2012 Plaid Cymru leadership election

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2012 Plaid Cymru leadership election

← 2003 3 January 2012 (2012-01-03) – 15 March 2012 (2012-03-15) 2018 →
  Leanne Wood.jpg Elin Jones AM (27889497280).jpg Dafydd Elis-Thomas 2011.jpg
Candidate Leanne Wood Elin Jones Dafydd Elis-Thomas
First round 2,879 1,884 1,278
Percentage 47.6% 31.1% 21.1%
Second round 3,326 2,494
Percentage 57.1% 42.8%

Leader before election

Ieuan Wyn Jones

Elected Leader

Leanne Wood

The 2012 Plaid leadership election was held following the resignation of Ieuan Wyn Jones following the 2011 Assembly Elections. Following the election Jones originally stated that he would resign in the first half of the Assembly term.[1] Nominations officially opened on 3 January 2012.

The leadership was fought by former Agriculture Minister Elin Jones, former party leader Dafydd Elis-Thomas and backbencher Leanne Wood.[2] Simon Thomas declared his intention to run, but later withdrew in favour of Elin Jones.[3]

The Guardian reported that 7,863 members were entitled to vote, which was an increase in membership of 23% over the preceding four-month period.[4]

Leanne Wood was elected leader on 15 March 2012,[5] taking over as leader the day after.


Candidate First round Second round
Votes % Transfers Votes %
Leanne Wood 2,879 47.6 Increase 447 3,326 57.1
Elin Jones 1,884 31.1 Increase 610 2,494 42.8
Dafydd Elis-Thomas 1,278 21.1
Total 6,041 100 1,057 5,820 100


Of the 11 Plaid Assembly Members, Elin Jones received the support of 6 (including herself), Leanne Wood won the backing of 3 (including herself) and Dafydd Elis-Thomas 1 (himself). Out going leader Ieuan Wyn Jones did not publicly back any candidate.

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Leanne Wood[edit]