2012 Green National Convention

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2012 Green National Convention
2012 presidential election
Green Party of the United States New Logo.png
Dr. Jill Stein in Madison, WI 12-16-2011 056.jpg Cheri Honkala.jpg
Stein and Honkala
Date(s)July 12–15, 2012
CityBaltimore, Maryland
VenueUniversity of Baltimore (July 12–13)
Holiday Inn Inner Harbor (July 14–15)
Presidential nomineeJill Stein of Massachusetts
Vice Presidential nomineeCheri Honkala of Pennsylvania
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Map of United States showing Charlotte, Tampa, Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Baltimore
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Sites of the 2012 national party conventions.

The 2012 Green National Convention took place on July 12–15, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States occurred at the University of Baltimore (William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center), with the National Convention on July 14 being held at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor (Chesapeake Room).[1]


Jill Stein of Massachusetts won the nomination with 193.5 out of 294 delegates' votes. Television personality Roseanne Barr received 72 votes and 17 votes were cast for activist Kent Mesplay.[2][3][4]



Vote by State Delegation
Green Party National Convention presidential vote, 2012[6]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Jill Stein 193½ 66.96%
Roseanne Barr 72 24.91%
Kent Mesplay 17 5.88%
Harley Mikkelson 1.21%
Other 3 1.04%
Totals 289 100.00%

Cheri Honkala, an anti-poverty activist from Pennsylvania, won the vice-presidential nomination.[2][4]

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