2012 French Open – Wheelchair Men's Doubles

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Wheelchair Men's Doubles

2012 French Open
and the French Open – Wheelchair Men's Doubles

Champion France Frédéric Cattaneo
Japan Shingo Kunieda
Runner-up France Michael Jeremiasz
Sweden Stefan Olsson
Final score 3–6, 7–6(7–3), [10–6]
Singles men women
Doubles men women
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Shingo Kunieda and Nicolas Peifer were the defending champion but Peifer withdrew due to a right hand injury.
Kunieda played alongside Frédéric Cattaneo and won the title, defeating Michael Jeremiasz and Stefan Olsson in the final, 3–6, 7–6(7–3), [10–6]


  1. France Stéphane Houdet / Netherlands Maikel Scheffers (Semifinals)
  2. Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan / Netherlands Ronald Vink (Semifinals)




Semifinals Final
1  France Stéphane Houdet
 Netherlands Maikel Scheffers
63 65    
   France Michael Jeremiasz
 Sweden Stefan Olsson
77 77    
     France Michael Jeremiasz
 Sweden Stefan Olsson
6 63 [6]
     France Frédéric Cattaneo
 Japan Shingo Kunieda
3 77 [10]
   France Frédéric Cattaneo
 Japan Shingo Kunieda
6 6  
2  Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan
 Netherlands Ronald Vink
2 3