Civil War
Date 13 August – 26 August 2011
Location Ras Ajdir, Libya

Anti-Gaddafi Victory

  • Loyalists repel multiple rebel assaults on the crossing until rebel forces finally capture it on 26 August

Libya Anti-Gaddafi forces

Libya Gaddafi Loyalists

The 2011 Ras Ajdir clashes were a series of skirmishes between rebel anti-Gaddafi forces and loyalist pro-Gaddafi forces for an important LibyaTunisia border post in Libya's extreme northwest.[1][2]

The post had been a key loyalist supply line to the capital, Tripoli,[3] but ceased to be so after the rebels recaptured the town of Zawiya and the highway running through it.

Before the rebels captured the border post, there had been some concerns that Gaddafi might use it to flee Libya.[4]

The battle[edit]

On the night of 13 August, rebel forces assaulted the crossing. The loyalists responded with tanks and other heavy weaponry, completely repelling the rebel assault.[5][6]

On 21 August, rebel forces again reached the crossing, meeting stiff resistance from what were reported to be "non-uniformed Gaddafi loyalists". Rebels made gains, but were once again repulsed by artillery fire. However, rebels did not entirely abandon their efforts, and the crossing remained contested.[7]

On 23 August, the Russian Channel One news agency reported that the crossing appeared to be under the control of pro-Gaddafi forces, who prohibited journalists from entering Libya.[8]

On 26 August, witnesses reported that clashes were once again erupting between "large numbers" of rebels and loyalists for control of Ras Ajdir. The Tunisian army closed down the border in response, declaring it a "closed military zone".[9] This time, at least 100 anti-Gaddafi forces succeeded in capturing the crossing and hoisted their flag at the border post.[10] Tunisian authorities reopened the crossing on 28 August.[11]


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