2013–14 Lebanese FA Cup

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2013-14 Lebanese FA Cup
Country Lebanon
ChampionsSalam Zgharta
Runners-upTripoli SC
Matches played15
Goals scored42 (2.8 per match)

The 2013-14 edition of the Lebanese FA Cup is the 42nd edition to be played. It is the premier knockout tournament for football teams in Lebanon.

The winners qualify for the 2015 AFC Cup.

The qualifying rounds take place in late 2013 with the Premier League clubs joining at the Round of 16 in early 2014.

Round of 16[edit]

Tripoli2 – 0Al-Ahli Saida

Al-Mabarrah1 – 3Al-Akhaa Al-Ahli

Salam Zgharta3 – 1Nabi Sheet

Al-Ansar3 – 0Tadamon Beirut

Tadamon Sour1 – 3Racing Beirut

Shabab Al-Ghazieh1 – 2Al-Ahed

Safa1 – 2Shabab Al-Sahel

Al-Nejmah1 – 0Al Egtmaaey Tripoli

Quarter finals[edit]

Al-Akhaa Al-Ahli5 – 0Al-Ahed

Shabab Al-Sahel1 – 2Tripoli

Racing Beirut0 – 1Salam Zgharta

Al-Ansar0 – 3Al-Nejmah
Hamam Goal 25'
Moghrabi Goal 42'
Mohamad Goal 77'

Semi finals[edit]

Al-Akhaa Al-Ahli1 – 2 (a.e.t.)Salam Zgharta

Al-Nejmah1 – 2Tripoli


Salam Zgharta1 – 0 (a.e.t.)Tripoli

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