2013 Taozigou Coal Mine explosion

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2013 Taozigou Coal Mine explosion
Date May 11, 2013
Location Sichuan, People's Republic of China
Deaths 28 dead
Non-fatal injuries 18 injured

The 2013 Taozigou Coal Mine explosion occurred in the Taozigou Coal Mine (桃子沟煤矿) in Hua'an Village (华安村), Fuji Town (福集镇) Lu County, Sichuan, China.[1] A total of 28 people lost their lives in the explosion. The explosion was reportedly a result of illegal mining.[2]

The explosion occurred on May 11, 2013 at about 14:15.[1] A total of 108 people were working underground when the explosion occurred, many from outside Sichuan Province.[3] 27 people died and 81 were saved. However, one of the people saved died of his injuries later. In total, the explosion caused 28 deaths.[4]

Illegal mining was blamed for the explosion. The miners were working without a ventilation system when the explosion occurred.[5] It was reported that all licenses for the coal mine would be revoked and the site would be shut down permanently.[2]