2012 BWF World Junior Championships – Team event knockout stage

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This article lists the complete results of the knock out stage of the 2012 BWF World Junior Championships – Teams event in Chiba, Japan.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  W1   Japan 3  
W2   Thailand 0  
  W1   Japan 3  
  X1   Korea 0  
X1   Korea 3
  X2   Chinese Taipei 0  
    W1   Japan 2
  Z1   China 3
  Y1   Malaysia 1  
Y2   Indonesia 3  
  Y2   Indonesia 1 Third place
  Z1   China 3  
Z1   China 3 X1   Korea 3
  Z2   Hong Kong 0   Y2   Indonesia 0


Quarter Finals[edit]

Japan vs Thailand[edit]

South Korea vs Chinese Taipei[edit]

Malaysia vs Indonesia[edit]

China vs Hong Kong[edit]

Semi Final[edit]

Japan vs South Korea[edit]

Indonesia vs China[edit]

Bronze Medal Final[edit]

South Korea vs Indonesia[edit]


Japan vs China[edit]