2012 BWF World Junior Championships – Teams event

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2012 BWF World Junior Championships - Team event
Tournament details
Dates 25–28 October[1]
Edition 14th
Venue Port Arena Stadium
Location Chiba, Japan

The Team event tournament of the 2012 BWF World Junior Championships was the fourteenth tournament of the BWF World Junior Championships. It was held from October 25–28, 2012 in Chiba, Japan. According to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) 30 teams have confirmed their participation.[2] The winner of the tournament would have Suhandinata Cup for about a year until the next BWF World Junior Championships Team Event is held.


The seedings for teams competing in the tournament were released on October 11, 2012. It was based on aggregated points from the best players in the world junior ranking and the result of last year tournament. The tournament was divided into four groups, with Japan and China were the two top seeds, and 2 teams (Malaysia and Korea) in the seeded 3-4 were also put into the same group. another 4 teams were put in the second groups. Eight teams (seeded 9-16) were seeded into third groups and the last sixteen teams were seeded into last groups. The draw was held on the same day in Kuala Lumpur.[3]

Group 1 (Seeded 1-4)[edit]

Group 2 (Seeded 5-8)[edit]

Group 3 (Seeded 9-16)[edit]

Group 4 (Seeded 17-30)[edit]

Group stage[edit]

Qualified for quarterfinals


Knockout stage[edit]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  W1   Japan 3  
W2   Thailand 0  
  W1   Japan 3  
  X1   Korea 0  
X1   Korea 3
  X2   Chinese Taipei 0  
    W1   Japan 2
  Z1   China 3
  Y1   Malaysia 1  
Y2   Indonesia 3  
  Y2   Indonesia 1 Third place
  Z1   China 3  
Z1   China 3 W2   Korea 3
  Z2   Hong Kong 0   Y2   Indonesia 0


Japan vs China[edit]