2012 FC71

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2012 FC71
Discovery [1]
Discovered by Mt. Lemmon Survey
A. Boattini
(unofficial credits)
Discovery date 31 March 2012
MPC designation 2012 FC71
NEO · Aten[1][2]
Earth crosser
Orbital characteristics[2]
Epoch 16 February 2017 (JD 2457800.5)
Uncertainty parameter : 5 [2] · 7 [1]
Observation arc 21 days
Aphelion 1.0750 AU
Perihelion 0.9008 AU
0.9879 AU
Eccentricity 0.0882
0.98 yr (359 days)
1° 0m 13.68s / day
Inclination 4.9430°
Earth MOID 0.0566 AU · 22.1 LD
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 20–40 m[a][3]

2012 FC71, also written 2012 FC71, is a small asteroid trapped in a Kozai resonance with the Earth.[4]

Discovery, orbit and physical properties[edit]

It was first observed on March 31, 2012, by Andrea Boattini observing for the Mt. Lemmon Survey.[5][6] Its orbit is characterized by low eccentricity (0.088), low inclination (4.97º) and a semi-major axis of 0.9895 AU;[6] It is an Aten asteroid but also an Earth crosser. As of May 11, 2013 its orbit is based on 35 observations spanning a data-arc of 21 days.

Kozai resonator and future orbital evolution[edit]

2012 FC71 is locked in a Kozai resonance and as such it has a very slow orbital evolution and it will remain relatively unperturbed for hundreds of thousands of years.[4] It had a close encounter with the Earth on April 18, 2012 at 0.076 AU and it had next one on about May 17, 2013 at 0.0581 AU.


It may have been originated within the Venus-Earth-Mars region or in the main asteroid belt like other Near-Earth Objects, then transition to Amor-class asteroid before entering Earth's co-orbital region.[4]

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  • ^ This is assuming an albedo of 0.20–0.04.


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