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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).


John Ashbery at the 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival
Günter Grass in 2010

Works published in English[edit]



  • Barry McKinnon, Into the Blind World, above/ground press,
  • rob mclennan, Sextet: six poems from Songs for little sleep, above/ground press,
  • Lisa Robertson, Nilling: Prose, Toronto: BookThug
  • Robert Bringhurst, Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press,

India, in English[edit]


New Zealand[edit]

Poets in Best New Zealand Poems[edit]

Poems from these 25 poets were selected by Bernadette Hall for Best New Zealand Poems 2011, published online this year:

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Sean Borodale, Bee Journal, Jonathan Cape
  • Basil Bunting, Bunting's Persia: Translations by Basil Bunting, edited by Don Share, Flood Editions
  • Ben Parker, The Escape Artists, Tall Lighthouse
  • Andy Croft, Nineteen Forty-Eight, Five Leaves
  • Kathleen Jamie, The Overhaul, Scottish poet
  • Ralph Pordzik, Night Passage Across the Sea. A Dramatic Duologue, International Poetry Editions
  • Robert Sheppard, The Only Life, Knives Forks & Spoons, Le Willows
  • Dennis B. Wilson, Elegy of a Common Soldier, and Other Poems, Kultura

Anthologies in the United Kingdom[edit]

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

  • Paige Ackerson-KielyMy Love is a Dead Arctic Explorer, 128 pages, Ahsahta Press, ISBN 9781934103272
  • John Allman, Algorithms, Clear Sound / Quale Press, Niantic, CT
  • Kris Bigalk – Repeat the Flesh in Numbers, NYQ Books,
  • Richard Blanco, Looking for the Gulf Motel, University of Pittsburgh Press,
  • Marilyn BuckInside/Out: Selected Poems, foreword by David Meltzer, City Lights Books
  • Joseph Campana – Natural Selections, Iowa
  • Jared CarterA Dance in the Street, 112 pages, Wind Publications, ISBN 9781936138272.
  • Heather ChristleWhat Is Amazing, Wesleyan,
  • Laura Cronk – Having Been an Accomplice: Poems, Persea Books
  • Michael CollierAn Individual History: Poems, W. W. Norton,
  • Martha Collins – White Papers, University of Pittsburgh Press,
  • CA Conrad – A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics, 240 pages, Wave Press, ISBN 9781933517599
  • Eduardo C. CorralSlow Lightning, Yale University Press,
  • Brent Cunningham – Journey to the Sun, 120 pages, Atelos, ISBN 9781891190353
  • Jazzy DanzigerDarkroom, University of Wisconsin Press, ISBN 9780299286842
  • Natalie DiazWhen My Brother Was an Aztec, Copper Canyon Press, ISBN 9781556593833
  • Matthew and Michael Dickman50 American plays: poems, Copper Canyon Press
  • Joseph Donahue – Dissolves (Terra Lucida IV-VIII), 160 pages, Talisman House Publishers, ISBN 9781584980780
  • Thom DonovanThe Hole, 163 pages, Displaced Press, ISBN 9780982212073
  • Norman FischerConflict, 84 pages, Chax Press, ISBN 9780925904720
  • Jack GilbertCollected Poems, Knopf,
  • Nathalie Handal – Poet in Andalucía, University of Pittsburgh Press,
  • Lyn HejinianThe Book of a Thousand Eyes, 350 pages, Omnidawn Publishing, ISBN 9781890650575
  • Sørina HigginsCaduceus, 100 pages, Word Tech Communications / David Robert Books, ISBN 9781936370610
  • Cathy Park HongEngine Empire, Norton
  • Paul HooverDesolation: Souvenir, 96 pages, Omnidawn Publishing, ISBN 9781890650582
  • Mitch CullinThe House of Special Purpose, illustrated by Peter I. Chang
  • Alice Jones – Plunge, Apogee Press
  • Lenore KandelCollected Poems of Lenore Kandel, North Atlantic Books
  • James Browning Kepple Thus Virginia Passes Pretend Genius Press ISBN 9780985213329
  • Rebecca Lindenberg – Love, An Index, McSweeney's
  • Liu XiaoboJune Fourth Elegies; trans. from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang, Graywolf Press,
  • Magus Magnus - The Re-echoes, 99 pages, Furniture Press Books ISBN 9780982629970
  • Sean Labrador Y Manzano, The Gulag Arkipelago, Tinfish Press
  • Filip Marinovich, And if You Don’t Go Crazy, I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow, Ugly Duckling Press,
  • Campbell McGrathIn the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys: Poems, Ecco
  • Joyelle McSweeneyPercussion Grenade: Poems & Plays, 96 pages, Fence Books, ISBN 9781934200520
  • Rusty MorrisonAfter Urgency, 88 pages, Tupelo Press, ISBN 9781932195415
  • David Mutschlecner – Enigma and Light, Ahsahta Press,
  • Eileen MylesSnowflake; Different Streets, Wave Press
Eileen Myles reading in NYC, September 2006

Anthologies in the United States[edit]

  • Peter Cole and Aminadav Dykman, editors. Poetry of Kabbalah: Mystical Verse from the Jewish Tradition, Yale University Press,
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave, editor. City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry, Iowa, . Includes: Rane Arroyo, Marvin Bell, Allen Braden, John Bradley, Curtis L. Crisler, Mary Cross, James D’Agostino, Stuart Dybek, Susan Elbe, Dina Elenbogen, Martín Espada, Beth Ann Fennelly, Bob Hicok, Edward Hirsch, Philip Jenks & Simone Muench, Thomas L. Johnson, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Viola Lee, Francesco Levato, Campbell McGrath, Paul Martínez Pompa, Adrian Matejka, Erika Mikkalo, Julie Parson Nesbitt, Johanny Vázquez Paz, James Plath, Christina Pugh, Maya Quintero, Robyn Schiff, Patricia Smith, Tony Trigilio, Alpay Ulku, Judith Valente, Nicole Walker, Ellen Wehle, Brenda Yates
  • Cary Nelson, editor. The Oxford Handbook of Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, Oxford University Press, . Includes essays by Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Robert Dale Parker, Melissa Girard, John Marsh, Linda A. Kinnahan, Peter Nicholls, Charles Altieri, Edward Brunner, Tim Newcomb, Susan Rosenbaum, Mike Chasar, Philip Metres, Karen Jackson Ford, Josephine Park, Walter Kalaidjian, Jahan Ramazani, Michael Thurston, Al Filreis, Lytle Shaw, Mark W. Van Wienen, Michael Davidson, Lynn Keller, Timothy Yu, James Smethurst, Adalaide Morris
  • Charles Henry Rowell, editor. Angles of Ascent: A Norton Anthology of Contemporary African American Poetry, W.W. Norton, .More than 70 poets are represented in this anthology of African-American poetry since the 1960s
  • Joshua Corey and G.C. Waldrep, editors – The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral, Ahsahta Press. – Contributors: Emily Abendroth, Will Alexander, Rae Armantrout, Eric Baus, Dan Beachy-Quick, John Beer, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Sherwin Bitsui, Kamau Brathwaite, Susan Briante, Oni Buchanan, Heather Christle, Stephen Collis, Jack Collom, Phil Cordelli, T. Zachary Cotler, Brent Cunningham, Christopher Dewdney, Timothy Donnelly, Michael Dumanis, Camille Dungy, Marcella Durand, Lisa Fishman, Rob Fitterman, Forrest Gander, Merrill Gilfillan, C. S. Giscombe, Peter Gizzi, Jody Gladding, Johannes Göransson, Chris Green, Arielle Greenberg, Richard Greenfield, Sarah Gridley, e. tracy grinnell, Gabriel Gudding, Joshua Harmon, Nathan Hauke, Lyn Hejinian, Mary Hickman, Brenda Hillman, Kevin Holden, Paul Hoover, Erika Howsare & Kate Schapira, Brenda Iijima, Sally Keith, Karla Kelsey, Amy King, Melissa Kwasny, Brian Laidlaw, Maryrose Larkin, Ann Lauterbach, Karen An-hwei Lee, Paul Legault, Sylvia Legris, Dana Levin, Eric Linsker, Alessandra Lynch, J. Michael Martinez, Nicole Mauro, Aaron McCollough, Joyelle McSweeney, K. Silem Mohammad, Laura Moriarty, Rusty Morrison, Erin Mouré, Jennifer Moxley, Laura Mullen, Melanie Noel, Kathryn Nuernberger, Peter O'Leary, Patrick Pritchett, Bin Ramke, Stephen Ratcliffe, Matt Reeck, Marthe Reed, Evelyn Reilly, Karen Rigby, Ed Roberson, Lisa Robertson, Elizabeth Robinson, Craig Santos Perez, Leslie Scalapino, Standard Schaefer, Brandon Shimoda, Eleni Sikelianos, Jonathan Skinner, Gustaf Sobin, Juliana Spahr, Jane Sprague, Fenn Stewart, Adam Strauss, Mathias Svalina, Arthur Sze, John Taggart, Michelle Taransky, Brian Teare, Tony Tost, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Cathy Wagner, Elizabeth Willis, Jane Wong, and C. D. Wright

Nonfiction, criticism, scholarship and biography in the United States[edit]

Poets in The Best American Poetry 2012[edit]

The following poets appeared in The Best American Poetry 2012. David Lehman, general editor, and Mark Doty, guest editor (who selected the poetry):[9]

Works published in other languages[edit]


French language[edit]


Anthologies in France[edit]



Other languages[edit]

Bengali :

  • Rahman HenryBrojosundoeer Kotha (February 2012) Collection of Poems.
  • Rahman HenryKobitar Tribhuban (February 2012) a collection of Translated poems.×

Ukrainian :


Awards and honors by country[edit]

Awards announced this year:


Australia awards and honors[edit]

Canada awards and honors[edit]

France awards and honors[edit]

New Zealand awards and honors[edit]

United Kingdom awards and honors[edit]

United States awards and honors[edit]

From the Poetry Society of America[edit]


Adrienne Rich, one of the 20th-century's most celebrated poets, died in 2012. Here she is in 1980.

Birth years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:

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