2011 SK Brann season

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SK Brann
2011 season
Manager Rune Skarsfjord
Stadium Brann Stadion
Tippeligaen 4th
Norwegian Football Cup Runners-up
Top goalscorer Kim Ojo (15)

The 2011 season was SK Brann's 103rd season and their 25th consecutive season in the Norwegian Premier League.


Head coach Rune Skarsfjord
League Norwegian Premier League
Shirt supplier Kappa
Shirt sponsor Sparebanken Vest
Average league attendance 12977 (-5,58%)
League result 4th
Norwegian Cup Finale (1-2 against Aalesunds FK)
Top goalscorer Kim Ojo (15 in league, 3 in cup, 18 in total)
Player of the year Rudolph Austin


First team[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Iceland DF Birkir Sævarsson
3 Norway DF Christian Kalvenes
4 Norway DF Lars Grorud
5 Jamaica MF Rudolph Austin
6 Norway MF Carl-Erik Torp
7 Norway MF Hassan El Fakiri
8 Norway MF Fredrik Haugen
9 Nigeria FW Kim Ojo
10 Norway MF Erik Mjelde (C)
11 Nigeria FW Bentley
12 Norway GK Håkon Opdal
No. Position Player
15 Uruguay FW Diego Gustavino
16 Norway MF Bjarte Haugsdal
18 Uruguay MF Maximiliano Bajter
19 Lithuania FW Tadas Labukas
20 Brazil FW Juninho
21 Hungary DF Zsolt Korcsmár
24 Poland GK Piotr Leciejewski
23 Uruguay FW Nicolás Mezquida
25 Norway DF Yaw Ihle Amankwah
26 Norway DF Bjørnar Holmvik

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
The Gambia MF Tijan Jaiteh (on loan to Randers)

Youth squad[edit]

Five players without professional contracts who are allowed to play three league matches each season for the first team.

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
17 Norway DF Lars Henrik Skage
27 Norway MF Kjetil Kalve
28 Norway FW Kristoffer Barmen
No. Position Player
29 Norway MF Eirik Birkelund
36 Norway GK Øystein Øvretveit

Team kit[edit]

The team kits for the 2011 season are produced by Kappa and the main shirt sponsor is Sparebanken Vest. Other sponsors featured on the kit are BKK (shoulders), JM (chest), AXA (left arm), Chess (upper back), Norne Securities (front of shorts), Coop Obs! (back of shorts) and Tide (socks). As of the 2011 season the Norwegian FA has made it compulsory for all Premiership teams to feature player names on the back of the shirts. On Brann's shirts the player's names are printed below the squad number.

Goalkeeper 1


Players in[edit]

Only first team squad transfers

Winter 2010/11

Summer 2010/11

Players out[edit]

Only first team squad transfers

Winter 2010/11

Summer 2010/11


The table below shows the results of all of SK Brann's official matches during the 2011-season.[25]

Date Host Agg. Visitor Ground Attendance Tournament
20.03.11 SK Brann 2-1 Rosenborg BK Brann Stadion, Bergen 16,732 Tippeligaen
04.04.11 Lillestrøm SK 1-4 SK Brann Åråsen Stadion, Lillestrøm 7,416 Tippeligaen
09.04.11 SK Brann 0-1 Fredrikstad FK Brann Stadion, Bergen 15,501 Tippeligaen
15.04.11 FK Haugesund 3-3 SK Brann Haugesund Stadion, Haugesund 5,000 Tippeligaen
25.04.11 SK Brann 1-3 Molde FK Brann Stadion, Bergen 12,537 Tippeligaen
01.05.11 Tertnes IL 1-3 SK Brann Åstveit Idrettspark, Bergen 2,500 Norwegian Football Cup
07.05.11 Vålerengen IF 0-2 SK Brann Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo 16,674 Tippeligaen
11.05.11 Fana IL 2-3 SK Brann Nesttun Kunstgress, Bergen 1,200 Norwegian Football Cup
16.05.11 SK Brann 2-1 IK Start Brann Stadion, Bergen 17,237 Tippeligaen
19.05.11 Strømsgodset IF 1-0 SK Brann Marienlyst Stadion, Drammen 6,012 Tippeligaen
26.05.11 Åsane Fotball 0-1 SK Brann Myrdal Gress, Bergen 1,204 Norwegian Football Cup
29.05.11 Tromsø IL 4-0 SK Brann Alfheim Stadion, Tromsø 4,844 Tippeligaen
10.06.11 SK Brann 2-0 Sogndal Fotball Brann Stadion, Bergen 11,503 Tippeligaen
16.06.11 Viking FK 4-0 SK Brann Viking Stadion, Stavanger 11,080 Tippeligaen
19.06.11 SK Brann 1-1 Aalesunds FK Brann Stadion, Bergen 10,814 Tippeligaen
22.06.11 SK Brann 2-2
3-2 (pen)
Sogndal Fotball Brann Stadion, Bergen 3,750 Norwegian Football Cup
27.06.11 Sarpsborg 08 3-5 SK Brann Sarpsborg Stadion, Sarpsborg 4,472 Tippeligaen
30.06.11 SK Brann 2-0 Odd Grenland Brann Stadion, Bergen 12,043 Tippeligaen
03.07.11 SK Brann 2-1 Stabæk Fotball Brann Stadion, Bergen 12,010 Tippeligaen
18.07.11 Fredrikstad FK 4-2 SK Brann Fredrikstad Stadion, Fredrikstad 10,304 Tippeligaen
31.07.11 Odd Grenland 2-3 SK Brann Skagerak Arena, Skien 5,575 Tippeligaen
03.08.11 SK Brann 3-2 Viking FK Brann Stadion, Bergen 12,589 Tippeligaen
07.08.11 SK Brann 0-0 Strømsgodset IF Brann Stadion, Bergen 12,470 Tippeligaen
14.08.11 Viking FK 1-1
1-3 (pen)
SK Brann Viking Stadion, Stavanger 9,086 Norwegian Football Cup
21.08.11 Stabæk Fotball 1-1 SK Brann Telenor Arena, Bærum 7,246 Tippeligaen
26.08.11 SK Brann 1-1 Tromsø IL Brann Stadion, Bergen 11,639 Tippeligaen
11.09.11 Molde FK 2-2 SK Brann Aker Stadion, Molde 9,151 Tippeligaen
16.09.11 SK Brann 1-0 FK Haugesund Brann Stadion, Bergen 13,032 Tippeligaen
21.09.11 Fredrikstad FK 0-2 SK Brann Fredrikstad Stadion, Fredrikstad - Norwegian Football Cup



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