2013–14 flu season

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The 2013–14 flu season is an instance of flu season, which is the time of year when people are most likely to contract influenza or any influenza-like illness.

Health organizations recommend that persons wishing to avoid the flu get vaccinated and practice hand washing, among other common responses to flu outbreaks.


The flu season is currently elevated in Canada according to the latest report from the Pan American Health Organization.[1]


The ECDC is reporting currently high flu activity in Finland and Greece.[2]


Cases of flu in Mexico were increasing in February 2014 according to a report from the Pan-American Health Organization.[3]

United States[edit]

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is reporting that the seasonal flu is above epidemic levels. The CDC further states there have been 61 pediatric deaths due to the flu so far in the 2013–14 flu season.[4]


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