2013 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships

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XVII Pan American Junior Athletics Championships
Host cityMedellin, Colombia
Date(s)23–25 August
Main stadiumEstadio Alfonso Galvis Duque
Participation36 nations

The 2013 Pan American Junior Championships was held at the Estadio Alfonso Galvis Duque in Medellin, Colombia, from 23–25 August. The competition was originally scheduled for 2–4 August in Lima, Peru. Lima was ruled out as the host and the dates were also amended in April, due to the clash with the 2013 World Games in Cali and its proximity to the 2013 World Championships in Athletics.[1]

The host stadium (left) with its blue running track

The United States easily topped the medal table with fifteen gold medals and 38 medals in total, continuing their streak as the best performing nation at the championships (bar one interruption at the 2001 edition). Cuba and Canada, the other traditionally strong nations in the region, were the next best performers: Cuba won eight golds in its haul of eleven medals while Canada had the second largest total with 19 medals (six of them gold). Brazil and Mexico each took four golds and the host nation Colombia claimed twelve medals overall. Twenty-one of the 36 participating nations reached the medal table.[2]

Two championship record marks were bettered in 2013, both of the women's field events. In the pole vault Canada's Alysha Newman and Venezuela's Robeilys Peinado both cleared 4.40 m (14 ft 5 in). Newman broke the North American junior record and Peinado improved her own Venezuelan record. American Megan Glasman was the other to break a championship record with her winning mark of 53.93 m (176 ft 11 in) in the javelin throw. Another record of note was the South American junior record of 13.42 seconds in the 110 metres hurdles, set by Colombia's Juan Carlos Moreno. Felipe dos Santos of Brazil also broke the regional junior record with his winning score of 7762 points in the decathlon.[2]

Among the participants, two completed doubles: Arialis Gandulla Martínez was the winner of both the women's 100 metres and 200 metres while Peru's Zulema Huacasi claimed both the 3000 metres flat and steeplechase titles. Brazil had two multiple medallists in Izabela da Silva (women's discus throw winner and shot put runner-up) and Thiago do Rosário (runner-up in both the men's 1500 metres and 5000 metres). Sage Watson of Canada won the 400 metres hurdles title, a silver in the 4×400 m relay, and a bronze in the flat race. Ecuadorian Angela Tenorio was a minor medallist in both the women's sprints.

Several medallists from the 2013 World Youth Championships in Athletics were present. Lázaro Martínez Santrayu repeated his triple jump title and Christoff Bryan won another men's high jump medal. Peinado and Tenorio had also won medals at the youth event.

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Zharnel Hughes (AIA) 10.31  Andre De Grasse (CAN) 10.36  Trayvon Bromell (USA) 10.44
200 metres  Reynier Mena (CUB) 20.63  Victor Mourão (BRA) 20.73  Andre De Grasse (CAN) 20.74
400 metres  Brandon McBride (CAN) 45.89  Yoandys Lescay (CUB) 45.90  Alejandro Perlaza (COL) 46.42
800 metres  Bryan Martinez (MEX) 1:50.35  Miguel Cifuentes (COL) 1:51.10  Andre Colebrooke (BAH) 1:51.47
1500 metres  Craig Engels (USA) 3:53.12  Thiago do Rosário (BRA) 3:54.22  Edgar Quiroz (MEX) 3:54.85
5000 metres  Edgar Quiroz (MEX) 14:44.54  Thiago do Rosário (BRA) 14:52.46  Thomas Awad (USA) 14:55.53
10,000 metres  Matt McClintock (USA) 31:12.39  Jupiter Casas (MEX) 31:20.77  Walter Colop (GUA) 31:20.98
110 m hurdles  Juan Carlos Moreno (COL) 13.42 AJR  Tony Brown (USA) 13.47  David Franco (VEN) 13.61
400 m hurdles  Khallifah Rosser (USA) 50.75  Scottie Hearns (USA) 50.96  Jefferson Carmona (COL) 51.37
3000 m steeplechase  Yuber Echeverry (COL) 9:16.37  Antoine Thibeault (CAN) 9:17.09  Nelson Blanco (COL) 9:25.57
4×100 m relay  United States (USA)
Tevin Hester
Cameron Burrell
Riak Reese
Trayvon Bromell
39.17  Jamaica (JAM)
Jevaughn Minzie
Jazeel Murphy
Antonio Henry
Odail Todd
39.68  Brazil (BRA)
Rodrigo Nascimento
Victor Mourão
Luis Silva
Ricardo Souza
4×400 m relay  United States (USA)
Marcus Chambers
Alexis Robinson
Lamar Bruton
Juan Green
3:06.57  Brazil (BRA)
Alexander Russo
Jucian Pereira
Carlos Grachet
Rodrigo Nascimento
3:06.94  Canada (CAN)
Nathaniel George
Christopher Green
Jordan Sherwood
Brandon McBride
10,000 m walk  Erwin Gonzalez (MEX) 40:36.85  Brian Pintado (ECU) 41:21.97  Kenny Perez (COL) 41:53.86
High jump  Wally Ellenson (USA) 2.16 m  Christoff Bryan (JAM) 2.16 m  Justin Fondren (USA) 2.13 m
Pole vault  Shawnacy Barber (CAN) 5.35 m  Dylan Duvio (USA) 5.20 m  Daven Murphree (USA) 4.90 m
Long jump  Higor Alves (BRA) 7.95 m  Andre Jefferson (USA) 7.92 m  Irvin Castillo (MEX) 7.48 m
Triple jump[a]  Lázaro Martínez (CUB) 16.49 m  Timothy White-Edwards (USA) 16.49 m  Felix Obi (USA) 15.75 m
Shot put  Joshua Freeman (USA) 20.20 m  Coy Blair (USA) 19.69 m  Nelson Fernandes (BRA) 19.35 m
Discus throw  Hayden Reed (USA) 62.49 m  Mauricio Ortega Giron (COL) 61.77 m  Reginald Jagers (USA) 59.30 m
Hammer throw  Diego del Real (MEX) 72.99 m  Rudy Winkler (USA) 71.79 m  Humberto Mancilla (CHI) 68.44 m
Javelin throw  Pascal Schwarz (CAY) 72.82 m  Janeil Craig (BAR) 69.38 m  John Krzyszkowski (CAN) 67.38 m
Decathlon  Felipe dos Santos (BRA) 7762 pts AJR  Abdel-Kader Hernandez (CUB) 7515 pts  Jefferson Santos (BRA) 7478 pts
  • [a]Martínez and White-Edwards had the same best mark of 16.49 m but Martínez took the gold by merit of his superior second best jump (16.35 m to White-Edwards' 16.29 m).[2]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(Wind: +2.8 m/s)
 Arialis Gandulla (CUB) 11.32w  Jennifer Madu (USA) 11.37w  Angela Tenorio (ECU) 11.37w
200 metres  Arialis Gandulla (CUB) 23.27  Angela Tenorio (ECU) 23.34  Omhunique Browne (SKN) 23.48
400 metres  Courtney Okolo (USA) 52.19  Kendall Baisden (USA) 52.59  Sage Watson (CAN) 52.68
800 metres  Jenna Westaway (CAN) 2:06.94  Olicia Williams (USA) 2:08.85  Vanessa McLeod (CAN) 2:09.74
1500 metres  Julia Zrinyi (CAN) 4:36.88  Kelsey Margey (USA) 4:38.84  Arantza Flores (MEX) 4:39.85
3000 metres  Zulema Huacasi (PER) 9:42.70  Madeline McDonald (CAN) 9:56.65  Lucy Perez (PER) 10:07.76
5000 metres  Hetaria Palacios (PER) 18:11.57  Monica Garcia (COL) 18:13.83  Sunilda Lozano (PER) 18:17.75
100 m hurdles  Alexis Perry (USA) 13.56  Nicole Setterington (CAN) 13.57  Genesis Romero (VEN) 13.65 NR
400 m hurdles  Sage Watson (CAN) 56.81  Jade Miller (USA) 58.12  Jessica Gelibert (HAI) 58.20
3000 m steeplechase  Zulema Huacasi (PER) 10:28.94  Briana Nerud (USA) 10:46.88  Elisa Hernandez (MEX) 11:02.05
4×100 m relay  United States (USA)
Morolake Akinosun
Jennifer Madu
Alexis Faulknor
Anna Holland
43.97  Canada (CAN)
Deshaunda Morrison
Amelia Brohman
Nicole Setterington
Khamica Bingham
46.13  Colombia (COL)
Daniela Cuellar
Janeth Largacha
Alison Mina
Jackeline Arizala
4×400 m relay  United States (USA)
Robin Reynolds
Kendall Baisden
Olicia Williams
Courtney Okolo
3:36.48  Canada (CAN)
Marie-Colombe St. Pierre
Jenna Westaway
Vanessa McLeod
Sage Watson
3:41.53  Colombia (COL)
Diana Cruz
Julieth Caballero
Tatiana Sanchez
Janeth Largacha
10,000 m walk  Elysle Albino (BRA) 50:26.44  Sara Pulido (COL) 50:44.19  Maritza Tzul (GUA) 50:50.37
High jump  Daniellys Garay (CUB) 1.76 m  Yulimar Rojas (VEN) 1.76 m  Thea Lafond (DMA) 1.76 m
Pole vault  Alysha Newman (CAN) 4.40 m CR AJR  Robeilys Peinado (VEN) 4.40 m CR NR  Noelina Madarieta (ARG) 4.00 m
Long jump  Alexis Faulknor (USA) 6.24 m  Genesis Romero (VEN) 6.04 m  Yuliana Angulo (ECU) 6.01 m
Triple jump  Paula Ross (CUB) 13.57 m  Gabriele dos Santos (BRA) 13.35 m  Núbia Soares (BRA) 13.33 m
Shot put  Stamatia Scarvelis (USA) 15.46 m  Izabela da Silva (BRA) 14.90 m  Chase Ealey (USA) 14.88 m
Discus throw  Izabela da Silva (BRA) 54.15 m  Magdalyn Ewen (USA) 50.48 m  Maia Varela (ARG) 50.44 m
Hammer throw  Hassana Divó Liser (CUB) 60.94 m  Avana Story (USA) 57.40 m  Kayla Gallagher (CAN) 56.58 m
Javelin throw  Megan Glasman (USA) 53.93 m CR  Yulenmis Aguilar (CUB) 50.00 m  María Mello (URU) 49.07 m
Heptathlon  Yusleidys Valasquez (CUB) 5627 pts CR  Kendell Williams (USA) 5572 pts  Georgia Ellenwood (CAN) 5493 pts

Medal table[edit]

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1 United States1516738
2 Cuba83011
3 Canada66719
4 Brazil46414
5 Mexico4149
6 Peru3025
7 Colombia*24612
8 Anguilla1001
 Cayman Islands1001
10 Venezuela0325
11 Ecuador0224
12 Jamaica0202
13 Barbados0101
14 Argentina0022
16 Bahamas0011
 Saint Kitts and Nevis0011
Totals (21 nations)444444132



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