2011 Suruga Bank Championship

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2011 Suruga Bank Championship
Júbilo Iwata won 4–2 in penalty shootout
Date August 3, 2011
Venue Shizuoka Stadium, Fukuroi
Referee Lee Probert (England)
Attendance 19,034

The 2011 Suruga Bank Championship (Japanese: スルガ銀行チャンピオンシップ2011; Spanish: Copa Suruga Bank 2011) was the fourth edition of the Suruga Bank Championship, the club football match co-organized by the Japan Football Association, the football governing body of Japan, and CONMEBOL, the football governing body of South America, between the winners of the previous season's J. League Cup and Copa Sudamericana. It was contested by Japanese club Júbilo Iwata, the 2010 J. League Cup champion, and Argentine club Independiente, the 2010 Copa Sudamericana champion.[1]

Júbilo Iwata won 4–2 in penalty shooutout, after drawing 2–2 in the ninety minutes of play.[2]

Qualified teams[edit]

Team Qualification Previous participation (bold indicates winners)
Japan Júbilo Iwata 2010 J. League Cup champion None
Argentina Independiente 2010 Copa Sudamericana champion None


The Suruga Bank Championship is played over one match, hosted by the winner of the J. League Cup. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the winner is determined by a penalty shootout (no extra time is played). A maximum of seven substitutions may be made during the match.[3]

Match details[edit]

Júbilo Iwata
GK 1 Japan Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi
DF 2 Japan Kenichi Kaga
DF 33 Japan Yoshiaki Fujita
DF 3 Japan Ryu Okada Substituted off 61'
MF 5 Japan Yuichi Komano
MF 20 Japan Shuto Yamamoto
MF 28 Japan Keisuke Funatani Booked 11' Substituted off 46'
MF 23 Japan Kosuke Yamamoto Substituted off 67'
MF 6 Japan Daisuke Nasu (c)
MF 10 Japan Hiroki Yamada
FW 8 Brazil Gilsinho Substituted off 75'
GK 21 Japan Naoki Hatta
DF 22 Japan Hiroyuki Kobayashi Substituted in 61'
DF 16 Japan Jo Kanazawa
DF 30 Japan Shinnosuke Honda
MF 15 Japan Minoru Suganuma Substituted in 75'
FW 17 Japan Hidetaka Kanazono Substituted in 67'
FW 19 Japan Tomoyuki Arata Substituted in 46'
Japan Masaaki Yanagishita
GK 1 Argentina Hilario Navarro
DF 13 Colombia Iván Vélez Substituted off 70'
DF 6 Argentina Eduardo Tuzzio (c)
DF 2 Argentina Julián Velázquez
DF 3 Argentina Maximiliano Velázquez Booked 39' Substituted off 71'
MF 8 Argentina Hernán Fredes
MF 5 Argentina Roberto Battión Substituted off 46'
MF 7 Argentina Cristian Pellerano
MF 11 Argentina Osmar Ferreyra Substituted off 46'
FW 17 Argentina Facundo Parra
FW 19 Colombia Marco Pérez Substituted off 88'
GK 21 Argentina Fabián Assmann
DF 23 Uruguay Adrián Argachá Substituted in 71'
DF 33 Paraguay Cristian Báez Substituted in 46'
MF 16 Argentina Nicolás Cabrera Substituted in 70'
MF 10 Argentina Patricio Rodríguez Substituted in 46'
FW 9 Argentina Leonel Núñez Substituted in 88'
FW 14 Argentina Matías Defederico
Argentina Antonio Mohamed

Assistant referees:
Mu Yuxin (China P.R.)
Han Wei (China P.R.)
Fourth official:
Yudai Yamamoto (Japan)

Suruga Bank Championship
2011 Champion
Júbilo Iwata
First Title


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