2012 Vale of Glamorgan Council election

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2012 election results map, showing numbers of councillors per ward and their party affiliations

The 2012 Vale of Glamorgan Council election took place on Thursday 3 May 2012 to elect members of Vale of Glamorgan Council in Wales. This was the same day as other United Kingdom local elections. The previous full council election took place on 1 May 2008 and the next one took place on 4 May 2017.

Election result[edit]

The Conservatives lost control of the council after losing 14 seats. The Labour Party became the largest grouping, but failed to win enough seats for an overall majority. This meant they could either run a minority administration or form a coalition with one of the smaller political groups.[1] Conservative leader of the council, Gordon Kemp, lost his Rhoose seat to an Independent candidate after a recount. He blamed his party's poor performance on the UK Conservative coalition government.[2]

Vale of Glamorgan Council Election 2012[1][3]
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 22 10 1 +9 46.8 34.8 13,871 +8.3
  Conservative 11 0 14 -14 23.4 31.1 12,431 -12.3
  Plaid Cymru 6 0 0 0 12.7 15.4 6,150 -5.5
  Independent 3 3 0 +3 6.4 10.2 4,087 +8.7
  Llantwit First Independent 4 1 0 +1 8.5 5.2 2,068 +0.8
  UKIP 1 1 0 +1 2.1 1.6 633 +0.6
  Green 0 0 1.1 452 N/A
  Liberal Democrat 0 0 0.5 217 -1.6
  Liberal - - - - - - - -0.2

Ward results[edit]

Ward Political group Councillor [3] Change from last election
Baruc (Barry) Plaid Cymru Steffan Wiliam Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Nicholas Hodges Plaid Cymru hold
Buttrills (Barry) Labour Margaret Alexander Labour hold
Labour Stuart Egan Labour hold
Cadoc (Barry) Labour Anne Moore Labour hold
Labour Fred Johnson Labour hold
Labour Neil Moore Labour hold
Castleland (Barry) Labour Chris Elmore Labour hold
Labour Pamela Drake Labour hold
Cornerswell (Penarth) Labour Rhiannon Birch Labour gain from Conservative
Labour Peter King Labour gain from Conservative
Court (Barry) Labour Bronwen Brooks Labour hold
Independent Richard Bertin Independent gain from Labour
Cowbridge Conservative Geoffrey Cox Conservative hold
Conservative Thomas Jarvie Conservative hold
Conservative Andrew Parker Conservative hold
Dinas Powys Plaid Cymru Christopher Franks Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Valerie Hartrey Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Keith Hatton Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Christopher Williams Plaid Cymru hold
Dyfan (Barry) Labour Claire Curtis Labour gain from Conservative
Labour Anthony Powell Labour gain from Conservative
Gibbonsdown (Barry) Labour Rob Curtis Labour hold
Labour Margaret Wilkinson Labour hold
Illtyd (Barry) Labour Howard Hamilton Labour gain from Conservative
Labour John Drysdale Labour gain from Conservative
Labour Rhona Probert Labour gain from Conservative
Llandough Labour Kate Edmunds Labour gain from Conservative
Llandow and Ewenny Conservative Ray Thomas Conservative hold
Llantwit Major Llantwit First Independent Gwyn John Llantwit First Independent hold
Llantwit First Independent Eric Hacker Llantwit First Independent hold
Llantwit First Independent Edward Williams Llantwit First Independent hold
Llantwit First Independent Keith Geary Llantwit First Independent gain from Conservative
Peterston-super-Ely Conservative Rhodri Traherne Conservative hold
Plymouth (Penarth) Conservative Maureen Owen Conservative hold
Conservative Clive Williams Conservative hold
Rhoose Independent Philip Clarke Independent gain from Conservative
Conservative Jeff James Conservative hold
St Athan Conservative John Thomas Conservative hold
St Augustine's (Penarth) Labour Lis Burnett Labour gain from Conservative
Labour Gwyn Roberts Labour gain from Conservative
St Brides Major Conservative Audrey Preston Conservative hold
Stanwell (Penarth) Labour Janice Birch Labour hold
Labour Mark Wilson Labour hold
Sully Independent Bob Penrose Independent gain from Conservative
UKIP Kevin Mahoney UKIP gain from Conservative
Wenvoe Conservative Jonathan Bird Conservative hold

By-elections 2012-2017[edit]

Buttrills (2012)

Caused by the death of Labour councillor Margaret Alexander, the by-election took place on 2 August 2012[4] with the vacant seat taken from Labour by Plaid Cymru's Ian Johnson.[5]

Llantwit Major (2015)

Caused by the death in January of Llantwit First councillor Keith Geary,[6] the by-election took place on 26 March 2015, with the vacant seat won by 12 votes by Tony Bennett for the Conservatives.[7]

Rhoose (2016)

Caused by the death of Independent councillor Paul Clarke in a motorcycle accident.[8] The by-election, on 30 June 2016, was won by Independent candidate Adam Riley (with the Conservative's ex-council leader Gordon Kemp in second place).[9]

Gibbonsdown (2016)

The by-election in this Barry ward was caused by the resignation of Labour councillor Rob Curtis and took place on 3 November 2016.[10] It was won by Labour candidate Julie Aviet, with 47.9% of the vote.[11]


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