2012 Little League World Series

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2012 Little League World Series
Dates August 16–
August 26
Teams participating 16
Champion Tokyo Kitasuna Little League
Japan Tokyo, Japan
Runner-up Goodlettsville Baseball Little League
United States Tennessee Goodlettsville, Tennessee

The 2012 Little League World Series started in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania on August 16 and ended on August 26. Eight teams from the United States and eight from throughout the world competed in the 66th edition of this tournament. Tokyo Kitasuna Little League of Tokyo, Japan defeated Goodlettsville Baseball Little League of Goodlettsville, Tennessee 12–2 in the World Championship game. For the country of Japan, it was the eighth LLWS championship overall, and the second in three years. This was the last World Series to feature players born in the 1900s.


United States International
Indiana New Castle, Indiana
Great Lakes Region
New Castle
Chinese Taipei Taoyuan, Taiwan
Asia-Pacific Region
New Jersey Parsippany, New Jersey
Mid-Atlantic Region
Par-Troy East
Canada British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada Region
Hastings Community
Nebraska Kearney, Nebraska
Midwest Region
Curaçao Willemstad, Curaçao
Caribbean Region
Connecticut Fairfield, Connecticut
New England Region
Fairfield American
Germany Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Europe Region
KMC American
Oregon Gresham, Oregon
Northwest Region
Gresham National
Japan Tokyo Tokyo
Japan Region
Tokyo Kitasuna
Tennessee Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Southeast Region
Goodlettsville Baseball
Panama Aguadulce, Panama
Latin America Region
Aguadulce Cabezera
Texas San Antonio, Texas
Southwest Region
McAllister Park National
Mexico Tamaulipas Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Mexico Region
California Petaluma, California
West Region
Petaluma National
Uganda Lugazi, Uganda
Middle East-Africa Region


The drawing to determine the opening round pairings, as well as the unveiling of the schedule, took place on June 14, 2012.[1]

United States bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     U.S. Semifinal     U.S. Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  Indiana Indiana 4  
  Oregon Oregon 0    
      1–0 Indiana Indiana 3  
      1–0 Texas Texas 13    
  New Jersey New Jersey 2          
  Texas Texas 5        
      2–0 Texas Texas 3            
      2–0 Tennessee Tennessee 4              
  California California 6              
  Connecticut Connecticut 4                
      1–0 California California 6          
      1–0 Tennessee Tennessee 9        
  Nebraska Nebraska 1          
  Tennessee Tennessee 12         3–0 Tennessee Tennessee (F/7) 24
      4–1 California California 16
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 Oregon Oregon 4        
  0–1 New Jersey New Jersey 10     1–1 New Jersey New Jersey 4        
    1–1 California California (F/8) 5          
      2–1 California California 5        
  0–1 Connecticut Connecticut (F/5) 12         2–1 Connecticut Connecticut 0     2–1 Texas Texas 1    
  0–1 Nebraska Nebraska 0     1–1 Indiana Indiana 0         3–1 California California (F/5) 11  
    1–1 Connecticut Connecticut 4  

International bracket[edit]

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     International Semifinal     International Championship
  Winner's Bracket
  Japan Japan 7  
  Curaçao Curaçao 0    
      1–0 Japan Japan (F/9) 2  
      1–0 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 0    
  Germany Germany 1          
  Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei (F/4) 14        
      2–0 Japan Japan 4            
      2–0 Panama Panama 1              
  Mexico Mexico 9              
  Canada Canada 13                
      1–0 Canada Canada 3          
      1–0 Panama Panama 8        
  Panama Panama 9          
  Uganda Uganda 3         3–0 Japan Japan 10
      3–1 Panama Panama 2
  Loser's Bracket      
  0–1 Curaçao Curaçao (F/4) 14        
  0–1 Germany Germany 2     1–1 Curaçao Curaçao 4        
    1–1 Canada Canada 3          
      2–1 Curaçao Curaçao 2        
  0–1 Mexico Mexico (F/4) 12         2–1 Mexico Mexico 6     2–1 Panama Panama 2    
  0–1 Uganda Uganda 0     1–1 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 3         3–1 Mexico Mexico 1  
    1–1 Mexico Mexico 4  

Crossover games[edit]

Teams that lose their first two games get to play a crossover game against a team from the other side of the bracket that also lost its first two games. These games are labeled Game A and Game B.

Game A
August 20 – Lamade Stadium (F/4)
 United States Nebraska Nebraska  17
 Germany Germany  1

Game B
August 21 – Lamade Stadium
 United States Oregon Oregon  2
 Uganda Uganda  3

Consolation game[edit]

The consolation game is played between the loser of the United States championship and the loser of the International championship.

Consolation game
August 26 – Lamade Stadium
 Panama Panama  4
 United States California California  12

World Championship[edit]

Little League World Championship
August 26 – Lamade Stadium (F/5)
 United States Tennessee Tennessee  2
 Japan Japan  12

Champions path[edit]

The Tokyo Kitasuna LL reached the LLWS by winning all 8 of their Tokyo and national tournament games.[2] In total, they went undefeated with a 13–0 record.

Round Opposition Result
All-Tokyo Tournament
Winner's Bracket Round Tokyo Jōhoku LL 11–0
Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals Chōfu LL 10–5
Winner's Bracket Semifinals Koganei LL 10–1
Winner's Bracket Final Musashi Fuchū LL 7–2
Japan Regional
Opening Round Ueda Miyami LL 8–2
Quarterfinals Iwakitaira LL 10–0 (4 inn.)
Semifinals Funabashi LL 14–4 (4 inn.)
Japan Championship Matsusaka LL 11–0 (4 inn.)


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