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The Albany, New York mayoral election of 2013 took place on November 5, 2013. The general election was preceded by the primaries on September 10, 2013. The winner of the election was Democratic candidate Kathy Sheehan.


The 2013 mayoral election was the City of Albany's first open-seat mayoral election since 1993. Incumbent Mayor Gerald Jennings announced on May 14, 2013 that he would not run for a sixth term.[1] Jennings was leaving office after 20 years as the second-longest-serving mayor in the history of Albany, following only Erastus Corning 2nd. Following the election, Albany would have just its fourth elected mayor since 1941.

It was widely expected that the next mayor would effectively be chosen in the Democratic primary. The mayor's office has been in Democratic hands without interruption since 1921, and no Republican has won a citywide race since 1931.


  • City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan (Democrat)
  • 11th Ward Leader and Former City Council Member Corey Ellis (Democrat)
  • Marlon Anderson (Democrat)
  • Web Radio Host Jesse Calhoun (Republican)
  • Business Owner Alex Portelli (Libertarian), replaced on the ballot by his mother
  • Former Board Of Education Member Theresa Portelli (Green)
  • Neighborhood Activist Joseph Sullivan (Conservative)
  • Rev. Valerie Faust (independent)


There was very little public polling of the election.

Poll source Date 1st 2nd Other
YNN/Siena College[permanent dead link]

Margin of error: ±3.8%
Sample size: 670

July 22–24, 2013 Kathy Sheehan
Corey Ellis

Democratic primary[edit]

On November 17, 2012, Sheehan announced herself as a candidate for mayor.[2] She was initially joined by former City Councilman Corey Ellis and activist Marlon Anderson. Ellis gained ballot access, but Anderson submitted insufficient signatures to be included on the ballot.

On September 10, 2013, Sheehan defeated Corey Ellis in the Democratic primary.[3] According to official returns released on October 9, Sheehan won the Democratic nomination with 7,468 votes (65.72%) to Ellis's 3,294 votes (29%), with 601 write in votes (5.29%) and a few void and blank ballots.[4]

General election[edit]

In addition to Sheehan, who ran on the Democratic, Working Families, and Independence Party lines, Jesse D. Calhoun was the candidate of the Republican Party, Joseph P. Sullivan ran on the Conservative Party line, and Theresa M. Portelli (a former Albany City school board member) ran on the Green Party line.[5]

There were several debates, some of which included one or two of the independent candidates, Anderson and Faust.


On November 5, Sheehan won the general election in a landslide, with over 83% of the total vote.[6] It was noted that turnout was unusually low, with less than 20% of eligible voters taking part in the election.[citation needed]

2013 Albany mayoral election[7]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Kathy Sheehan 11,884 75.55
Working Families Kathy Sheehan 826 5.25
Independence Kathy Sheehan 424 2.70
Total Kathy Sheehan 13,134 83.49
Republican Jesse D. Calhoun 1,025 6.52
Green Theresa M. Portelli 715 4.55
Conservative Joseph P. Sullivan 681 4.33
Write-ins 176 1.12
Total votes 15,731 100.0
Democratic hold

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