2013 World Championships in Athletics – Women's 5000 metres

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Women's 5000 metres
at the 2013 World Championships
Meseret Defar Moscow 2013.jpg
Gold medalist Meseret Defar
Venue Luzhniki Stadium
Dates 14 August (heats)
17 August (final)
Competitors 22 from 16 nations
Winning time 14:50.19
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
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The women's 5000 metres at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Luzhniki Stadium on 14–17 August.[1]

With Margaret Wangari Muriuki dropping out injured in the first round,[2] the finals had three Ethiopians (four if you count Tejitu Daba) and three Americans and only two Kenyans. Also missing by design is world record holder Tirunesh Dibaba who won the 10000 earlier, leaving Meseret Defar the 5000.

The final started slow with the Ethiopians watching the front (the reigning Olympic champion Defar watching her teammates from the back), letting Dominika Nowakowska then Dolores Checa jog through 75-second laps at the front. With 2000 to go, the racing began, Almaz Ayana took over the lead and the crowd disappeared. Within a lap, not surprisingly, the three Ethiopians and two Kenyans were running alone. Lap times were dropping, 71, 69, 68. In the next lap Buze Diriba fell back to the trailing American duo of Molly Huddle and Shannon Rowbury. The two Ethiopians were leading, the two Kenyans trying to keep up. Shortly after the bell, Viola Kibiwot lost touch with her teammate Mercy Cherono and then there were three. Defar stayed tucked into second place waiting until the time was right. The time was 200 meters to go, that was when Defar accelerated past Ayana and into the lead. Cherono made no effort to go after Defar, she was gone sprinting to gold. Cherono waited through the turn and executed her best move to outsprint Ayana for the silver.[3] So prepared for victory, Defar and Ayana had already received their flags and were displaying them while the early leaders were still finishing.


Prior to the competition, the records were as follows:[4]

World record  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 14:11.15 Oslo, Norway 6 June 2008
Championship record  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 14:38.59 Helsinki, Finland 13 August 2005
World Leading  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 14:23.68 Paris, France 6 June 2013
African Record  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 14:11.15 Oslo, Norway 6 June 2008
Asian Record  Bo Jiang (CHN) 14:28.09 Shanghai, People's Republic of China 23 October 1997
North, Central American and Caribbean record  Molly Huddle (USA) 14:44.76 Brussels, Belgium 27 August 2010
South American record  Simone da Silva (BRA) 15:18.85 São Paulo, Brazil 20 May 2011
European Record  Liliya Shobukhova (RUS) 14:23.75 Kazan, Russia 19 July 2008
Oceanian record  Kimberley Smith (NZL) 14:45.93 Rome, Italy 11 July 2008

Qualification standards[edit]

A time[5] B time
15:18.00 15:24.00


Date Time Round
14 August 2013 9:40 Heats
17 August 2013 18:55 Final

All times are local times (UTC+4)


KEY: Q Qualified q Fastest non-qualifiers NR National record PB Personal best SB Seasonal best


Qualification: First 5 in each heat (Q) and the next 5 fastest (q) advanced to the final.[6]

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 2 Meseret Defar  Ethiopia (ETH) 15:22.94 Q
2 2 Buze Diriba  Ethiopia (ETH) 15:23.41 Q
3 2 Viola Kibiwot  Kenya (KEN) 15:24.47 Q
4 2 Yelena Nagovitsyna  Russia (RUS) 15:26.95 Q
5 2 Kim Conley  United States (USA) 15:27.35 Q
6 2 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal  Norway (NOR) 15:29.41 q
7 2 Susan Kuijken  Netherlands (NED) 15:34.31 q
8 1 Mercy Cherono  Kenya (KEN) 15:34.70 Q
9 1 Almaz Ayana  Ethiopia (ETH) 15:34.93 Q
10 2 Jackie Areson  Australia (AUS) 15:40.21 q
11 1 Molly Huddle  United States (USA) 15:40.91 Q
12 2 Dolores Checa  Spain (ESP) 15:43.73 q
13 2 Dominika Nowakowska  Poland (POL) 15:45.10 q
14 1 Shannon Rowbury  United States (USA) 15:50.41 Q
15 1 Tejitu Daba  Bahrain (BHR) 15:56.74 Q
16 1 Almensh Belete  Belgium (BEL) 16:03.03
17 1 Sophie Duarte  France (FRA) 16:05.14
18 1 Betlhem Desalegn  United Arab Emirates (UAE) 16:13.27
19 1 Misaki Onishi  Japan (JPN) 16:16.52
20 1 Carolina Tabares  Colombia (COL) 16:22.81
21 2 Giuli Dekanadze  Georgia (GEO) 17:57.39 SB
22 1 Margaret Wangari Muriuki  Kenya (KEN) DNF


The final was started at 18:55.[7]

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Meseret Defar  Ethiopia (ETH) 14:50.19
2nd, silver medalist(s) Mercy Cherono  Kenya (KEN) 14:51.22
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Almaz Ayana  Ethiopia (ETH) 14:51.33
4 Viola Kibiwot  Kenya (KEN) 15:01.67
5 Buze Diriba  Ethiopia (ETH) 15:05.38
6 Molly Huddle  United States (USA) 15:05.73
7 Shannon Rowbury  United States (USA) 15:06.10 SB
8 Susan Kuijken  Netherlands (NED) 15:14.70
9 Elena Nagovitsyna  Russia (RUS) 15:24.83
10 Dolores Checa  Spain (ESP) 15:30.42
11 Tejitu Daba  Bahrain (BHR) 15:33.89
12 Kim Conley  United States (USA) 15:36.58
13 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal  Norway (NOR) 15:48.87
14 Dominika Nowakowska  Poland (POL) 15:58.26
15 Jackie Areson  Australia (AUS) 16:08.32


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