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Elections held in the state of Washington on November 6, 2012. A nonpartisan blanket primary was held on August 7, 2012.


United States Senate[edit]

Senator Maria Cantwell won reelection.

United States House[edit]

Washington State gained a 10th Congressional seat due to the 2010 Census, and shuffled some people around. Jay Inslee ran for Governor, leaving the 1st CD seat open for both a Special Election and the November election for the 113th Congress.

The state's voters ended up deciding on 6 Democrats and 4 Republicans.



General Election results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jay Inslee 1,582,802 51.54
Republican Rob McKenna 1,488,245 48.46

Lieutenant governor[edit]

Brad Owen was the incumbent and has held this position since 1996.

Lieutenant governor of Washington election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Brad Owen 1,575,133 53.68%
Republican Bill Finkbeiner 1,359,212 46.32%

Secretary of State[edit]

Sam Reed had held this position since 2000, and in 2012 it is an open seat.

Secretary of State of Washington election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Kim Wyman 1,464,741 50.38%
Democratic Kathleen Drew 1,442,868 49.62%

Washington State Treasurer[edit]

Jim McIntire has held this seat since 2008.

Washington State Treasurer election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic James L. McIntire 1,695,401 58.71%
Republican Sharon Hanek 1,192,150 41.29%

State Auditor[edit]

Brian Sonntag, who held this position since 1993, retired and made this an open seat.

Washington State Auditor election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Troy Kelley 1,512,620 52.95%
Republican James Watkins 1,344,137 47.05%

Attorney General[edit]

Rob McKenna stepped down from Attorney General to run for Governor, and two candidates from the King County Council stepped up to run.

Attorney General of Washington election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Bob Ferguson 1,564,443 53.48%
Republican Reagan Dunn 1,361,010 46.52%

Commissioner of Public Lands[edit]

Commissioner of Public Lands of Washington election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Peter J. Goldmark 1,692,083 58.74%
Republican Clint Didier 1,188,411 41.26%

Superintendent of Public Instruction[edit]

Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Non Partisan Randy Dorn 2,164,163 100

Insurance Commissioner[edit]

Washington Insurance Commissioner election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Mike Kreidler 1,662,555 58.3%
Republican John Adams 1,188,926 41.7%

State Senate[edit]

The Democrats won on election night, but in early December two Democrats formed a conservative coalition with the Republican Caucus.

State House of Representatives[edit]

Judicial positions[edit]

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