2013–14 NBB-Beker

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Champions GasTerra Flames
3rd title
Runners-up Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden
Semifinalists SPM Shoeters Den Bosch
Aris Leeuwarden
Teams 48
Dates October 19, 2013 – March 30, 2014

The 2013-14 NBB Cup was the 46th season of the NBB Cup. It was managed by the Nationale Basketball Bond (English: National Basketball Federation). SPM Shoeters Den Bosch were the defending champion having won the cup the previous season.

The championship game was played on March 30, 2014 at the Landstede Sportcentrum in Zwolle.[1] Finalists were Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden and GasTerra Flames. GasTerra Flames won 79–71.


Every team, amateur and professional, in the Netherlands can participate.

Competitie Clubs
Dutch Basketball League BC Apollo Aris Leeuwarden Den Helder Kings SPM Shoeters Den Bosch
GasTerra Flames Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden Landstede Basketbal Matrixx Magixx
Maxxcom BSW Challenge Sports Rotterdam
Eerste divisie
Pluto New Stars De Hoppers De Groene Uilen
Attacus Cangeroes BV Groningen De Wit-Grasshoppers
EBBC 2 Almonte Landstede Basketbal ZAC BV Hoofddorp
BC Apollo 2 Almere Pioneers VBC Akrides The Jugglers
The Black Eagles Lokomotief BV Wyba TSBV Pendragon
DBW Rowic DSBV Punch Landslake Lions BC Kimbria
CobraNova Red Giants UBALL ZZ Leiden 2
Wildcats CBV Binnenland BC Virtus Werkendam Red Stars
HBV The Jumpers BC Vlissingen Bossini GSStars Matrho Flexwerk/Orka's
Arnhem Eagles Rotterdam Basketbal 2


Color Result
Eliminated in finals
Eliminated in semifinals
Eliminated in quarterfinals
Eliminated in 4th round

The draw was held July 19, 2013 in Nieuwegein.[2]


March 30, 2014
Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden 71–79 GasTerra Flames
Scoring by quarter: 23–21, 12–26, 12–20, 24–12
Pts: D. Wright 28
Rebs: Thompson 10
Asts: D. Wright, Holcomb-Faye 3
Pts: C. Wright 19
Rebs: Bekkering 11
Asts: Slagter 6
Landstede Sportcentrum, Zwolle
Attendance: 1,200
Kit body thinbluesides.png
Leiden jersey
Team colours
Team colours
Kit body basketball GasterraFlames2010uit1.png
Groningen jersey
Team colours
Team colours