2012 Tejano Music Awards

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32nd Tejano Music Awards
Location San Antonio, Texas
First awarded 2012

The 32nd Tejano Music Awards were held in 2012. They recognized accomplishments by musicians from the previous year. The Tejano Music Awards is an annual awards ceremony recognizing Tejano music musicians.


  • Song of the Year
  • Juntos Hasta Morir – Elida Reyna and Jesse Turner
  • Male Vocalist of the Year
  • Jesse Turner – Grupo Siggno'''''
  • Female Vocalist of the Year
  • Elida ReynaFemale Vocalist of the Year'
  • Album of the Year – Tejano
  • Lo Que Me Dejaste – Grupo SiggnoAlbum of the Year – Tejano'
  • Album of the Year – Conjunto
  • Manteniendo La Promesa – The Hometown Boys'''''
  • Vocal Duo of the Year
  • Elida Reyna and Jesse Turner – Juntos Hasta MorirVocal Duo of the Year'
  • Best New Male of the Year
  • Ricky Valenz'''''
  • Best New Female of the Year
  • Jessica SanchezBest New Female of the Year'
  • Best New Group of the Year
  • Tejano Highway 281'''''
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Elsa GarciaLifetime Achievement Award'
  • Mingo Saldivar
  • Johnny Canales