2013 population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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2013 Census
in Bosnia and Herzegovina
General information
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date taken October 1–October 15, 2013
Total population 3,791,622 (preliminary)[1]

The most recent census of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 2013 census (Popis stanovništva u Bosni i Hercegovini 2013.), took place from 1 October until 15 October 2013 with a reference date of census 30 September 2013 at 24:00 hours (midnight),[2] 22 years after the previous census. It was the first census after the Bosnian War.[3] It was organized by the Central Census Bureau of Bosnia and Herzegovina and supported by the European Union.

The final results, including ethnic data, was planned to be published in the second half of 2014, when data processing would be completed. In January 2014, newspaper Dnevni Avaz published unofficial results on the ethnic composition: 48.4% Bosniaks, 32.7% Serbs and 14.6% Croats.[4] As of June 2015, the final results had still not been released, due to a dispute between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska statistical agencies.[5]


Population density in Bosnia and Herzegovina by municipality, early data from the 2013 census

Preliminary results[edit]

Total Enumerated Persons[6]  %
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,791,622 100.00%
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,371,603 62.55%
Republika Srpska 1,326,991 35.00%
Brčko District 93,028 2.45%


Census covered the following topics:

  • Usual place of residence
  • Name
  • Name of father or mother's surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth and identification number
  • Place of birth
  • Presence
  • Length and purpose of presence / absence in the list
  • Place of residence immediately after birth,
  • Place of residence of the person at the time of the 1991 census
  • If the person was a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • If the person was displaced person in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • If the person has formally legal status of displaced persons and intends to return to place from which the displaced
  • A place in Bosnia and Herzegovina which the person moved and the year of immigration
  • Whether the person ever lived outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina years or more
  • Month and year immigration and the state from which a person moved
  • Reasons for immigration to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Legal marital status
  • Common-law communities
  • Number of live births and the month and year of their birth
  • Nationality
  • Ethnic / national origin,
  • Mother tongue
  • Religion
  • Literacy
  • Highest completed school
  • Education,
  • Schools attended by the person
  • Current status activities
  • Status in employment
  • Branch of economic activity companies (at work)
  • Occupation
  • Main source of means of livelihood
  • Whether the person is dependent
  • Activity of the breadwinner
  • Place of work or school attendance and frequency of return in place of permanent residence
  • Functional ability of a person to perform daily activities and cause of disability
  • Length of stay in the country and abroad for temporary civilian stay and work in another country and place of residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina for them and their family members


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