2011 World Championships in Athletics – Women's high jump

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Anna Chicherova celebrating her win in Daegu
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The Women's high jump event at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Daegu Stadium on September 1 and 3.

Russia's Anna Chicherova entered the competition as the favourite with a world leading jump of 2.07 m. Although Blanka Vlašić had won world titles in 2007 and 2009 and was ranked second in the world, she was suffering from a leg injury and decided to compete after having initially withdrawn. Antonietta Di Martino had been the only other woman over 2.00 m that year. Emma Green, Venelina Veneva-Mateeva, 2004 Olympic champion Yelena Slesarenko and Ruth Beitia were the other established entrants, while Svetlana Shkolina was fourth in the world rankings. Chaunté Lowe, Ariane Friedrich and reigning Olympic champion Tia Hellebaut were notable absences.[1][2] It took 1.95 to make the final.

The medalists clearly separated from the field in order, each clearing 2.00 Chicherova on her first, Vlašić on her second and Di Martino on her third. At 2.03 Chicherova remained clean while Vlašić again needed two attempts, with Di Martino unable to make the height. At 2.05, neither was able to make it, though Vlašić looked closer. After years of finishing one place behind Vlašić in major meets, it was the first time Chicherova was able to reverse those results.


Gold Silver Bronze
Anna Chicherova
Blanka Vlašić
Antonietta Di Martino


World record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 Rome, Italy 30 August 1987
Championship record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 Rome, Italy 30 August 1987
World leading  Anna Chicherova (RUS) 2.07 Cheboksary, Russia 22 July 2011
African record  Hestrie Cloete (RSA) 2.06 Paris, France 31 August 2003
Asian record  Marina Aitova (KAZ) 1.99 Athens, Greece 13 July 2009
North, Central American and Caribbean record  Chaunté Howard Lowe (USA) 2.05 Des Moines, IA, United States 26 June 2010
South American record  Solange Witteveen (ARG) 1.96 Oristano, Italy 8 September 1997
European record  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09 Rome, Italy 30 August 1987
Oceanian record  Vanessa Browne-Ward (AUS) 1.98 Perth, Australia 12 February 1989
 Alison Inverarity (AUS) Ingolstadt, Germany 17 July 1994

Qualification standards[edit]

A standard B standard
1.95 1.92


Date Time Round
September 1, 2011 10:45 Qualification
September 3, 2011 19:00 Final



Qualification: Qualifying Performance 1.95 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the final.

Rank Group Name Nationality 1.75 1.80 1.85 1.89 1.92 1.95 Result Notes
1 B Brigetta Barrett  United States o o o o o o 1.95 Q
1 A Anna Chicherova  Russia o o o o 1.95 Q
1 B Antonietta Di Martino  Italy o o o o o 1.95 Q
1 B Blanka Vlašić  Croatia o o o o 1.95 Q
5 A Emma Green Tregaro  Sweden o o o xo 1.95 Q, SB
5 A Svetlana Shkolina  Russia o o o xo 1.95 Q
7 B Doreen Amata  Nigeria o o xxo xo 1.95 Q, =NR
7 A Deirdre Ryan  Ireland o o o xxo xo 1.95 Q, NR
9 B Svetlana Radzivil  Uzbekistan o o o o xxo 1.95 Q, SB
9 B Yelena Slesarenko  Russia o o o o xxo 1.95 Q
9 B Zheng Xingjuan  China o o o o xxo 1.95 Q, PB
12 A Anna Iljuštšenko  Estonia xo o xo xo xxo 1.95 Q
13 A Levern Spencer  Saint Lucia o o o o xxx 1.92
14 B Esthera Petre  Romania o o o xo o xxx 1.92
15 A Melanie Melfort  France o xo xo o xxx 1.92
16 A Ruth Beitia  Spain o o o xo xxx 1.92
17 B Ebba Jungmark  Sweden o o xo xo xxx 1.92
18 A Vita Styopina  Ukraine o o o o xxo xxx 1.92
19 B Marina Aitova  Kazakhstan o o o xxx 1.89
19 B Oksana Okuneva  Ukraine o o o xxx 1.89
21 A Venelina Veneva-Mateeva  Bulgaria o xo o xxx 1.89
22 B Wanida Boonwan  Thailand o o o xxx 1.85
23 A Tonje Angelsen  Norway o xo o xxx 1.85
24 B Danielle Frenkel  Israel o xxo o xxx 1.85
25 A Raffaella Lamera  Italy o xxo xxx 1.85
25 A Marielys Rojas  Venezuela o o xxo xxx 1.85 SB
27 A Inika McPherson  United States o o xxx 1.80
28 B Marija Vuković  Montenegro o xo xxx 1.80
29 A Han Da-rye  South Korea xo xxx 1.75


Rank Name Nationality 1.89 1.93 1.97 2.00 2.03 2.05 Result Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Anna Chicherova  Russia o o o o o xxx 2.03
2nd, silver medalist(s) Blanka Vlašić  Croatia o o o xo xo xxx 2.03 SB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Antonietta Di Martino  Italy o o o xxo xxx 2.00 =SB
4 Yelena Slesarenko  Russia o xo o xxx 1.97 =SB
5 Svetlana Shkolina  Russia o o xxo xxx 1.97
6 Zheng Xingjuan  China xo o xxx 1.93
6 Deirdre Ryan  Ireland xo o xxx 1.93
8 Svetlana Radzivil  Uzbekistan xo xo xxx 1.93
8 Doreen Amata  Nigeria xo xo xxx 1.93
10 Brigetta Barrett  United States o xxo xxx 1.93
11 Emma Green Tregaro  Sweden o xxx 1.89
12 Anna Iljuštšenko  Estonia xo xxx 1.89


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