2012 IFAF U-19 World Championship

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2012 IFAF U-19 World Championship
Tournament details
Host nation  United States
Dates June 30 – July 8
No. of nations 8
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg  Canada
Runner-up Silver medal blank.svg  United States
Third-place Bronze medal blank.svg  Japan

The 2012 IFAF U-19 World Championship took place in 2012 at Austin, Texas. These championship match the world’s eight best high school-aged (19 and under) national American football teams from five continents shall be played at Burger Stadium in Austin Texas. The action began on Saturday, June 30 and ran through Saturday, July 8.[1] To win the Gold Medal #2 ranked Canada had to defeat #7 Sweden, #3 Japan and finally #1 USA in the Championship game. The hard road to success turned in a fantastic finish to a great tournament. In doing so, Canada avenged its 50-7 loss in the 2011 IFAF World Championship (which was composed of adult competitors) and handed the U.S. national team its first ever loss in international competition.

Participants & Seeding[edit]

Three nations from the 2009 U-19 World Championship failed to qualify for this year's event - Mexico, Germany and New Zealand.


Winners Bracket[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Gold Medal Game
Game 2        
 Japan Japan  27
Game 7
 France France  6  
 Japan Japan  24
Game 3
   CanadaCanada  33  
 Canada Canada  43
Game 12
 Sweden Sweden  0  
 CanadaCanada  23
Game 1
   United States USA  17
 Panama Panama  0
Game 8
 Austria Austria  40  
 Austria Austria  7 Bronze Medal Game
Game 4
   United States USA  70  
 United States United States  27  Japan Japan  7
 American Samoa American Samoa  6    Austria Austria  0
Game 11

Consolation Bracket[edit]

Semi-finals 5th Place Playoff
Game 5
 France France  41  
 SwedenSweden  0  
Game 10
     France France  14
   American SamoaAmerican Samoa  27
7th Place Playoff
Game 6 Game 9
 Panama Panama  0  SwedenSweden  54
 American SamoaAmerican Samoa  51    Panama Panama  20


Game Day 1 - June 30[edit]

Game Day 2 - July 3[edit]

Game Day 3 - July 4[edit]

Game Day 4 - July 6[edit]

Game Day 5 - July 7[edit]

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