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2012 Speedy Hire UK Open
Tournament information
Dates 7–10 June 2012
Venue Reebok Stadium
Location Bolton
Country  England
Organisation(s) PDC
Format Legs
Final – best of 21
Prize fund £200,000
Winners share £40,000
Nine-dart finish Scotland Gary Anderson
Scotland Robert Thornton
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The 2012 Speedy Hire UK Open was a Darts tournament staged in the UK by the Professional Darts Corporation. It was the tenth year of the tournament where, following numerous regional qualifying heats throughout Britain, players competed in a single elimination tournament to be crowned champion. The tournament was held at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, England, between 7–10 June 2012, and has the nickname, "the FA Cup of darts" as a random draw is staged after each round until the final.

Robert Thornton won the tournament beating Phil Taylor 11–5 in the final to win his first PDC major.

Format and qualifiers[edit]

2012 UK Open Qualifiers[edit]

There were eight qualifying events staged across England between February and May 2012 to determine the UK Open Order of Merit Table. The tournament winners were:

No. Date Venue Winner Legs Runner-Up Total
Prize Money
Winner Runner-Up
1 Saturday 11 February K2 Centre, Crawley Wes Newton England 6–3 Belgium Kim Huybrechts £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
2 Sunday 12 February Michael van Gerwen Netherlands 6–1 England Dave Chisnall £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
3 Saturday 24 March Barnsley Metrodome, Barnsley Phil Taylor England 6–2 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
4 Sunday 25 March Phil Taylor England 6–3 England Dennis Smith £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
5 Saturday 14 April Raymond van Barneveld Netherlands 6–3 England Andy Smith £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
6 Sunday 15 April Raymond van Barneveld Netherlands 6–2 England Ian White £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
7 Saturday 5 May NIA Community Hall, Birmingham Terry Jenkins England 6–3 England Andy Hamilton £34,600 £6,000 £3,000
8 Sunday 6 May Wes Newton England 6–2 England Justin Pipe £34,600 £6,000 £3,000

The tournament featured 178 players. The results of the eight qualifiers shown above were collated into the UK Open Order Of Merit. The top 32 players and ties in the Order of Merit, who played a minimum of two events, received a place at the final tournament. In addition, the next 82 players in the Order of Merit list qualified for the tournament, but needed to start in the earlier rounds played on the Thursday. A further 64 players qualified via regional qualifying tournaments.

Top 32 in Order of Merit (receiving byes into Third Round)[edit]

Number 33-64 of the Order of Merit (receiving byes into Second Round)[edit]

Remaining Order of Merit qualifiers (starting in First and Preliminary Round)[edit]

Rileys qualifiers[edit]

32 players qualified from Rileys qualifiers held in Rileys Dart Zones across Britain.[1]

Speedy qualifiers[edit]

32 players qualified from Speedy qualifiers held at seven venues across Britain from April to May.[1]

Prize money[edit]

For the fourth consecutive UK Open, the prize fund will be £200,000.

Champion £40,000
Runner-up £20,000
Semi-finalists £10,000
Quarter-finalists £6,000
Last 16 (Round 5) £4,000
Last 32 (Round 4) £2,000
Last 64 (Round 3) £1,000


The draw for the preliminary, first and second rounds was made on 10 May.[2][3]

Thursday 7 June; Best of 7 legs[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
England Paul Amos 4–0 England Gary Ettridge England Nigel Heydon 4–0 England Paul Critchley
England Ben Johnson 0–4 England Stuart Daniels England Steve Farmer 1–4 Wales Jamie Lewis
England Joey Palfreyman 4–3 England Tom Gregory England Jason Wilson 1–4 Germany Bernd Roith
Scotland Kirk Gordon 0–4 England Kevin McDine England David Pallett 2–4 Netherlands Jerry Hendriks
England Steve Brown 4–2 England Michael Barnard England Harry Miles 4–0 England Andy Melling
England Steve Beaton 2–4 England Jon Jukes England Steve Hine 4–3 England Jamie Hughes
England Josh Jones 4–0 Wales Mark Spencer England Arron Monk 4–3 England Paul Boulton
England Gaz Cousins 4–0 England Ben Burton England Geoff Heath 4–0 England Darrin Pugh
England Steve Maish 4–2 England Dave Solly England Ted Hankey 4–0 England Danny Dutson
England Adam Smith-Neale 4–3 England Rob Hawker Scotland Gus Santana 2–4 England Andy Jenkins
England Andy Parsons 3–4 England Dean Stewart England Steve Service 1–4 England Damien Sherwood
England Marc Dewsbury 3–4 England Stephen Hardy England John Scott 2–4 England Brian Woods
England Denis Ovens 4–1 Scotland Craig McCaskill England John Nelson 4–3 England Ross Smith
England Glen Durrant 0–4 England Stephen Bunting England Mark Lawrence 4–1 England Jamie Robinson
England Steve Werrett 0–4 Scotland Mark Barilli England Davey Dodds 4–1 England Alan Casey
England Anthony Littleton 4–2 Scotland Nicky Denoon England Adrian Gray 3–4 Wales Steve Evans
England Glen Miller 1–4 England Mark Frost Wales Mark Layton 4–2 England Michael Wiles
Netherlands Gino Vos 4–2 England Paul Harvey Scotland Scott Robertson 4–1 England Mick Todd
England Lee Bryant Scotland John Henderson England Sam Hill 4–1 England Jamie Ellam
England Tony Broughton 3–4 England Tony Cooper England Scott Taylor 1–4 England Lee Russell
England Tony West 2–4 England Michael Burgoine England Kevin Simm 4–0 England Mick Hayward
Republic of Ireland Connie Finnan Scotland Andy Murray Scotland Stuart Anderson 2–4 England Joe Murnan
England Ian Gleeson 3–4 England Kevin Rimmer England Terry Temple 4–2 England Matt Clark
England Andrew Cornwall 3–4 England John Bowles England Dan Russell 4–2 Netherlands Toon Greebe
Gibraltar Dyson Parody 4–0 England Steve Mason England Dave Ladley 0–4 Republic of Ireland Liam Kelly
  • † John Henderson received a bye as Lee Bryant was disqualified due to failing to register at the event.[4]
  • ‡ Connie Finnan withdrew because of personal reasons.[5]

Round 1[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
England Stuart Daniels 0–4 England Adam Smith-Neale England Geoff Heath 3–4 England Paul Amos
England Mark Lawrence 2–4 England Stephen Bunting England Andy Roberts 3–4 England John Bowles
Germany Bernd Roith 2–4 England Wayne Jones England John Nelson 1–4 England Denis Ovens
Republic of Ireland Liam Kelly 4–2 England Shayne Burgess England Dean Stewart 4–1 England Brian Woods
Scotland Mark Barilli 4–3 England Bob Crawley England Thomas Sandwell 0–4 England Steve Hine
Netherlands Gino Vos 3–4 Wales Mark Layton England Paul Whitworth 2–4 Wales Steve Evans
England Mark Frost 1–4 England Tony Cooper Wales Jon Farmer 2–4 England Anthony Littleton
England Jason Crawley 4–1 England Kevin Simm England Gareth Cousins 4–2 England Michael Burgoine
England Ted Hankey 4–1 England Andy Jenkins England Jon Jukes 3–4 England Davey Dodds
England Joe Murnan 4–1 England Dan Russell England Terry Temple 4–0 England Mark Kelly
Scotland Scott Robertson 4–1 England Sam Hill England Jon Bott 4–2 England Josh Jones
Scotland John Henderson 4–3 England Joey Palfreyman England Stephen Hardy 4–2 Scotland Ryan Murray
England Arron Monk 4–3 Netherlands Jerry Hendriks Scotland Andy Murray 4–1 England Damien Sherwood
Gibraltar Dyson Parody 4–2 England Kevin Rimmer England Kevin McDine 4–2 England Steve Brown
Wales Jamie Lewis 4–1 England Mark Stephenson England Lee Russell 1–4 England Nigel Heydon
England Steve Maish 2–4 England Adam Hunt Australia Paul Nicholson 4–2 England Harry Miles

Round 2[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
England Stephen Hardy 1–4 Republic of Ireland William O'Connor Scotland Andy Murray 3–4 England Scott Rand
Netherlands Jelle Klaasen 4–3 Gibraltar Dyson Parody Scotland John Henderson 2–4 England Colin Osborne
England Nigel Heydon 4–1 England John Bowles England Andy Brown 0–4 Scotland Peter Wright
England Dean Stewart 4–1 England Adam Smith-Neale Wales Steve Evans 3–4 Netherlands Roland Scholten
England Arron Monk 4–1 England Adam Hunt England Mark Hylton 4–0 Spain Antonio Alcinas
Australia Paul Nicholson 4–3 England Tony Cooper South Africa Devon Petersen 4–0 England Andrew Gilding
Wales Mark Webster 4–3 England Johnny Haines England Steve Hine 1–4 England Terry Temple
England Jason Crawley 4–3 England Mark Walsh England James Richardson 1–4 Scotland Jim Walker
England Stuart White 2–4 England Davey Dodds Republic of Ireland Liam Kelly 1–4 England Stuart Kellett
England Matthew Edgar 0–4 England Kevin McDine England Peter Hudson 4–1 Wales Jamie Lewis
Netherlands Co Stompé 0–4 England Alan Tabern England Mervyn King 4–1 England Ted Hankey
England Wayne Jones 3–4 England Paul Amos England Darren Johnson 0–4 Northern Ireland Mickey Mansell
India Prakash Jiwa 2–4 Scotland Mark Barilli England Denis Ovens 4–1 England Joe Murnan
England Alex Roy 2–4 England Gareth Cousins Scotland Keith Stephen 3–4 Scotland Scott Robertson
Netherlands Mareno Michels 2–4 England Shaun Griffiths England James Wade 4–3 England Stephen Bunting
England Jon Bott 2–4 England Ronnie Baxter England Anthony Littleton 3–4 Wales Mark Layton

Friday 8 June; Best of 17 legs[edit]

Round 3[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
England Kevin McDine 1–9 England Adrian Lewis England Andy Smith 9–6 England Scott Rand
England Mervyn King 9–3 England Gareth Cousins England Kevin Painter 8–9 England Arron Monk
England Ronnie Baxter 9–6 South Africa Devon Petersen Netherlands Roland Scholten 7–9 England Phil Taylor
Wales Mark Webster 7–9 Scotland Robert Thornton England Paul Amos 6–9 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort
Scotland Gary Anderson 9–3 England Davey Dodds England Kevin Dowling 4–9 England Dennis Priestley
Australia Paul Nicholson 9–7 Northern Ireland Mickey Mansell England Mark Jones England Dennis Smith
Scotland Scott Robertson 2–9 England Justin Pipe Republic of Ireland William O'Connor 3–9 Netherlands Michael van Gerwen
England Dean Stewart 3–9 England Denis Ovens England Jason Crawley 5–9 England Dean Winstanley
Scotland Peter Wright 9–7 Canada John Part England Peter Hudson 4–9 Belgium Kim Huybrechts
England Dave Chisnall 9–7 Wales Mark Layton England Nigel Heydon 4–9 England Colin Osborne
England Ian White 8–9 Wales Richie Burnett England Michael Smith 7–9 England Darren Webster
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 9–3 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen England Wes Newton 9–1 England Shaun Griffiths
England Jamie Caven 9–6 England Alan Tabern England Mark Hylton 9–6 England Stuart Kellett
England Terry Temple 6–9 Australia Simon Whitlock England James Hubbard 6–9 England Terry Jenkins
Scotland Jim Walker 4–9 England Joe Cullen England James Wade 5–9 England Colin Lloyd
England Richie Howson 2–9 England Andy Hamilton Scotland Mark Barilli 8–9 Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan
  • Gary Anderson hit a nine-dart finish in the third leg against Davey Dodds.[6]
  • ‡ Dennis Smith received a bye as Mark Jones was disqualified due to failing to register at the event.[6]

Saturday 9 June; Best of 17 legs[edit]

Round 4[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
England Colin Lloyd 8–9 England Joe Cullen England Justin Pipe 5–9 Australia Simon Whitlock
Wales Richie Burnett 4–9 Scotland Peter Wright Australia Paul Nicholson 9–3 England Arron Monk
Netherlands Vincent van der Voort 7–9 Belgium Kim Huybrechts England Colin Osborne 1–9 England Phil Taylor
England Mark Hylton 7–9 England Jamie Caven England Dennis Smith 5–9 England Dave Chisnall
Northern Ireland Brendan Dolan 8–9 England Denis Ovens England Dennis Priestley 9–8 England Andy Smith
England Darren Webster 6–9 England Ronnie Baxter Scotland Robert Thornton 9–7 Scotland Gary Anderson
England Andy Hamilton 5–9 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld England Terry Jenkins 9–3 England Dean Winstanley
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen 9–7 England Mervyn King England Wes Newton 9–7 England Adrian Lewis

Round 5[edit]


Player #1 Score Player #2 Player #1 Score Player #2
Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (93.47) 7–9 England Terry Jenkins (89.86) Scotland Robert Thornton (91.54) 9–5 England Dennis Priestley (94.58)
England Dave Chisnall (101.46) 9–5 Australia Simon Whitlock (91.58) England Joe Cullen (85.03) 8–9 England Jamie Caven (86.19)
England Phil Taylor (110.72) 9–4 England Ronnie Baxter (97.96) England Denis Ovens (86.72) 9–8 Australia Paul Nicholson (90.02)
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (93.40) 9–8 Scotland Peter Wright (89.53) Belgium Kim Huybrechts (93.96) 8–9 England Wes Newton (99.22)

Sunday 10 June[edit]

Quarter Finals to Final[edit]

Best of 19 legs
Best of 19 legs
Best of 21 legs
England Wes Newton (92.11) 8
Scotland Robert Thornton (92.78) 10
Scotland Robert Thornton (97.72) 10
England Dave Chisnall (95.01)4
England Dave Chisnall (98.84) 10
Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (98.27) 5
Scotland Robert Thornton (95.44) 11
England Phil Taylor (98.58) 5
England Phil Taylor (106.52) 10
England Terry Jenkins (96.46) 5
England Phil Taylor (101.22)10
England Denis Ovens (86.14) 2
England Denis Ovens (86.67) 10
England Jamie Caven (88.39) 6

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