2012 Second Division Football Tournament

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2012 Second Division Football Tournament
Country  Maldives
Teams 10
Champions BG Sports Club
Runners-up United Victory

Statistics of Second Division Football Tournament in the 2012 season. According to the FAM Calendar 2012, Second Division Football Tournament will start on 22 May.[1][2]


10 teams are competition in the 2012 Second Division Football Tournament, and these teams were divided into 2 groups of 5.[3]

Group 1[edit]

Group 2[edit]

Group stage round[edit]

From each group, the top two teams will be advanced for the league round.

Group 1[edit]

United Victory and BG Sports Club advanced to the league round as the top two teams of the group.[4]

Group 2[edit]

Hurriyya SC and Sports Club Mecano advanced to the league round as the top two teams of the group.[4]

League round[edit]

The top two teams from each group will be qualified to compete in this round. As a total of four teams will be playing in this round of the tournament, the top two teams from this round will be advanced to the Final. The top two teams of theis round will also play in the Playoff for 2013 Dhivehi League. United Victory and B.G. Sports Club claimed the first and second position to advance for the Final.[5]

Pos Team Pts Qualification
1 United Victory 7 Playoff & Final
2 BG Sports Club 6 Playoff & Final
3 Hurriyya SC 4
4 SC Mecano 0

*Source:Haveeru Online



Award Details
Best Player Ali Shaheem of BG Sports Club[6]
Best Goalkeeper Ahmed Areesh of Hurriyya SC[6]
Fair Play Team BG Sports Club[6]


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