2013 World Championships in Athletics – Men's high jump

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Men's high jump
at the 2013 World Championships
Bohdan Bondarenko Moscow 2013.jpg
Gold medalist Bohdan Bondarenko
Venue Luzhniki Stadium
Dates 13 August (qualification)
15 August (final)
Competitors 34 from 22 nations
Winning height 2.41 m (7 ft 1034 in)
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
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The men's high jump at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Luzhniki Stadium on 13–15 August.[1]

With 18 over 2.26 m (7 ft 434 in), it took a first attempt clearance and one miss to make it into the final.

In the final, three remained perfect to 2.35 m (7 ft 812 in), with Mutaz Essa Barshim just one miss behind, while Donald Thomas passed his personal best. But Barshim seized the lead with a first attempt clearance at 2.38 m (7 ft 912 in). Thomas and home team favorite Ivan Ukhov couldn't make the height, while Derek Drouin set a Canadian national record clearing on his second attempt. World leader Bohdan Bondarenko confidently passed the height knowing it would require him to equal his world leading jump from the previous month and to break Javier Sotomayor's championship record. On his second attempt at 2.41 m (7 ft 1034 in), he made it to take the lead. Drouin took his three attempts and settled for bronze. Already above his personal best, Barshim passed to 2.44 m (8 ft 0 in), 1 cm below the world record, to try for the win but couldn't get it. Bondarenko watched, then took three attempts at Sotomayor's world record.[2]


Prior to the competition, the records were as follows:[3]

World record  Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
Championship record  Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.40 Stuttgart, Germany 22 August 1993
World leading  Bohdan Bondarenko (UKR) 2.41 Lausanne, Switzerland 4 July 2013
African record  Jacques Freitag (RSA) 2.38 Oudtshoorn, South Africa 5 March 2005
Asian record  Mutaz Essa Barshim (QAT) 2.40 Eugene, United States 1 June 2013
North, Central American and Caribbean record  Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
South American record  Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.33A Pereira, Colombia 17 October 1994
European record  Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) 2.42 Stockholm, Sweden 30 June 1987
Oceanian record  Tim Forsyth (AUS) 2.36 Melbourne, Australia 2 March 1997

Qualification standards[edit]

A result[4] B result
2.31 2.28


Date Time Round
13 August 2013 09:50 Qualification
15 August 2013 19:00 Final

All times are local times (UTC+4)


KEY: Q Qualified q 12 best performers NR National record PB Personal best SB Seasonal best


Qualification: Qualifying Performance 2.31 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the final.[5]

Rank Group Name Nationality 2.17 2.22 2.26 2.29 Mark Notes
1 A Robert Grabarz  Great Britain (GBR) o o o o 2.29 q
1 A Aleksandr Shustov  Russia (RUS) o o o o 2.29 q
1 B Bohdan Bondarenko  Ukraine (UKR) o o 2.29 q
1 B Ivan Ukhov  Russia (RUS) o o o o 2.29 q
5 A Donald Thomas  Bahamas (BAH) o o xxo o 2.29 q
6 A Mutaz Essa Barshim  Qatar (QAT) o o o xxo 2.29 q
6 B Zhang Guowei  China (CHN) o o o xxo 2.29 q
8 B Derek Drouin  Canada (CAN) o o xo xxo 2.29 q
9 B Ryan Ingraham  Bahamas (BAH) o o o xxx 2.26 q
9 A Konstadinos Baniotis  Greece (GRE) o o o xo 2.26 q
11 A Erik Kynard  United States (USA) o xo o xxx 2.26 q
11 A Kabelo Kgosiemang  Botswana (BOT) xo o o xxx 2.26 q
13 B Adónios Mástoras  Greece (GRE) xxo o o xxx 2.26
14 B Mickaël Hanany  France (FRA) o o xo xxx 2.26
14 A Jaroslav Bába  Czech Republic (CZE) o o xo xxx 2.26
16 A Mihai Donisan  Romania (ROU) o xo xo xxx 2.26
16 B Dusty Jonas  United States (USA) xo o xo xxx 2.26
16 B Silvano Chesani  Italy (ITA) xo o xo xxx 2.26
19 B Yuriy Krymarenko  Ukraine (UKR) o o xxx 2.22
19 A Wang Yu  China (CHN) o o xxx 2.22
21 B Majed Al-Din Ghazal  Syria (SYR) xo o xxx 2.22 SB
22 B Edgar Rivera  Mexico (MEX) o xo xxx 2.22
23 B Jesse Williams  United States (USA) o xxo xxx 2.22
23 A Andriy Protsenko  Ukraine (UKR) o xxo xxx 2.22
25 A Rožle Prezelj  Slovenia (SVN) o xxx 2.17
25 A Michael Mason  Canada (CAN) o xxx 2.17
25 A Douwe Amels  Netherlands (NED) o xxx 2.17
25 A Diego Ferrín  Ecuador (ECU) o xR 2.17
25 B Ali Mohd Younes Idriss  Sudan (SUD) o xxx 2.17
25 B Aleksey Dmitrik  Russia (RUS) o xxx 2.17
25 B Szymon Kiecana  Poland (POL) o xxx 2.17
25 B Brandon Starc  Australia (AUS) o xxx 2.17
26 A Bi Xiaoliang  China (CHN) xxx NM
26 A Keith Moffatt  United States (USA) xxx NM


The final was started at 19:00.[6]

Rank Name Nationality 2.20 2.25 2.29 2.32 2.35 2.38 2.41 2.44 2.46 Mark Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Bohdan Bondarenko  Ukraine (UKR) o o xo xxx 2.41 CR, =NR
2nd, silver medalist(s) Mutaz Essa Barshim  Qatar (QAT) o o o xo o o x- xx 2.38
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Derek Drouin  Canada (CAN) o o o o o xo xxx 2.38 NR
4 Ivan Ukhov  Russia (RUS) o o o o o xxx 2.35 SB
5 Erik Kynard  United States (USA) o o o xo xxx 2.32
6 Donald Thomas  Bahamas (BAH) xo o o xo xxx 2.32 SB
7 Aleksandr Shustov  Russia (RUS) o o xo xxo xxx 2.32 SB
8 Robert Grabarz  Great Britain (GBR) o o xo xxx 2.29
9 Zhang Guowei  China (CHN) o xxo xo xxx 2.29
10 Kabelo Kgosiemang  Botswana (BOT) o o xxx 2.25
10 Ryan Ingraham  Bahamas (BAH) o o xxx 2.25
10 Konstadinos Baniotis  Greece (GRE) o o xxx 2.25


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