2013–14 Ukrainian Cup

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2013–14 Ukrainian Cup
Kubok Ukrainy
Country  Ukraine
Teams 51
Defending champions Shakhtar Donetsk
Champions Dynamo Kyiv (10th title)
Runners-up Shakhtar Donetsk
Matches played 48
Goals scored 141 (2.94 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Croatia Eduardo da Silva
Ukraine Andriy Yarmolenko
(4 goals)

The 2013–14 Ukrainian Cup is the 23rd annual season of Ukraine's football knockout competition.

The decision on a schedule of competitions for clubs of the First and Second League and leagues composition was confirmed on June 20, 2013 at a session of Central Council of the Professional Football League of Ukraine[1]

Shakhtar Donetsk are the defending Ukrainian Cup champions for the last three years in a row. As a member of the Premier League enter the competition in the Round of 32.

Team allocation[edit]

Fifty one teams will enter into the Ukrainian Cup competition.


First qualifying round
(6 teams)
Second qualifying round
(32 teams)
  • 3 winners from the first qualifying round
Tournament proper
(32 teams)
  • 16 winners from the second qualifying round

Round and draw dates[edit]

All draws held at FFU headquarters (Building of Football) in Kiev unless stated otherwise.

Phase Round Draw date Game date
Qualifying First qualifying round 2 July 2013 24 July 2013
Second qualifying round 7 August 2013
Main event Round of 32 4 September 2013 25–26 September 2013
Round of 16 27 September 2013 29–30 October 2013
Quarter-finals 23 January 2014 26 March 2014
Semi-finals 2 April 2014 7 May 2014
Final 15 May 2014 at Butovsky Vorskla Stadium, Poltava

Source: Competition calendar at the Premier League website

Competition schedule[edit]

First Preliminary Round (1/64)[edit]

In this round entered 4 clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League and the finalists of the Ukrainian Amateur Cup. The round matches were played on 24 July 2013.[2]

Nove Zhyttia Andriyivka (AM) 0 – 1 (aet)(1) (2L) Obolon-Brovar Kyiv
FC Karlivka (2L) 4 – 0 (2L) Makiyivvuhillya Makiyivka
ODEK Orzhiv (AM) 0 – 3 (2L) Enerhiya Mykolaiv

^(1) Nove Zhyttia Andriyivka played its home game at Kolos Stadium, Mashivka (Poltava Oblast)[3]

Second Preliminary Round (1/32)[edit]

In this round 15 clubs from 2013–14 Ukrainian First League (except Dynamo-2 Kyiv) and the higher seeded clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League will enter. They will be drawn against the three winners of the First Preliminary Round.[2] The round matches were played on 7 August 2013.[2]

Shakhtar Sverdlovsk (2L) 4 – 0(2) (2L) Krystal Kherson
FC Karlivka (2L) 2 – 4 (2L) Hirnyk Kryvyi Rih
Real Pharma Ovidiopol (2L) 2 – 3 (aet) (2L) Slavutych Cherkasy
Hirnyk-Sport Komsomolsk (2L) 1 – 2 (2L) Enerhiya Mykolaiv
UkrAhroKom Holovkivka (1L) 1 – 0 (1L) Naftovyk-Ukrnafta Okhtyrka
Olimpik Donetsk (1L) 1 – 1 (aet), p. 3–5 (1L) PFC Oleksandriya
Dynamo Khmelnytskyi (2L) 0 – 2 (1L) Avanhard Kramatorsk
Zirka Kirovohrad (1L) 2 – 1 (aet) (1L) Stal Alchevsk
FC Sumy (1L) 0 – 1 (1L) Bukovyna Chernivtsi
Obolon-Brovar Kyiv (2L) 1 – 1 (aet), p. 1–3 (2L) Myr Hornostayivka
Arsenal-Kyivshchyna Bila Tserkva (2L) 0 – 1 (2L) FC Ternopil
Kremin Kremenchuk (2L) 0 – 1 (1L) Nyva Ternopil
Stal Dniprodzerzhynsk (2L) 1 – 0 (1L) Helios Kharkiv
Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka (2L) 1 – 3 (1L) Desna Chernihiv
MFC Mykolaiv (1L) 3 – 2 (aet) (1L) Tytan Armyansk
Skala Stryi (2L) 0 – 3 (1L) FC Poltava
  • ^(2) Due to the construction of the N.I. Horiushkin Memorial Stadium in Sverdlovsk, match played at Avanhard Stadium in Rovenky.[4]

Round of 32[edit]

In this round all 16 teams from the 2013–14 Ukrainian Premier League entered the competition. They and the 16 winners from the previous round consisting of nine clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian First League and seven clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League are drawn in this round. The draw was performed 4 September.[5] The game between Nyva and UkrAhroKom was postponed to the next day due to schedule conflict as two games are scheduled at Ternopil City Stadium (the other being between city teams of Ternopil and Poltava).[6]

Round of 16[edit]

In this round were drawn the 16 winners from the previous round consisting of 9 teams from the Premier League, four clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian First League and three clubs from the 2013–14 Ukrainian Second League. The draw took place on September 27, 2013.[7] The match between Nyva and Arsenal Kyiv has been brought forward one day due to schedule conflict as two games are scheduled at Ternopil City Stadium (the other being between city teams of Ternopil and Vorskla).[8]


^(3) Match was not played. Arsenal Kyiv informed the Ukrainian Premier League that the club would not arrive for the scheduled cup game against Nyva Ternopil because of Arsenal's financial situation.[10] Nyva advance to the next round of the competition.

^(4) Match was not played. Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk did not arrive for the match as the plane with the team was not able to land due to fog forcing airport closures.[11] Control Disciplinary Committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine deny Dnipro's request to play the match at a later date and are expelled from the Cup competition.[12] Chornomorets advance to the next round of the competition. (21 November 2013)


In this round entered the eight winners from the previous round consisting of four teams from the Premier League, two clubs from the Persha Liha, and two clubs from the Druha Liha will be drawn in this round. The draw was made on 23 January 2014.[13]


In this round entered the four winners from the previous round consisting of three teams from the Premier League and one club from the Druha Liha will be drawn in this round. By qualifying for the semifinals Slavutych Cherkasy became the first team from the Druha Liha to ever reach this far in the Ukrainian Cup competition.[14] The draw took place 2 April 2014.[15]


The final was originally to be played at Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv[16] but was moved to Butovsky Vorskla Stadium in Poltava. [17]

Top goalscorers[edit]

The competition's top ten goalscorers including qualification rounds.

As of May 7, 2014
Rank Scorer Goals
1 Croatia Eduardo da Silva 4 Shakhtar Donetsk
Ukraine Andriy Yarmolenko Dynamo Kyiv
3 Nigeria Brown Ideye 3 Dynamo Kyiv
4 Brazil Luiz Adriano 2 Shakhtar Donetsk
Ukraine Vadym Antipov FC Poltava
Ukraine Denys Dedechko Vorskla Poltava
Ukraine Anatoliy Didenko Chornomorets Odesa
Ukraine Oleh Husyev Dynamo Kyiv
Ukraine Yehor Kartushov Desna Chernihiv
Ukraine Oleksiy Lukashov Shakhtar Sverdlovsk
Ukraine Anton Malenko Avanhard Kramatorsk
Ukraine Ihor Melnyk Nyva Ternopil
Ukraine Denys Ryabtsev Enerhiya Mykolaiv
Ukraine Yevhen Shvydkyi Avanhard Kramatorsk
Brazil Diego de Souza Metalist Kharkiv

Over 80 players scored once for their respective teams. Six more players scored against their respective teams.

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