2013–14 Svenska Cupen Qualifying Rounds

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The 2013–14 Svenska Cupen was the 58th season of Svenska Cupen and the second season with the current layout.

A total of 96 clubs entered the competition.[1][2] The first round commenced on 21 May 2013 and the final was scheduled to be contested in May 2014, As of May 2013 it is still unknown if the final will return to Friends Arena in Solna or if the previous policy with the final being played at one of the finalists stadiums will return. The winners of the competition will earn a place in the second qualifying round of the 2014–15 UEFA Europa League, if they have not already qualified for European competition; if so then the runners-up will instead qualify for the first qualifying round of the competition and the team having finished third in the 2014 Allsvenskan will enter the second qualifying round instead of the first qualifying round and their respective berth will be passed down to the fourth team in the league. IFK Göteborg were the defending champions, having beaten Djurgårdens IF 3–1 on penalties after the match had finished 1–1 after extra time in last season's final. They were knocked out by Superettan newcomers IK Sirius in the quarter-finals. IF Elfsborg won their third Svenska Cupen title on 18 May 2014 after defeating Helsingborgs IF 1–0.

The only three associations of the Swedish District Football Associations that had a qualifying tournament were Dalarnas FF, Hälsinglands FF and Örebro Läns FF, the other districts decided their teams by Distriktsmästerskap (District Championships) or by club ranking 2012.

Qualified teams[edit]

Team District Method of
Ronneby BK Blekinge FF 2012 Svenskfast Cup winner
IFK Uddevalla Bohusläns FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Korsnäs IF Dalarnas FF Qualification tournament winner
Melleruds IF Dalslands FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Sandvikens IF Gestriklands FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
FC Gute Gotlands FF 2013 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Qviding FIF Göteborgs FF Highest ranked team[A]
Lindome GIF 2013 Södercupen winner
Sävedalens IF 2013 Östra Cupen winner
Torslanda IK 2013 Hisingsmästerskapen winner
Utsiktens BK 2013 Västra Cupen winner
Hyltebruks IF Hallands FF 2012 Intersport Cup runner-up
Ullareds IK 2012 Intersport Cup semi-finalist[B]
Lerkils IF 2012 Intersport Cup semi-finalist[B]
Hudiksvalls FF Hälsinglands FF Qualification tournament winner
IFK Östersund Jämtland-Härjedalens FF 2013 Reaxcer Cup winner
Selånger FK Medelpads FF Highest ranked team[A]
IFK Luleå Norrbottens FF 2012 Coop Norrbotten Cup winner
Torns IF Skånes FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Eskilsminne IF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet semi-finalist
Bunkeflo FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet semi-finalist
Kvarnby IK 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet quarter-finalist
IFK Hässleholm 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet quarter-finalist
IFK Trelleborg 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet quarter-finalist
Hittarps IK 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet quarter-finalist
Lunds BK 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet best round of 16
Kristianstads FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet second best round of 16[C]
Tenhults IF Smålands FF 2012 Hyundai Cup winner
Vimmerby IF 2012 Hyundai Cup runner-up
Lindsdals IF 2012 Hyundai Cup semi-finalist
Råslätts SK 2012 Hyundai Cup semi-finalist
Husqvarna FF 2012 Hyundai Cup best quarter-finalist
Ljungby IF 2012 Hyundai Cup 3rd best quarter-finalist
Västerviks FF 2012 Hyundai Cup 4th best quarter-finalist[D]
Eskilstuna City Södermanlands FF 2013 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Nyköpings BIS 2013 Distriktsmästerskapet runner-up
Vasalunds IF Stockholms FF Highest ranked team[A]
IK Frej 2nd highest ranked team[A]
AFC United 3rd highest ranked team[A]
Akropolis IF 4th highest ranked team[A]
Sollentuna FF 5th highest ranked team[A]
Enskede IK 6th highest ranked team[A]
2012 Stockholm Cup runner-up
Karlbergs BK 7th highest ranked team[A]
Värmdö IF 8th highest ranked team[A][E]
IFK Aspudden-Tellus 2012 Stockholm Cup winner
IK Sirius Upplands FF Highest ranked team[A]
Enköpings SK 2nd highest ranked team[A]
Sunnersta AIF 2012 Upplandscupen winner
Karlstad BK Värmlands FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Carlstad United 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet runner-up
Mariehem SK Västerbottens FF 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
Skövde AIK Västergötlands FF 2012 Intersport Cup winner
Vänersborgs IF 2012 Intersport Cup runner-up
Norrby IF 2012 Intersport Cup semi-finalist
Åsarp-Trädet FK 2012 Intersport Cup semi-finalist
Holmalunds IF 2012 Intersport Cup best quarter-finalist
Tibro AIK 2012 Intersport Cup 2nd best quarter-finalist
Västerås SK Västmanlands FF Highest ranked team[A]
Härnösands FF Ångermanlands FF 2013 Distriktsmästerskapet winner
IFK Kumla Örebro Läns FF Qualification tournament Group 1 winner
Rynninge IK Qualification tournament Group 2 winner
IK Sleipner Östergötland FF 2012 Östgötacupen runner-up
Linghems SK 2012 Östgötacupen semi-finalist[F]
Grebo IK 2012 Östgötacupen semi-finalist[F]

Dalarnas FF qualification[edit]

The first round commenced on 10 March 2013 and the final was contested on 28 May 2013.[3] The four highest ranked teams in Dalarnas FF (except IK Brage) entered in the quarter-finals. The number in brackets, indicate what tier of Swedish football each team competed in for the 2013 season.

Hälsinglands FF qualification[edit]

In this qualification the winner of 2012 Distriktsmästerskapet, Rengsjö SK played a match against the winner of 2013 Distriktsmästerskapet, Hudiksvalls FF. The match was played on 25 June 2013.[4] The number in brackets, indicate what tier of Swedish football each team competed in for the 2013 season.

25 June 2013
Rengsjö SK (5) 0 – 4 Hudiksvalls FF (4)
Report Roos Goal 24'60'
Lööf Goal 49'
Hafizović Goal 76'
Rengsjö IP, Rengsjö
Attendance: Unknown
Referee: Håkan Lindqvist (Enånger)

Örebro Läns FF qualification[edit]

The first matches were played on 27 February 2013 and the last match was played on 27 March 2013.[5][6] The number in brackets, indicate what tier of Swedish football each team competed in for the 2013 season.

Key to colours in group tables
Group winners advanced to Round 1

Group 1[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
IFK Kumla 3 3 0 0 5 0 +5 9
BK Forward 3 2 0 1 7 4 +3 6
IFK Örebro 3 1 0 2 4 7 –3 3
Örebro Syrianska IF 3 0 0 3 1 6 –5 0
BK Forward 4–2 3–0
IFK Kumla 2–0 2–0
IFK Örebro 2–1
Örebro Syrianska IF 0–1

Group 2[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Rynninge IK 3 3 0 0 10 0 +10 9
Adolfsbergs IK 3 2 0 1 4 6 –2 6
Karlslunds IF 3 1 0 2 8 4 +4 3
IK Sturehov 3 0 0 3 0 12 –12 0
Adolfsbergs IK 0–5
IK Sturehov 0–2
Karlslunds IF 1–2 7–0
Rynninge IK 3–0 2–0


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