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List of years in poetry (table)
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Celebrated Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer (right) signs Vecka nr.II, a reflection of his poem "Galleriet," an artist book by multi-award Iraqi-Swedish Modhir Ahmed (left)
  • January 19Liz Lochhead becomes the second Scots Makar, the official national poet of Scotland.[1]
  • April 4 – Canadian poet Christian Bök announces a significant break-through in his 9-year project to engineer "a life-form so that it becomes not only a durable archive for storing a poem, but also an operant machine for writing a poem".[2][3] On April 3, Bök said that he

    "received confirmation from the laboratory at the University of Calgary that my poetic cipher, gene X-P13, has in fact caused E. coli to fluoresce red in our test-runs—meaning that, when implanted in the genome of this bacterium, my poem (which begins “any style of life/ is prim...”) does in fact cause the bacterium to write, in response, its own poem (which begins “the faery is rosy/ of glow...”)."[4]

Works published in English[edit]



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United Kingdom[edit]

Anthologies in the United Kingdom[edit]

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

Anthologies in the United States[edit]

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United States[edit]

Poets in The Best American Poetry 2011[edit]

These poets appeared in The Best American Poetry 2011. David Lehman, general editor, and Kevin Young, guest editor (who selected the poetry):[15]

Works published in other languages[edit]


French language[edit]


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Other languages[edit]

Bengali :

Ukrainian :

  • Les Wicks, Shadows of the Read (Krok)
  • "AU/UA: Contemporary Poetry of Ukraine and Australia" (Krok) Meuse Press


Awards and honors by Country[edit]

Awards announced this year:


Australia awards and honors[edit]

Canada awards and honors[edit]

New Zealand awards and honors[edit]

United Kingdom awards and honors[edit]

  • Cholmondeley Award:
  • Costa Award (formerly "Whitbread Awards") for poetry:
    • Shortlist:
  • English Association's Fellows' Poetry Prizes:
  • Eric Gregory Award (for a collection of poems by a poet under the age of 30):
  • Forward Poetry Prize:
    • Best Collection:
      • Shortlist:
    • Best First Collection:
      • Shortlist:
    • Best Poem:
      • Shortlist:
  • Jerwood Aldeburgh First Collection Prize for poetry:
    • Shortlist:
  • Manchester Poetry Prize:
  • National Poet of Wales:
  • National Poetry Competition 2010:
  • T. S. Eliot Prize (United Kingdom and Ireland):
  • The Times/Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry Translation:

United States awards and honors[edit]

From the Poetry Society of America[edit]

From the Poetry Society of Virginia[21] Student Poetry Contest[edit]

2011 Student Poetry Contest Winners :: Category 8: Virginia Student Prize :: Judge: Dr. Kate Simpson, Winchester, VA

  • 1st Place – Jake Robinson of Virginia Beach, VA for the poem "Makings of Men"
  • 2nd Place – Mikal Cardine of Midland, VA for the poem "Remember"
  • 3rd Place – Kira Tomlin of Front Royal, VA for the poem "Caught In Silence"
  • 1st Honorable Mention – Elliott Warren of Richmond, VA for the poem "Time Does Not Heal"
  • 2nd Honorable Mention – Franklin Ewing of Richmond, VA for the poem "Against Kosovel"
  • 3rd Honorable Mention – Andre Aganbi of Chester, VA for the poem "Classic Scene"

2011 Student Poetry Contest Winners :: Category 7: College/University :: Judge: Bob Kelly, Newport News, VA

  • 1st Place Ishaway Friestad of Norfolk, VA for the poem "Super Nova"
  • 3rd Place Lauren "Wren" Brown of Springfield, VA for the poem "Spiral"

2011 Student Poetry Contest Winners :: Category 6: Grades 11 & 12 :: Judge: Nancy Powell, Hampton, VA

  • 1st Place Franklin Ewing of Richmond, VA for the poem "Think"
  • 2nd Place Bridget Jamison of Vienna, VA for the poem "The Dance"
  • 3rd Place Stephen Wood of Richmond, VA for the poem "On The Rechristening of High Fructose Corn Syrup"

2011 Student Poetry Contest Winners :: Category 5: Grades 9 & 10:: Judge: Pete Freas, Chesapeake, VA

  • 1st Place Hannah Wilson of Oak Park, IL for the poem “I came from a mother...”
  • 2nd Place Hannah Srajer of Oak Park, IL for the poem "Crusade"
  • 2nd Place Olivia O'Sullivan of Oak Park, IL for the poem “weekday drinking...”
  • 3rd Place Natalie Richardson of Oak Park, IL for the poem “his curious fingers...”
  • 3rd Place Yuliya Semibratova of Oak Park, IL for the poem “not red, nor white, nor blue...”
  • 1st Honorable Mention Rory Dunn of Fredericksburg, VA for the poem "The Feeling"

2011 Student Poetry Contest Winners :: Category 4: Grades 7 & 8 :: Judge: ijil Rainbow Hawk Giver, Norfolk, VA

  • 1st Place Tess Hinchman of West Bath, ME for the poem "March 15"
  • 2nd Place Sam Herter of Brunswick, ME for the poem “Fears: Age 7”
  • 3rd Place Lilly Richardson of Whitefield, ME for the poem “Do You Remember?”
  • 1st Honorable Mention Sophia Carbonneau of Alna, ME for the poem "This Is Just To Say"
  • 1st Honorable Mention Sabrina Sammel of Stafford, VA for the poem "Silence"
  • 2nd Honorable Mention Morganne Elkins of Edgecomb, ME for the poem "Don"
  • 2nd Honorable Mention Caleb Rinderer of Newport News, VA for the poem "Country Daybreak"
  • 3rd Honorable Mention Rex Reilly of Miami Beach, FL for the poem "Chocolate"


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Gil Scott Heron on stage in front of a packed house at the Regency Ballroom, Friday, October 3, 2009 in San Francisco

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