2012 Vintage Yachting Games

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2012 Vintage Yachting Games
2012 Vintage Yachting Games Poster.jpg
Poster of the
2nd Vintage Yachting Games
Edition 2nd
Venue Lake Como
Dates 7–14 July 2012
Host Multilario
Opened by Alberto Barenghi
Competitors 225
Yachts 113
Competing nations 17
Key people
  • Chairman: NetherlandsRudy den Outer
  • President Multilario 2012: Italy Carlo Bossi
  • Project manager: Italy Pietro Adamoli
1st, gold medalist(s) Gold  Germany
2nd, silver medalist(s) Silver  Netherlands
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze  Italy
Vintage InterPares Yevgen Braslavetz
Dragon insigna.svg  Ukraine
Dinghies Europe Venus symbol.svg, Europe Mars symbol.svg,
O-Jolle, Flying Dutchman
Keelboats Tempest, Soling, Dragon, 5.5 Metre
VIP race 12' Dinghy
← 2008
2018 →

The 2012 Vintage Yachting Games was the second post-Olympic multi-class sailing event for discontinued Olympic classes. The event was held on 7–14 July 2012 on Lake Como in Italy. The organization of this event was in the hands of the Multilario, a joint venture of local yacht clubs at Lake Como. The Vintage Yachting Games Organization (VYGO) was the governing organization. A total of 225 sailors in 113 boats from 17 countries competed in seven Vintage Yachting Classes


Bid process[edit]

Multilario as organizer was chosen after a bidding process in the summer of 2008. The two other contestants were Yacht Club Cannes for the Mediterranean and Hungarian Yachting Federation for Lake Balaton. Multilario responded enthusiastic on the request of Alberto Barenghi, President of the International Flying Dutchman Class Organization and chairman of the Vintage Yachting Games Organization's Supervisory board, for candidate Lake Como as host for the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games and submitted an extensive proposal based on the bidding template to the Vintage Yachting Games Organization. It was this proposal the voting classes based their vote on.

Only one voting round was needed to determine the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games location. In the voting process the Vintage Olympic Classes of 2008 each class could cast one vote and each vote counted as one. The potential 2012 classes could also each cast one vote but the outcome of the potential classes counted as one in the total.

The outcome of the voting was:

Following loosely the Olympic tradition, Como's project manager Pietro Adamoli (right) received the Vintage Yachting Games Flag during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Vintage in Medemblik, The Netherlands from the mayor of Medemblik: Theo van Eijk.

Kick-off and preparation[edit]

The Kick-off for the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games project was given on Sunday 17 May 2009 in Gravedona, Italy, during a dinner at the Associazione Velica Alto Lario.[1] Present were the management of the Vintage Yachting Games Organization and Multilario.

A yearly meeting was held between the Vintage Yachting Games Organization and Multilario to evaluate the progress of the preparation.



Race Management Multilario
Carlo Bossi
Principal race officer Chief measurer Chairman of the jury
Carlo Bossi
John Best
United Kingdom
Bruno Tamburini
Campo Alpha Campo Bravo Campo Charlie Members of the jury
Guido Ricetto
Walter Ghezzi
Giorgio Battinelli
Frans Bolweg (IJ)
Rafael Iturrioz (IJ)
Guido Piessens (IJ)
Marco Sarcoli (NJ)


Bellano veduta.jpg
Coat of arms of Bellano
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 46°2′35″N 9°17′55″E / 46.04306°N 9.29861°E / 46.04306; 9.29861
Country  Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Lecco
Website http://www.comune.bellano.lc.it/
Dal Bregagno IMG 1659.JPG
Coordinates: 46°4′13″N 9°18′3″E / 46.07028°N 9.30083°E / 46.07028; 9.30083
Country  Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Lecco
Website http://www.dervio.org/

For the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games several venues were used to cater for the several Vintage Yachting Classes.

All of them located on the east coats of the Northern part of Lake Como, Italy.[2]

Wind conditions[edit]

The Northern part of Lake Como was reportedly a thermic wind venue. In this time of year the normal situation is that at about 13:00 the Swiss mountains are heated up and a Southern wind hits the racing areas with about 10 to 14 knots. As result of this no races were scheduled in the morning. Unfortunately during the event the temperature was low in Switzerland during the Vintage. As result the actual wind did not came above the 8 knots during the races.


The program of the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games was as follows:

Date Main activity Social events
7 July (Saturday) Registration
8 July (Sunday) Registration
Opening ceremony
9 July (Monday) Race 1 and 2 Daily prize giving
10 July (Tuesday) Race 3 and 4 Daily prize giving
11 July (Wednesday) Race 5 and 6 Daily prize giving
12 July (Thursday) Spare day * Lake tour
* Italian food plaza
13 July (Friday) Race 7 and 8 Daily prize giving
14 July (Saturday) Race 9 Closing ceremony
* VIP race (12' Dinghy)
* Prize giving
* Passing of the flag


Continents Countries Classes Boats Sailors
4 17 8 113 225
  • Rolf Bähr: Multiple World Champion Tempest, President German National Sailing Authority
  • Stuart H. Walker: Olympic participant 1968, rear president of the International Soling Class, successful lifetime regatta sailor and author of many books on sailing and winning. Oldest participant during the 2012 Vintage (89)
  • Johannes Alvarez: Youngest participant during the 2012 Vintage (13)



Countries that participated in the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games.
Blue: Water
Gray: Never participated in the Vintage
Yellow: Participated in earlier Vintages
Green: Country participated in her first Vintage
Gold: Country participated also on previous Vintages
 Netherlands Antilles  Austria  Denmark
 Spain  Finland  France
 Germany  Hungary  Italy
 Netherlands  Poland  Russia
 South Africa  Slovenia   Switzerland
 Ukraine  United States

Vintage Yachting Classes[edit]

Class Type Event Sailors Trapeze Mainsail Jib/Genoa Spinnaker First Vintage Vintages Boats
Europe (Female) Dinghy Venus symbol.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 2 11
Europe (Male) Dinghy Mars symbol.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 2 11
12 foot dinghy Dinghy Vintage InterPares Race 1 0 + - - 2008 2 8
O-Jolle Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 2 20
Flying Dutchman Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + + 2008 2 14
Tempest Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 2 1 + + + 2012 1 15
Soling Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 2008 2 13
Dragon (keelboat) Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 2008 2 13
5.5 Metre Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 2012 1 15


Measurement during the Vintage Yachting Games was limited to new sails and safety equipment of the competing boats. Sails, rigging and boats used in the previous year at Continental and World championships was only "stamped". No major measurement issues were found.

Stuart H. Walker (center) during Sail Measurement

Opening ceremony[edit]

Due to the fact of three locations: Bellano, Dervio and Santa Cecilia harbor, it was not possible to have the original planned fleet review. As alternative a fanfare followed by a long parade of sailors and organizers walked from the Dervio city hall to the Vintage meeting point near the waterfront. There the opening ceremony of the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games took place. Besides the Italian National Anthem two choirs of Italian Opera singers sung Va, pensiero from Verdi during the flag hoisting procedure. Furthermore there were short speeches from The Vintage Yachting Games Organization, the representatives of Bellano and Dervio, the organizing clubs and the Italian Sailing Federation. Finally Alberto Barenghi, president of the International Flying Dutchman Organization and chairman of the Vintage Yachting Games supervisory board declared the games opened.

Closing ceremony[edit]

The closing ceremony started with the Vintage InterPares race in the 12' Dinghies. This was followed by the prize giving with the team of father and daughter Maccari as presentation duo.

During the closing of the event Rudy den Outer handed over stainless remembrance plates with the Vintage logo to the cities of Bellano and Dervio. He also announced that "Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy", host of this year's Olympic sailing regatta, will be the host of the 2016 Vintage Yachting Games. After that the Vintage flag was received from Pietro Adamoli and Carlo Bossi, representing the Multilario organization. The flag was subsequently handed over to John Best representing Great Britain as the next host country.

The Vintage Flag was transferred from Carlo Bossi and Pietro Adamoli (Multilario), via Rudy den Outer (Vintage Yachting Games Organization) to John Best representing the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, the 2016 host.)

Media coverage[edit]

The official photographer of the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games was Silvio Sandonini.

The following footage is available on YouTube:


Races in all events were sailed in a fleet racing format of nine scheduled races. The contestants raced around a course in one group, and each boat earned a score equal conform the bonus point system. The five best scores for each boat were summed up for the overall score. Due to wind conditions not all scheculed races could be sailed.

Reports per event[edit]

Per class separate pages reporting the facts are available (see the details section per class in the medals table).

Report Vintage InterPares race[edit]

Victor of the Vinatge InterPares Race: Yevhen Braslavets, representing The International Dragon Class

By crossing an Italian colored ribbon Yevhen Braslavets, the responsible person of the victorious Ukrainian Dragon Bunker Prince, won the Vintage InterPares race 2012. In this race all winners of the Vintage Yachting Games meet each other in a battle between the classes. This race is held in the 12' Dinghy, an Olympic class in 1920 and 1928. This class is still very active in 10 countries including The Netherlands, Italy and Japan. For privacy reasons the rest of the finishing order will remain a secret. The International Dragon Class will be "THE" Vintage Yachting Class for the next four years.

Medal summary[edit]


Example of a 2012 Vintage Yachting Games Medal
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Europe Female:
Europe insigna.png
Janika Puls
Anne-Line Lybgsø Thomsen
Anna Livbjerg
Europe Male
Europe insigna.png
Frederik Rask
Sverre Reinke
Jacob Cholewa
O-Jolle insigna.png
Ton op de Weegh
Martin Baas
Thies Bosch
Flying Dutchman:
Flying Dutchman insigna.png
Christoph Aichholzer
Philipp Zingerle
Silvia Aichholzer
Christoph Zingerle
Ginés Romero Bernabeu
Álvaro Moreno Egea
Tempest insigna.png
Cornelia Christen
Ruedi Christen
Rolf Bähr
Christian Spranger
Klaus Wende
Max Reichert
Soling insigna.png
Igor Yushko
Sergiy Pichugin
Dmitriy Yarmolenka
Rudy den Outer
Gavin Lidlow
Ramzi Souli
Peter Neumann)
Rudolf Rager
Rudolf Hubauer
Dragon insigna.svg
Yevhen Braslavets
Georgii Leonchuk
Sergey Timokhov
Reinier Wissenraet
Pim ten Harmsen van der Beek
Marc Reijnhoudt
Vasiliy Senatorov
Igor Ivashintsov
Alex Muzichenko
5.5 Metre:
5.5 Metre insigna.png
Anders Nordman
Robert Segercrantz
Johan Hjelt
Herbert 'Biwi' Reich
Wolfgang Oehler
Christian Hemmerich
William Borel
Yves Duclos-Grenet
Adrien Baumelle

Vintage 2012[edit]

1 Ukraine (UKR)2002
2 Germany (GER)1315
 Netherlands (NED)1315
4 Denmark (DEN)1124
5 Austria (AUT)1113
6  Switzerland (SUI)1001
 Finland (FIN)1001
8 France (FRA)0011
 Russia (RUS)0011
 Spain (ESP)0011
Totals (10 nations)88824

Vintage 2008 - 2012[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Netherlands 4 4 2 10
2  Germany 2 4 4 10
3  Ukraine 2 0 0 2
4  Denmark 1 1 2 4
5  Austria 1 1 1 3
6  France 1 0 1 2
7  Finland 1 0 0 1
 Hungary 1 0 0 1
  Switzerland 1 0 0 1
10  Spain 0 1 2 3
11  United Kingdom 0 1 0 1
 Italy 0 1 0 1
3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcards 0 1 0 1
14  Australia 0 0 1 1
 Russia 0 0 1 1
Total 14 14 14 42

Country Trophy[edit]

Rank Class
Europe (Female)
Europe (Male)
Flying Dutchman
5.5 Metre
Total points
Country Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1  Germany 1 1142 2 841 4 800 2 976 4 578 2 976 5313
2  Netherlands 1 1402 2 914 2 914 7 432 3662
3  Italy 8 239 5 443 6 499 4 675 9 261 10 180 4 675 2962
4  Denmark 2 841 1 1142 5 481 2464
5  Austria 1 1277 10 277 3 738 13 163 2457
6   Switzerland 11 361 9 323 1 1277 6 499 2440
7  Ukraine 1 1215 1 1215 2430
8  France 6 364 11 101 6 499 11 174 3 800 1938
9  Finland 1 1277 1277
10  Russia 11 236 3 738 974
11  United States 5 578 7 370 948
12  Spain 3 800 800
13  Netherlands Antilles 4 675 675
14  Poland 10 142 7 432 574
15  South Africa 8 312 312
16  Hungary 9 226 226


Information about the Vintage Yachting Classes (former Olympic classes) can be verified by the:


  • Vintage Yachting Games,Olympic Classes. Bergambacht: 2008 Vintage Organizing Committee. 2008. ISBN 978-90-78440-23-9. 

Information about the organization, conditions, sailors and results can be verified by the:

  • Vintage Yachting Games Organization: Vintage Yachting Games
  • International Europe Class Union: Europe
  • International Twelve Foot Dinghy Class Association: 12' Dinghy
  • Olympiajolle Class Union: O-Jolle
  • International Flying Dutchman Class Organization: Flying Dutchman
  • International Yngling Association: Yngling
  • International Tempest Association: Tempest
  • International Soling Association: Soling
  • International Dragon Association: Dragon
  • International 5.5 Class Association: 5.5 Metre